This league’s goal is to slowly build a 1500 point army and encourage new players to build and paint armies. We look forward to building a friendly and rewarding community experience.


MARCH: Muster your forces and skirmish with newly discovered adversaries! - Players will choose an army and play games using forces that don’t exceed 30 power or less.

Have fun and relax, use this month of games to read about your army and how your codex works. Sticking with the power level will make it easy to jump into matches with new opponents.

SCORING (8 points total):

APRIL: Sharpen your senses and look to your wargear! - Players will increase their army size to 750 points.

This month will focus on list building and adding up your armies points and creating a list. Army sizes cannot exceed 750 or be below 725 to be eligible.

SCORING: (8 points total)

MAY: The lives of millions, and the honour of our Chapter, hang in the balance brothers. Failure is not an option - Players will now use 1000 point armies.

This month it’s all out war. You may now win bonus points for being victorious in your league matches. No Forge World. Allies are OK but may not be exceed more than 50% of your original Escalation force.  Use Match Play Rules, and the Eternal War Table and Standard Deployment Options for rolling up missions/tables.

SCORING: (11 points possible)

JUNE: Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them we shall be lost. - Players will increase their army to 1250 points.

Scoring: (11 points total)

This month will feature a painting contest! Send in up to THREE pictures of your army and the photos will be voted for online and the top winners will receive a Trophy and $30 store credit.

Your entire army does not have to be painted, just up to three unique units/vehicles/characters to show us your theme and scheme!

JULY: "No Fear! No Pity! NO REMORSE!" -. Army size increased to 1500. Players prepare for their first league Tournament.

Scoring: (11 points total)


20$ Entry fee. Matches must be played at the location you registered at. Each Registered Player will receive 6 Custom Fanatix D6 (16mm Standard Size) by Chessex.  These take 8 weeks to produce, so you will receive your dice around Month 3 or beginning of 4.

The top point holders (determined by total league entrants) will all receive prizes based on total number of entrants. (100 % of league fees go to prizing.)

Those not in contention for top prizing will have their points converted into chances to win some door prizes during the final month. 1 point = 1 chance to win.

Those with the same number of points after the league concludes will have their performance in the tournament used as a tiebreaker.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!


Both opponents need to check in at the front desk of the location before playing their match.

Any matches or events requiring specific missions will have those missions made public prior to the event. Otherwise feel free to determine your mission with the opponent.

No Lords of War, Forgeworld, or Open Play Only Models.

Check in with Shop employee when you have a painted unit ready to be turned in. 3 color minimum + Basing to earn the 2 points.

To find a list of eligible league opponents, check in with the Shop you registered with.

If you have the means of travel and time, you may play in multiple store leagues but this requires you to sign up at both shops.