Service Modifications for February 2021

Please bear with us as we work towards balancing best practices with necessary reverence of our Holy Communion service. These adjustments will be revised as the health department and CDC recommendations develop. Of course, we wish to return to normal traditional service practice and socialization as soon as it is safe to do so.

The following adaptations are necessary due to CDC and Local Health Department guidelines:

Face Coverings:

Outdoors: Masks are to be worn during times at which necessary distancing cannot be practiced.

Indoors: Masks are to be worn by all, except the celebrant at the altar for liturgical purposes, facing the altar. Extended activities facing the people, such as the Gospel reading or preaching, will be done masked. To reduce distancing, there will be no assisting acolytes or clergy.

Holy Communion will be offered with the following safe practices, with the goal of lowering risk of contact:

On Singing and Music Performance:[1]

CDC discourages congregational singing at services during this pandemic, so services where possible will be a Said Mass. Since singing is congregational, all in attendance are considered performers/participants.

Outdoors: Services with music must have all participants masked, unless there can be a distancing of 12 or more feet.

Indoors: Services with music or chant must have all participants masked and distanced, including musicians and clergy.  


Additionally we adhere to the following: Limit indoor occupancy according to State Tier. Adjust seating capacity and stage setting to meet occupancy guidelines and 6 feet of distance between individuals and performers. Those with known close contact to a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 must not attend in-person services until the end of the 14-day self-isolation period. Individuals who are ill or who have fevers (above 100.4) must not attend in-person services. Vulnerable individuals should refrain from attending services. Please refrain from engaging in hand shaking or other physical contact with those outside your shelter group/family unit.