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ALttPR Pilot Spoiler Tournament 2022
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ALttPR Pilot Spoiler Tournament 2022

Welcome, everybody, to the second Pilot Spoiler Tournament!

What to Expect

Sign-ups will be open until December 3rd, 2022, 9:00pm EST at the following link:

All participants need to be members of the ALttPR Pilot Spoiler Discord:

The runners need to have accounts connected to their Twitch accounts. Streaming will be required for all races conducted through racetime. Local recording will be required for all tournament asyncs and strongly recommended for all races as a precaution against internet failure. Delay is not required and cannot be requested. All races will be run under the Competitive Racing Ruleset as established by the Racing Council, found here:


Ensuring a safe, welcoming environment and maintaining the integrity of matches are equally vital to the health of the competitive community. As such, all staff and participants are expected to behave honorably, respectfully, and in good faith during discussions, scheduling, and races. In the event of interpersonal conflicts, everyone is expected to either reach an amicable resolution or privately contact staff through the #staff-mailbox or DM for help in doing so. The staff will exercise a zero-tolerance attitude towards any and all harassment.

The group phase begins December 5th and will be a round robin where each team will play six races. The tiebreaker week begins on January 23rd. The brackets phase begins January 30th and will be single elimination with best-of-three matches. Finals should be held no later than March 15th.

What is Pilot Spoiler

A pilot spoiler race involves a team of two racing an ALttPR seed against another team. Each team consists of a runner and a pilot- the runner has the seed, the pilot has the spoiler log. The runner’s job is to execute through the game, keep aware of what is needed, and communicate with the pilot. The pilot’s job is to gather and process information, strategize a route, and communicate with the runner. Whichever team finishes first wins the race.

Tournament Structure: Sign-ups and Seeding:

Sign-ups will open on November 1st, 2022, and close on December 3rd. Registration will be capped at the highest number divisible by four. (For instance, if we have 42 teams registered, the cap will be placed at 40 and the last two teams to sign up will unfortunately be dropped. If two more teams sign up, the cap will be moved to 44 and nobody will be dropped.)

During the sign-up period, teams are encouraged to complete three async seeds provided for seeding purposes and submit their in-game times. The deadline for submitting async times will be December 4th at 11:59pm EST. The mode for all three will be Open Keysanity. All three asyncs with their submission forms can be found at the following links:

        Seeding Async #1:

        Seeding Async #2:

        Seeding Async #3:

The three times will be averaged into a final time. If teams are not able to complete all three asyncs (ie. due to focusing on League’s regular season), the teammates’ slowest, median, and fastest times in Pilot Spoiler Tournament 2021 and the Pilot Spoiler week of ALttPR League Season 4 will be used to fill in the missing times.

For example, let’s say RickyofKokiri and TreySpyre decide to team up and participate in the tournament but they don’t complete the seeding asyncs. Their representative run times from the 2021 events (1:23:48, 1:11:21, 1:05:00) would be taken and averaged (1:13:23) to determine their seeding rank. Their previous pilots and their own sessions as pilots will not be considered here as pilots do not have an official run time recorded.

If the seeding times are left incomplete with the 2021 events, the Pilot Spoiler week of League Season 3 will be looked at if necessary. If even that fails to provide three seeding times, blanks will be filled in by taking the slowest completed async time and adding five minutes. If just one blank is needed, Async 3 will be used; two blanks will use Asyncs 2 and 3; three blanks will use all three asyncs.

For example, let’s say RickyofKokiri and Hazukitty decided to team up and participate but they don’t complete the seeding asyncs. Hazukitty is a dedicated pilot and does not have any recorded times as a runner. RickyofKokiri did not participate in Pilot Spoiler 2021 and has only one relevant race in both League Season 4 and Season 3. Their times would thus be 1:05:00, 1:17:55, and 1:22:22, for an average of 1:15:07.


These alternate methods of determining a seeding time have obvious pitfalls for discrepancies and inaccuracies, so it is strongly recommended to complete all three seeding asyncs by the sign-up deadline to ensure that seeding is more reflective of your team’s current arrangement and skill.

Once the average time has been determined, teams will be ranked in order of seeding, with lowest times at the top and highest times at the bottom. Once the seeding is complete, the rankings will be divided into four quartiles.

Tournament Structure: Round Robin to Brackets 

The group phase begins on December 5th. Teams will be divided into groups of four, with rankings assigned to groups in a snake-style format so each group will have a team from each quartile. Teams will face off against each other twice for a total of six races per team. The group phase will last seven weeks, ending on January 22nd. The top two teams of each group will move forward to brackets.

The week starting January 23rd will be for necessary tiebreakers to determine seeding and bracket qualification. Teams are welcome and encouraged to complete tiebreakers during the group phase if able.

Brackets will begin on January 30th. Each match will be a best-of-three. Losing two games in a match will result in elimination from the tournament. All bracket rounds, including finals, should be completed by March 15th at the latest.

Team Structure

A Note on Drops

This tournament is structured to be as flexible as possible for scheduling, including the option of asyncs. However, life just really likes to get in the way of a good time. If a teammate needs to drop for whatever reason, the following protocols apply:

Available Modes and Commands

Open Keysanity

- Discord: /alttpr spoiler keysanity

- Racetime: !spoiler keysanity 0

Open All Dungeons Keysanity

- Discord: /alttpr spoiler adkeys

- Racetime: !spoiler adkeys 0

Inverted Keysanity

- Discord: /alttpr spoiler inverted_keys

- Racetime: !spoiler inverted_keys 0

Inverted All Dungeons Keysanity

- Discord: /alttpr spoiler inverted_adkeys

- Racetime: !spoiler inverted_adkeys 0

40/50 Triforce Hunt

- Discord: /alttpr spoiler triforce40

- Racetime: !spoiler triforce40 0

Race Structure: Workflow

Race Structure: Reporting Results

Team Nine vs. Team Kokiri

Game 1, Open Keysanity

1:13:10 - 1:17:32


Team Management

Spoiler Log Management

Please note the following may be subject to revisions and clarifications based on feedback. If you have any questions, comments, and concerns that are not addressed here, feel free to ask on the tournament discord server.

Restream Management

There are currently no plans for network restreams of any of the group races. Brackets will be broadcast on the ZeldaSpeedRuns network based on volunteer availability.

If individuals wish to run indie restreams on their own personal channels, they are free to do so as long as a) they get the permission of all participants beforehand and b) the race is not already being covered by ZSR or another indie restreamer. Additional restreams that feature commentary in a different language than the scheduled restream are allowed.

Please note that for any race to be restreamed on ZSR it is required that at least one runner have only game audio on their stream. This requires some technical set-up on the runner’s part to separate the audio sources (ie. with virtual audio cables) to make sure they can hear their pilot’s communication while the viewing audience does not. Indie restreamers may or may not share this requirement (ie. an indie restreamer may mute both runners’ streams and play their own background music while commentating).

All restreamers are encouraged to announce their upcoming restreams on the tournament discord server in the #watch-party-awareness channel.

Restreams should not interfere with the participants’ scheduling or prevent a race from getting started on time.