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STAYGE Service Agreement

Article 1 (Purpose)
This Service Agreement will specify all rights, obligations and responsibilities of STAYGE Labs and User(“User” means service user who agrees this Agreement and concludes membership registration) related to membership admittance and use in online service(hereinafter “Service”, means all services provided by STAYGE Labs, regardless of a type of wire or wireless terminal) provided by STAYGE Labs(hereinafter “STAYGE Labs”)

Article 2 (Publish, effect, amendment)
1. STAYGE Labs will post this Agreement on initial page of the Service to help User to understand easily.
2. STAYGE Labs may supplement, amend, or revise the Agreement to the extent of applicable laws or regulations, including, but not limited to “Online digital contents industry development act”, “Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act”, “Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act”, “Framework Act on Consumers” as permitted.
3. STAYGE Labs shall notify the effective date and reason with existing agreement on initial page of the Service by the date before from 7 days before effective date for any supplement, amendment or revision.
4. User may reject to such change within 15 days from the notification date. STAYGE Labs may terminate this Agreement in the event of such rejection. User will agree to such change if User did not provide any notification to reject such change within 15 days from notification of change.

Article 3 (Conclusion of User Agreement)
1. By preparing membership admittance column and clicking on “Sign up” button, User agree to this Agreement.
2. STAYGE Labs will accept User’s application to conclude User Agreement.

Article 4 (Acceptance of Application)
1. STAYGE Labs shall accept User’s application when User would correctly provide all information on the form indicated by STAYGE Labs.
2. STAYGE Labs may withhold acceptance for the following clauses.
a. there is no room of the facilities
b. any technical interference
c. any case that STAYGE Labs recognizes it to be necessary

3. STAYGE Labs may not accept the following applications.
a. if such applicant previously lost his/her membership under this Agreement, with the exception of any person with the lapse of 1 year after membership has been lost permitted to rejoin by STAYGE Labs.
b. if any information provided by applicant includes false details, is omitted or misdescription upon application.
c. if such applicant submits the application form to hider public order or morality
d. if any requirement is inadequate defined by STAYGE Labs

Article 5 (Change of Information)
User shall change information on personal information page in the event that such information provided upon application is changed. STAYGE Labs shall not be responsible for all or any damage arising out of not changing such information and may change applicable method for corporate member.

Article 6 (Collection of Personal Information)
STAYGE Labs will collect personal information as necessary from User under applicable law and regulations to provide service.

Article 7 (Responsibility of User ID/password Management)
1. User shall be fully responsible for managing ID and password. User shall indemnify and hold STAYGE Labs harmless from and against all or any result in respect of negligent management, misuse or illegal use.
2. User shall notify to STAYGE Labs in the event that User finds out that his/her ID is used inappropriately.

Article 8 (Obligation of STAYGE Labs)
1. STAYGE Labs shall faithfully take appropriate measures on all facilities or devices related to the provision of Service or security to provide continuous and stable service, including maintenance, check or restoration.
2. STAYGE Labs shall not send any spam mail or SMS message without obtaining receipt consent from User.
3. STAYGE Labs shall not disclose or dissipate any personal information to any third party in respect of the provision of service without the consent of such User and is committed to protecting such information. “Information Communications Network Act” and “Privacy Policy” separately established by STAYGE Labs will be applicable to other issues for privacy protection.
4. STAYGE Labs shall comply with applicable laws and regulations with respect to share of personal information with any third party to the extent of prior explicit consent of each User, by presenting detailed personal information provided to such third party for the provision of service and obtaining such consent, for the service term.

