Code of Conduct and Discipline Contract

Summit Academy (“SA”) Administration, Instructors, and/or Parent Volunteers (“SA Staff”) requires respect and discipline on campus. Non-compliance with requests and directions of SA Staff and per Summit Academy Policies and Procedures (signed off on registration forms online and via this document) will require disciplinary action and consequences, based on the degree and effects of disobedience or wrong behavior.

While some infractions may be accidental or unintentional, disobedience or wrong behavior is sin. SA Staff do not enjoy disciplining student misbehavior. However, in any group educational setting such discipline is sometimes necessary. Our prayer is that SA students will be self-disciplined, behave in a Christ honoring way, and any breach of our Code of Conduct leading to disciplinary action will be rare.

Code of Conduct

1. Care of Campus and its Property

  1. Classes are held in good faith that registered participants and their families will respect and preserve the campus and its furnishings. Any damaged property will require parents of any guilty student (accidental, intentional or misuse) to pay for repairs and/or needed replacements.
  2. Examples of misbehavior may include but are not limited to (1) disruptive, disrespectful, or disobedient behavior in classrooms, hallways, or campus grounds; (2) consuming food and/or beverage in areas other than instructed or allowed; (3) chewing gum on host facility campus; (4) misuse, destruction or theft of a student’s, the program’s, or our host facility’s property.

2. Student Attire/Dress

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."–Romans 12:2

The primary purpose of classes offered is to instruct students in various subjects; any attire that distracts student learning (in any class) whether before, during or between classes, may be questioned and corrected by SA Staff. It must not be in conflict with teachings of Summit Academy and/or our host facility, whether or not it is popular or fashionable; if it’s suggestive, controversial or in poor taste, SA Staff will use discretion to approach students about amending dress as needed. 

  1. Dress decently and modestly. A student should not show cleavage, midriff, upper thighs or lower buttocks, nor wear tight clothing. Avoid the following that may draw undue attention or be offensive:

B. Dress non-offensively. No offensive language and/or graphics on any part of clothing, school bags, shoes, or other personal belongings. Language/graphics considered offensive may include, but are not limited to:

C. Dress safely.

Campus site director will make final decisions regarding suitability of any article of clothing or manner of dress. Clothing and/or manner of dress beyond acceptable limits will be handled as follows:

SA classes are conducted only ONE DAY/campus per week and most students are on campus for only PART of a day, thus we ask parents and students to practice this code of conduct, including dress guideline standards of Summit Academy and respect our church host, i.e. its staff and members.

3. Sexual Conduct

"God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female, He created them."–Gen 1:27

Summit Academy seeks to partner with parents to guide students in a Christ-centered learning environment. SA Staff cares about individuals involved in wrong sexual conduct that can be harmful to students. Anyone involved in sexual misconduct can expect to receive a formal disciplinary response which could include one or more of the following: spiritual counseling, disciplinary probation, and/or restriction from campus for a period of time. Also, romantic, public displays of affection (e.g. holding hands, walking arm-in-arm, extended embraces, kissing, sitting closely/snuggling with arms around another, etc.) are prohibited.

4. Conversation and Language

  1. Topics of Conversation. Because SA serves a wide range of families with varying beliefs and practices, students are not to initiate sensitive and/or controversial topics among peers (e.g. sexual, political, substance use, etc.) unless in a class via an adult guided discussion where such topics are presented in light of Scripture
  2. Language Usage. In light of all SA guidelines, be careful and considerate with words. Avoid derogatory slang. Choose words wisely, and if in doubt or in question of offense, err on the side of caution. NO foul/vulgar language toward self, others, or repeat of others’ poor word choices.

5. Harassment/Bullying

Summit Academy seeks to maintain a Christ-centered educational environment characterized by respect and love. Every student has the right to a positive educational experience. Students are responsible to maintain a culture free of discrimination and harassment. Behaviors that demonstrate a lack of respect and kindness such as the following will not be tolerated:

6. Lunch and Study Hall

Supervised lunches (free) and study hall (fee/student/month) periods are provided for students who have classes during the day whereby it might be inconvenient to leave campus and return. Both options are privileges provided by SA and can be taken from any student any time for not complying with any policy set forth by Summit Academy and/or its church/facility host.

7. Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

  1. SA is not responsible for loss of and/or damage to any electronic devices or other belongings students leave, lose, or unfortunately, may be stolen.
  2. Cell phones, smart watches and all other electronic devices (e.g. iPad, tablet, etc.) MAY ONLY be used for academic work by students during class or study hall under the direct supervision of an instructor or study hall monitor, but must have approval from parents and/or SA Staff. Cell phones, specifically, must be turned OFF and put away during class(es) and study hall, unless asked by instructors or given permission by supervisors to look up information quickly, pertaining to the subject at hand; after which, phones should be powered down and put away. If students do not comply, instructors or monitors will direct student to hand device to the nearest parent assistant (PA). SA Administration will intervene if necessary, but has no desire to take or keep cell phones while attempting to contact a parent to retrieve them. Headphones/earbuds should only be in ears when actively in use and student is working on approved task.
  3. Instructors and/or study hall monitors must have visual access to electronic device screens at all times in order to monitor appropriateness of material viewed and if student is on task with school subject(s) if that is the reason requested to use device.
  4. Sharing information via electronic devices with other students may only be done in the presence of an instructor who has knowledge of what is being done on the device. If instructors see anything deemed questionable, inappropriate, or wrong, the student will be corrected/redirected, and the student’s device may be taken and held until a parent retrieves it from a designated adult.
  5. Cell phones or any data using device may be stored in personal belongings; however, if in use at any time on campus, personal data must be used. Our church host WIFI is absolutely OFF LIMITS (including “guest” access)! Host church staff has been unable to work efficiently in the past due to the “drain” on their router during SA hours. Also, SA Staff has been unable to gain wifi access at times due to parent’s and student’s usage of wifi for non-academic and non-emergency purposes.
  6. Non-compliance with cell phone/electronic device policy will result in:

8. Student Location During Class Day

  1. All students are required to be in an assigned class, study hall, and/or lunch period from the time of their first class to the end of their last registered class. Students are NOT permitted to leave campus with another adult or family member, without approval of parent(s) and SA Staff and permission from both.
  2. Students must have written parental permission to leave the premises with other registered students (e.g. siblings) and/or an adult other than their parent for such things as lunch or an extended period of no classes (e.g. 1st class ends @ 10:30, next one begins @ 1:30).
  3. Students may not be transported by any unapproved peron(s) — e.g. unregistered student, a group of peers, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.
  4. Students are not allowed in/on certain areas of the building and grounds per host facility requests.  1. The Praise Center asks for quietness near staff offices, that no one be near dilapidated outside stage nor woods’ side of and behind lower building.
    The Summit Church: NO traffic (vehicle or foot) around 200 bldg. Do not ring bell of church admin out building nor staff mobile unit adjacent to 100/200 bldgs

3. Living Word Baptist: SA uses far left door of facility, viewing from Hwy 78. do not attempt to use any other front doors of their building.

4.  Pleasant Grove Baptist: SA does not use their larger corporate worship center, nor any equipment therein.

5.  Rockdale Baptist: Park in back and enter double doors beyond office doors

  1. No student or sibling (registered or not) may be left unsupervised by a parent at any time on any part of the host facility campus. Parents will be contacted immediately if such action occurs.
  2. Specific to Loganville 6th-12th, Thursdays: All students registered for classes immediately before or after scheduled FOCUS time (11:15-11:25 am), must attend FOCUS as we reflect and reset our Focus on Christ.
  3. Parents are required to pick up students at end of his/her last class. If parents are 10 minutes or more late more than 3 dates, a supervision charge will be applied to parents. In case of an emergency, please call or text child (if timely and possible), site director Jill Butcher (770-654-3327), and/or arrange someone to pick up your student(s) with administration informed.

