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Andy Mantell

Mobile: 07880 808160  


Location: Plymouth, Devon, UK

Software engineer with extensive frontend and backend experience across a variety of high profile agile projects. Equally at home coding, leading and mentoring or presenting ideas to stakeholders. Always looking to learn, improve and innovate where I can - and to bring others along with me.

Technical skills


NHS Digital - Contract Frontend Engineer
(Nov 2020 - Present)

Leading frontend development on 111 online - a critical piece of national infrastructure. I am responsible for developing new features in the .Net/C# frontend applications, as well as refactoring and improving existing functionality. I have been leading a push to refactor the frontend code to using the NHS.UK Design System, moving away from the legacy custom styles. As part of this, I have been heavily involved in maintaining and improving the nhsuk-frontend package.

Accessibility in healthcare is critical as people’s lives are at stake, and so accessibility issues and fixes are central to my daily activities and at the forefront of everything I do. I actively promote these issues and act as a Subject Matter Expert within the team to help move things in the right direction.

Surevine - Senior Frontend Engineer
(Nov 2019 - Nov 2020)

As part of a small agile team I have been working on everything from large services central to the functioning of government, to smaller projects with tight deadlines. I am primarily responsible for the frontend technology stack but naturally in such a small team I am assisting elsewhere when necessary and taking on backend and testing work. I am currently learning Java and AWS CloudFormation in order to increase my ability to assist with the full development stack.

HM Land Registry - Lead Software Engineer
(Aug 2018 - Oct 2019)

My primary function at HM Land Registry was to act as the Subject Matter Expert for all aspects of frontend development. This included setting standards, building and maintaining common components as well as mentoring and supporting developers / teams.

I led a variety of initiatives such as:

In addition to these central activities, I regularly dropped in to teams to assist with more complex areas of frontend development that they may not have the skills to deliver to the high standards that are necessary for government services.

I led a monthly frontend community where developers could share knowledge, keep up to date with developments inside HMLR's frontend stack as well as emerging industry trends. I set regular challenges for community members allowing them to practice skills they might not otherwise get to use on a daily basis. As part of the wider development community I also helped organise a 2 day hackathon.

I have delivered training courses taking developers less familiar with frontend technologies and giving them the skills they need to maintain their services effectively. I also presented at an internal conference - covering the importance of high quality frontend development for a non technical audience.

HM Land Registry - Contract senior frontend developer
(Jan 2016 - Apr 2018)

Working on a multi-disciplinary agile team building a GOV.UK service for citizens to find property information - successfully taking the service through a GDS assessment. During this period I increasingly undertook activities outside my team to improve the quality of frontend code and the skills of staff across the whole of HM Land Registry, eventually culminating in my appointment as Lead Software Engineer. I was responsible for maintaining the frontend application and multiple RESTful microservices in a complex stack.

(Dec 2009 – August 2018)

Working with digital agencies to produce high quality frontend code and deliver superb results to their clients. Including:

Formoda Ltd - Senior developer (Dec 2009 - March 2010)

Nameless Media Group - Junior developer (Nov 2007 - Nov 2009)

Ewan Group plc - Data scientist placement (Aug 2003 - Aug 2004)

Speaking engagements


University of Exeter
(Sep 2004 - Jun 2007)  

BSc Cognitive Science – 2:1

Exeter College
(Sep 2001 - Jun 2003)

A Levels: Mathematics (A), Computer Science (A), Physics (B).

AS Levels: Further Mathematics (C), Critical Thinking (C)

GitHub projects (