hello everybody hi everybody welcome to our little bit of a late stream a little bit a little bit just it's just a few minutes we had a couple of things we wanted to grab before we went live that we had to get you might have seen accidentally in tax an axe appear but we have we have a great streamline lined up for today actually we have a video and a pretty good announcement a big big announcement it's due do it's good for you guys gonna be great absolutely I'm excited so why don't we start where are we starting out off we should be starting with the December Domenic's I do believe oh we just want to jump into that well I mean well why don't we talk a little bit about how things have been going here at the studio first or you know with regards to some new hires that


we've gotten and growing yeah we continue to do that it's been a you know aggressive push for us everybody knows you know we've kind of gone into full production mode and that means staffing up and that means working hard it's been kind of crazy absolutely.thank we are full to the brim with people phonetic really crazy really good pace yeah we put up we put up a bunch of new positions about two months ago and we've hired a bunch of new positions and as a matter of fact I think we'll be sending out a newsletter probably next week just before Christmas with those people and their names and their their the background there they come from some very good experience yeah we're pretty excited about that it's always been good hiring here in San Diego there's a lot of talent around and it's been kind of really nice and we'll be announcing new hire hiring positions


hiring for new positions starting just after the first of May yeah we're again we're going to continue to be aggressive in acquiring people you know our interview process takes a little while or you want to always make sure that we get the right people for the right position but it always results in really good quality work we've been super stoked with with kind of where we're at right oh yeah absolutely as a matter of fact we're gonna have a bunch of new space to hire right after the first of the new year as well bad bad we're putting people in closets over here but looking at the new server room and how how great that was that new play it's gonna be really nice I think we get a little bit more elbow room all the desks can go up and down there's a bunch of breakout room yeah everybody can meet and not bother everybody on the other floor Kevin so yeah it's gonna be good it's it's really appropriate for a studio right now and yeah it'll it'll give us the room to kind of hire the


next phase of people again we're trying to get it to about a hundred by the summer midsummer yeah so right now we're right around fifty men right here at the studio here in San Diego yeah absolutely and the other thing about as soon as we are in the new place we're going to do a little tour yeah yeah that'd be cool the tour video interesting but also we've been doing a lot of testing over the past well we started testing on apocalypse as we called it alpha one phase one but now as apocalypse we did that we started back in September right after pax right yeah yeah and oh I'm unbelievable amount of good data that goes towards perfecting the server infrastructure for the different alphas and betas that we intend to go into it allows us to get our account management and new website getting up it allows our


fulfillment and account services on the backend to be get to get up a lot of the optimization for having hundreds of players in the same area together we've been able to collect a lot of good information on that and perfect that we're getting to a really good spot on a lot of that a lot of the testing oh yeah it's feeling really good and it's it's great I mean I'm sure a bunch of people who are watching right now have participated and again like we really honestly couldn't do without you oh you know we need people like actual people there's a lot of automation we can do on our side to kind of kind of vet a lot of the stuff that we're doing but when it comes to real world data we can't do it without people and so you know it comes in fits and starts in terms of like with the progress that some of our testers may be seeing but getting really close to the finish line here it's it's we've almost got everything in place we can see the finish line and I think we're getting rise to something really exciting and I know we've said it in the


past but honestly you know these the alpha-1 and alpha-2 backers who are participating currently in testing they are troopers because you know there are times where we'll take few steps forward and fixing certain issues but there's an old kind of wake coding kind of works is you know you're 99 bugs on the wall you take one down pass it around now you have 127 bugs that's right yeah but sometimes you take a few steps forward take a step back you took some step forward taking steps back but that's the great thing about you know active development a lot of people don't get to see this the side of game making right and you know for good reason it because there are bugs and it's not the most fluid experience but the great thing about being able to see this and participate in this is not only will you get to at the end of the day look back and have a really clear picture on where we came from and to where we're going to end up but also you've had a voice in