Article 9 (Obligation of User)
1. User shall be prohibited from doing following clauses in service.
a. illegal use of other ID
b. inappropriate use(including but not limited to publishing or broadcasting), copy, or provision to any third party of such information obtained in the service, wholly or partly, without any prior consent of STAYGE Labs, for any purpose other than the use of User
c. any violation of all or any right of any third party including but not limited to copyright
d. any distribution of information, sentence, figure which harms to public order or morality to others
e. any act objectively determined to be associated with crime
f. any act violating or breaching applicable laws or regulations
g. any act attempting to including but not limited to inappropriate change service or delete(hacking)
2. User shall comply with all terms, service instruction or guideline established in this Agreement.
3. STAYGE Labs may delete such posts abidingly or temporarily, or restrict use of the Service, or terminate unilaterally this Agreement in the event of the above acts in 9.1 by User.
4. User shall not sale, promote or interlope by using the Service without prior consent STAYGE Labs. User shall indemnify and hold STAYGE Labs harmless from and against all or any result from such sales, promotion or interloping, or in violation of this Agreement.

Article 10 (Publishing of User)
STAYGE Labs may delete any post or contents published or registered by User without prior notification in the event that STAYGE Labs determines such post or contents:
1. maligns, smears or defames another user or third party
2. harms to public order or morality
3. recognized to be associated with crime
4. violates or breaches other rights including but not limited to copyright of a third party.
5. exceeds publishing time indicated by STAYGE Labs
6. is not consistent with the nature of board
7. are plastered excessively
8. causes disgust, hatred, or malignity
9. criticizes or insults specific user
10. lewd excessively or includes porno
11. for promotion or marketing
12. includes a lot of curses
13. in violation of purposes for service
14. in violation of applicable laws or regulations or otherwise

Article 11 (Copyright)
The below clauses are applicable to all materials posted to the Service.
1. Publisher shall be responsible for all or any post. STAYGE Labs may exploit all registered posts or contents for profit businesses to manage services and has the right to publish limited to service.
2. User shall not use commercially all or any post or contents obtained by exploiting or developing services, without prior consent of STAYGE Labs, including but not limited to processing or sales.

Article 12 (Service Hour)
1. Regular service hour will be open all the year around, 24/7, in principle, but except in the event of impossible reasons in respect of technology or business. STAYGE Labs may define service date or hours separately by dividing services to specific sections for reasons such as a check of service.

Article 13 (Suspension)
1. STAYGE Labs may terminate or expire the provision of service as follows.
a. if there are unavoidable reasons due to a construction including maintenance of service facilities
b. if electric communication service provided is suspended or ceased by communication carrier specified in “Telecommunication Business Act”
2. STAYGE Labs may restrict or suspend such service, wholly or partly, in the event of any interference or hindrance for normal use of service including national emergency, black out, system failure or a deluge of service use or otherwise.

Article 14 (Termination)
1. User may terminate this Agreement by directly providing an online notification to STAYGE Labs.
2. STAYGE Labs may terminate or expire without any notification in the event that User violates Article 8, and User may be liable to all or any civil or criminal damage, loss or expense arising therefrom.
3. User may lose his/her membership when there is a record which User has not logged in the Service to use for consecutive 1 year.
4. All contents registered in the account of User will be deleted in the event of termination or expiry, however, any post scrapped and published by other user or registered on public board will not be deleted.

Article 15 (Indemnification)
1. User shall defend indemnify and hold STAYGE Labs harmless from and against any damage due to the following clauses.
a. majeure force including but not limited to God’s act
b. if any third party contracted with STAYGE Labs as a partner with the purpose of providing service willfully interrupts or hinders
c. if there is any interference on service due to any default of User
d. due to any other reason than any intention or negligence of STAYGE Labs except to 15.1 or 3.
2. STAYGE Labs shall not represent and warrant that all information, material, or fact provided on the service by User is current, accurate, and true. STAYGE Labs shall in no event be liable for all or any damage arising therefrom.

Article 16 (Dispute)
This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Republic of Korea. Any disputes or controversies which may arise between both parties, in connection with the service shall be settled by the court which has jurisdiction over the address under “Civil Proceedings Act”.

Article 17 (Additional Rules)
Any matter not stipulated in this Agreement shall be determined in accordance with applicable laws or regulations, or commercial practice if not stipulated in such laws or regulations.

This Agreement is effective as of 24th May 2016.