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WSAC Atheltic Code
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Athletic Code of Conduct

The Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (WSAC) expects all its youth sport team members involved in any form of athletic competition who are representing the Schroeder’s teams to present themselves in a positive fashion at all times.  Therefore the WSAC strictly prohibits:

Category 1

  1. The use or possession of tobacco
  2. The purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol
  3. The purchase, possession, use or sale or delivering of controlled substances
  4. Insubordination, illegal acts, vandalism, promiscuity or conduct that is in violation of WSAC rules and/or the philosophy and goals of the WSAC
  5. Attendance at events/parties, where drugs and/or alcohol are possessed and/or consumed illegally
  6. Carrying or possession of a weapon

It is further expected that the athlete will follow the instructions of coaches, officials and/or chaperones at events so that:

Category 2

  1. The athlete conducts self in a proper manner for the safety of self and others (rule of four)
  2. Stay in designated areas at all times
  3. Treat all facilities with respect
  4. Abide by designated curfews and wake up calls
  5. Be responsible of all expenses incurred by the athlete while at the event

Category 3

  1. Commit to the WSAC philosophy, team goals and program requirements and procedures
  2. Attend and conscientiously apply self to all required workouts, meets and meetings unless excused by the coach(es)
  3. Display proper respect, honesty and sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, administrators, parents and fellow competitors
  4. Maintain a lifestyle that will allow for proper sleep, rest and nutrition for maximum performance
  5. Display a positive and supportive attitude toward the WSAC program, coaches and teammates.

Process for Determining Violations

  1. Coaches, officials, chaperones, WSAC personnel, athletes and parents should immediately inform WSAC lead coaches of any violation.  Any athlete reported for a violation will have a meeting with his/her lead coaches.  The coach(es) may also meet with the athlete’s parent(s) and will seek to immediately inform the athlete’s parent(s) of the infraction(s).

Consequences for Violation of Category 1:

The first offense will result in an automatic 3 month suspension from the team and the athlete’s school may also be informed.  The athlete will be sent home from the event at the parent’s expense.  A second offense will result in permanent suspension.

Consequences of Violation of Category 2 & 3:  (any of the following may be applied)

  1. reprimand - considered a first warning
  2. future travel with parent only
  3. suspension from the team
  4. travel meet privileges suspended or removed
  5. sent home from competition early at parent’s expense
  6. repayment of damages caused
  7. community service(s) required
  8. counseling required