that process right and you got to interact with that and you know one of the great things that I've experienced personally and having started the studios and being a gamer from the outside and now getting to see the behind the curtain and be a part of that development process is it is a it's a wild ride it is it's a wild ride and it's a lot of fun and there can be there can be some long nights but it's it's all it's all in in spirit of getting things done exactly it's a product that we are creating it's not just you know art on a wall not that that means anything right sorry artists oh but but you know it's it's it's there's a there's a lot of work that goes into it and and everybody kind of has to be there part and we know we've set goals for ourselves and that means that we need to you know fulfill those goals and so everybody in the studio is like you know what this is gonna be a late night but at the end of the day we're going to hit that goal and we're going to do what we want to be done absolutely so before we get into showing you guys the video


and having a little bit more of in-depth discussion discussion about Apocalypse and the announcement that we have why don't we go ahead and actually show some of those December well show you guys the December cosmetics so these will be released I believe they get released tomorrow or is it today no tomorrow it's tomorrow these will be up tomorrow what are we what's our first one what do we got so the first thing up is the frost guard Gillooly frost guard and I love the the fullness of the fur around the no animals were harmed in the production of this cosmetic piece but the all faux fur is all faux fur okay it's a little bit about this club so yeah these cloaks are designated for the frost guard expeditionary team that is a group of elite veterans that are tasked with mapping and gathering intelligence from the northern reaches of Paris I love it


yeah that's very cool so now what would a great effect for this if you were wearing this would be like wherever you walk there's always a little bit of snow just above you yeah alright what's our next one oh is this that's great yeah so um this is actually a building skin for one of our social buildings the kind of text behind this is that it's forged from ice and magic it's considered a Great Hall that has excellent acoustics and even better lighting it's loved by bards the world over performers often make special pilgrimages to these places they can elevate even the most awful shows into something magical nice and this is a prism of the frozen Glade that is correct nice looks good can this also have snow over it just over it well just put snow


just snow in everything all snow I always remind you to Sarah everywhere naka semper in San Diego yeah Chicago what's this next one I love the polar bears so this is Earl ORS expedition this is a skin for a caravan and as you can see this Caravan is set to go somewhere frosty lore was a kind of a famous dwarven dwarven caravan leader and he did some pretty special things and you'll hear about that later but this is named after him and his exploits in the north nice now instead of snow falling on this one can we just have snow on the ground always wherever it goes always snowy yeah anybody who attacks the caravans can't do well we could dream right we could dream things that we can do yes love it oh and is there any bottles inside of that Caravan that is no that's gonna have to be something that you we


would have to okay what do we got here oh that's a dead Fox on his shoulder no on his shoulder sorry fushing okay go ahead so this is the frigid hunter costume for those who decide to put down roots in the frigid north warm where is always recommended this particular style was adapted from the style of barbarians of Sanctus incorporating local furs and leathers for an exceptionally insulated ensemble Oh looks good I like that channeling Bob our product is good oh yeah and look at this magical beasts we call this the Arctic Prowler it is an


owl this is another one of Vera's at chimeric creatures the Arctic Prowler is a terrifying foe but a surprisingly staid mount one of the more intelligent of the animal species found on this planet it commands it learns commands readily and can form lasting bonds with humanoids who treat them well that's pretty cool I think this is my favorite I just I just love goats this is the winter NIT it's often mistaken for baby unicorn by those who are newly arrived at Mara nits are actually their own unique species though they have a very long life span but breed very rarely seeing one is considered to be auspicious and poaching one is inadvisable not only do they seem to have command of various unusual mystic energies making them a formidable foe foe but their death can invoke a


curse on those responsible whether it be through trap or by boat that guy is cool yeah he's gonna be a pet which you can bring along with you so travels now can we have this particular pet instead of like any effects or anything but no no not snow but perhaps like when it is running around and whatnot can we just do that yes we can do that I'm Luke yeah everyday just have it scream a little bit yeah how about for everybody who doesn't own the pet right yeah oh that's this one thank you oh no I'm sorry guys I had to do that I had to do that that would be great no that's look good ellos I love the wintry uh if you feel


all warm and cozy wintry so I think there was a discussion of the community whether or not that should be renamed winter nymph or Yuna goat or go to corn go to corner come on very good go to corn pretty cool yeah rolls off in time right yeah that looks great very cool I like those those are awesome so those are the December cosmetic store update which will be available tomorrow guys okay let's move into well let's show well hold on let me think what we do next let's do the let's do the video and the announcement what do you think I think that's about right that sounds like good okay guys so here's here's what we're gonna do we are going to show you an updated video that contains footage from the current internal testing of castle sieges as well as shows off some of the latest


footage of the battle rail and there is going to be a announcement at the end of this video and we're really excited about this announcement because there's an opportunity for everyone to get their hands on ashes of crashes of creation and end into the world right of ashes of creation so let's go ahead and we'll roll the video and then we'll come back and chat with you guys exactly what this means