9. Teen Drivers

Registered Teen Drivers must fill out a Driver Permission form and walk with site administrator and parent to assigned parking area. NEVER park on GRASS! Non-compliance will result in the following disciplinary action:

10. Possession of Prohibited Items

  1. Students are not permitted to use, possess, or imply the use of any illegal or harmful substance on the school grounds, at home, or anywhere else, including the use, possession, implied use, of paraphernalia. Such illegal or harmful substances include, but are not limited to:
  1. Non-compliance with this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal for the remainder of the academic year on campus.
  2. In cases of certain violations above, the police may be summoned. Use or possession of weapons, drugs, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia will always be referred to the police and will result in suspension and/or expulsion. Searches for such possessions in student’s belongings are allowed at any time by SA Staff to maintain a safe and legal campus environment.
  3. This policy does not prohibit the proper use of medication under the direction of a physician, although the use of medical marijuana at SA or SA-related activities is prohibited in all circumstances. However, the misuse or abuse of such medication is prohibited. Students who are taking prescription medications must notify SA administration of this fact in their Medical Release form.

11. Academics & Ethics

Practice honesty, punctuality and participation in class, with homework done on time, which positively affects classmates and instructors. No plagiarism!


Core and core related classes will have homework assignments. Registering for these classes means parents and students commit to academic standards and financial commitments for each class — for benefit of all: students, their peers, and instructors. Students who do not comply with academic standards can expect this:

  1. By September 3, 2021, instructors will inform parents that a student is not completing assigned homework.
  2. By September 10, 2021, a first warning will be issued that a student is in jeopardy of probation, and that the student has until October 8, 2021, to correct the problem.
  3. By October 19-21, 2021, depending on how student performs on return from fall break, instructor will advise parents as to whether student may continue in the class or whether the student should drop the class for the spring term.
  4. If parent chooses to drop the last 4 weeks of fall term, they are still obligated to pay the final month of fall tuition.

Disciplinary Action

I. Correction/Discipline

  1. When advised or warned about an infraction, students will either change behavior, or they will be asked to leave class(es) and/or campus, with the amount of time “out” (i.e. class period, the day, two weeks, the term, or up to the rest of the academic year) appropriate to the infraction. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, respect toward adults and peers, clothing/attire, public displays of affection, questionable substances, materials, activities and/or being in wrong location (e.g. areas on campus mentioned previously, walking back/forth to vehicle, sitting in vehicle, etc.) between classes, and/or any other matters mentioned above that could cause distraction or harm to students and their educational experience on a SA campus.
  2. In cases of misbehavior, an instructor and/or other SA staff member will address and discipline the student. For incidents of repeated or excessive misbehavior, students will be assigned consequences by SA Staff. The following guidelines reflect the spectrum of possible disciplinary action, from least to more severe. Based on information available and the judgment of SA Staff, appropriate action will ensue.
  1. Warned/advised and redirected
  2. Parents notified by letter, email and/or text and possible probation
  3. Parent Conference with more specific Behavioral Documentation – and probable probation
  4. Suspension
  5. Expulsion

II. Consistent Unacceptable Behavior

Students repeating consistent unacceptable behavior will have a more specific behavioral contract created to aid in the modification of their behavior. A contract and probationary period are designed to bring about changes in student behavior. If a student fails to meet the expectations set forth in their behavioral contract via periodic assessment, suspension or expulsion may occur.

III. Suspension and/or Expulsion

  1. Suspension may be assigned for part of a day, whole day, several weeks, one month, or the rest of a term. Parents will be notified of the suspension by email and phone. Parents of suspended student(s) will continue to be required to pay full tuition to SA instructors for the duration of the suspension and term regardless of suspension duration.
  2. Expulsion may occur if probation and suspension do not render changed behavior. Before a student will be considered for re-enrollment, a satisfactory resolution to the problems which resulted in expulsion must be stated by SA Administration and adhered to by all parties involved. Parents of expelled student(s) will continue to be required to pay full tuition to SA instructors for the duration of the term in which the expulsion occurred. 

ONLINE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of this document and the HS Academic Standards document MUST BE SIGNED BY PARENT AND ALL 6th-12th GRADE STUDENTS:  (please note: each person signing must click link to personally sign their own copy of the Acknowledgement)