Oh oh sorry guys I wanted to say watching


with you guys a little bit so as you guys saw there at the end by the way okay what you're seeing in that in that trailer is is our latest and greatest from actually that was footage was yesterday and day before that we're recording most of it but it has updates to our hit registration it's showing some differences in the melee combat and how stamina is used it had some footage from the castle sieges and we are you


players and for CIS and Russian players and you may now visit the apocalypse ashes of creation.com to register for the oh and the plenty of videos playing again okay sound are sound cut off I'm sorry region information okay our sound girl car come up for a second so let me reiterate that the the the registration is now open at apocalypse of creation calm we're excited that our partners might calm and malroux also have their website open yep as well for registration you'll be seeing some news announcements coming out of the next several days we're going to be actually as well if you are a beta 1 backer for ashes of creation you will be getting an


invite to this weekend's test yep yep we're in the final phases we basically gotten to the finish line we are going to be releasing this project its own kind of stand-alone thing that everybody can kind of get into and play right now and will basically continue on towards the final product which is ashes of creation the MMO absolute so one of the great things about this is that we get to really kind of see what we can do in the big boys space yes ya know we will treat this like its own product to get as many players as possible mmm to to hit our back-end to hit our servers to touch our Castle siege designs yeah we want to push the amount of players that are going to be present in the battle royale maps or in the castle sieges to the hundreds of players yep in preparation for what we expect to have in ashes of creation we want to perfect that player replication we want to


perfect the server performance on framerate we want to perfect pretty much anything that goes into you know what are the interesting things about being an MMO player for so long is that you know I've never really come across an MMO that's had a good quote unquote launch right there's always been either you know major problems or lay it's rough I know it's definitely rough out there and you know bless their hearts but there is a there's you know either I remember there's a couple of them O's where I had to sit in queue just to log into the server for like ten hours yep and then at the end of that 10 hour Q everything crashed right I got a guy look I got into the character creation and then I got kicked out and had to send an arc here again and that lasted for like weeks but you know one of the one of our primary goals here is to get as much of that testing done as possible and apocalypse offers a way for us to literally hit our servers potentially with hundreds of thousands of play ups right you do it over and over and that's what we want to see because as we move


into alpha 1 and alpha 2 and the beta periods of ashes of creation and we're continuing this development forward we don't want to see those types of problems at least to that degree that many of us have experienced over the years and playing mmo's and especially that launch day right like you don't often get a chance to redo your launch right that launch day is what everybody remembers absolutely and it is it sticks with you throughout the rest of your your mmo's career right and we want to make sure that that first day for us is amazes amazing absolutely this is this is kind of on the path toward that so that's it's something that is gonna be really great for the studio I think long term yes absolutely and the other thing about the difference between you know apocalypse and and being a standalone that's going to be released out into the public versus our alpha 1 and beta 2 and and using our alpha 1 alpha 2 beta periods is that the the alpha 1 and the beta periods those exist for a period of time and their projects are further different further development right so


apocalypse that will persist and it will be a live game that will last throughout and the great thing about it is that we've got so much stuff to update it with right like this as we continue to make progress on the MMO some of that stuff will find its way into two apocalypse and kind of vice versa as we test out systems that we're not quite sure about in apocalypse they'll make their way in to the MMO so it's a great great way to keep things public keeping players an absolutely and to kind of iterate sort of publicly almost now let's talk a little bit about for now I know that you know a lot of people out there we've talked about how you can earn cosmetic rewards right and part of the incentive for players to participate in apocalypse is some of these cosmetics would work so maybe we'll start to let's take a look at some of the art assets and let's describe a little bit about how players go about earning these rewards and and what exactly the questing system entails in Apocalypse so do we have we do we


have an actor they may have seen that they've seen but this isn't a cosmetic way this is your standard axe correct mahalik standard would you start out with so this is your starting weapon and right now in the battle royale let's take a look at the variant of this sure and we'll talk a little bit about there we go okay so here's some examples about of how the axe can kind of have these variants I'm not sure which one this is the algorithm okay so it's the Hollywood variant axe and this is something that the way that apocalypse is going to work is you're going to have an adventure path mhm and actually we're going to turn on those systems in today's stress test that we have at four o'clock for alpha-1 and alpha-2 backers I believe perhaps maybe and we're gonna try to but what's going to happen is you're going to have an adventuring path and that adventuring path is going to come with weekly quests


and daily quests that you can participate in that will be available for the castle sieges for the Horde and for the battle royale and as you complete these quests you're going to gain experience and right now you have up to 50 levels which matches the intended cap for Ashes of creation 50 levels of the adventure path that you can advance in and as you advance in each of these levels you're going to be unlocking certain assets such as these weapon skins now the great thing about players progress in apocalypse is that you will share the same account from apocalypse to ashes of creation the MMORPG and anything that you earn in apocalypse will be in ashes of creation the MMORPG write a unique as a skin exactly a skins that you will have access to for helping us test write apocalypse and preparing these different


alpha and beta stages for ashes of creation so here's an example of some of the weapon skins let's keep going what do we have next so here's an another VR Kanak skin your can expand and we have the pyroclastic skin pyroclastic I like the pyroclastic stuff and this is the eldritch I mean most of this you see that it's kind of glowy it actually does blow in games mmm it's really pretty yeah it's really cool like system in play base Morningstar or May or more that's a thundering maze and some of the variants again so just taking a look at how those variants gets a plot of variants gets a get applied so again that was the hello this is the arc anak yeah yeah now the interesting thing about and you can just keep scrolling through these as we talk the interesting thing about the questing in ashes of creation apocalypse is that it will contain lore yep through these quests


that you will that will give you insight to the to the happenings of verb during the fog era during the fall so it's gonna be split up into chapters each chapter is gonna run about 10 weeks chapter 1 it's called the Exodus and it's gonna kind of walk you through a little bit of what happened in the initial fall and get things sort of set up for then the coming chapters now we're not giving away all the lore but we're gonna give you enough hints and enough insight into what's going on to sort of prepare you for what happens when we launch the MMO right so just to give you an understanding of the setting like what happened before you came back regular where does your ancestors have to go through right what did these civilizations and then to kind of set the scene for you know we described this before but you know initially you're when you're playing the Battle Royale you're a part of the last group of survivors to try to


leave Vera and as you're leaving you get cut off the slipstream ends and you start falling back to the planet now the the activities that occur and the fighting amongst yourself is a result of the influence of corruption right corrupting your soul basically and as you move as we move into the castle siege modes that's where you see the survivors now trying to seek refuge in some of the last defendable bastions of of society of Isis they should not been touched by the crunch absolutely so you're kind of fighting over those for your your families and your friends to get into that keep to to try to ride out the storm so to say and that's what the castle siege is predicated on then moving into the hordes is is this is now that the final showdown the last stand there are no portals to escape from right and so how long can you how long can you last and that's and that's kind


of the narrative behind apocalypse as a whole you get to play throughout each of these stages you get to experience the world of ashes of creation you get to take a peek under the hood of the art assets and the style that those that that art will be when you play the game and at the same time while you're doing all of that and we're hitting the servers with as many people as possible you know we are continuing production and implementing new art and we are updating those those chapters of this story and that's what each season so to speak is called for us as a chapter yeah in fact the first chapter of apocalypse will be titled the Exodus so chapter one is the Exodus and players will have an opportunity to earn unique rewards in each chapter so that chapters period of time is roughly ten weeks and between eight and twelve we'll see how those go but right now it's set for ten weeks and every ten weeks you're going to see an introduction of new content


so kind of shows you you know the content that we're creating for Ashes of creation a portion of that will be present in in apocalypse that players can earn so this might be you know the halberd that a guardsman would use at a stage five note or this could be you know legendary ancient antique armors and weapons that you find out in the world and ashes of creation that you may have found previously these skins for so you know we're really excited to actually you know the interesting thing about MMORPGs is that it has such a long lifespan of development yeah and usually nobody gets to touch or see these this this these these assets that have been in production for years now till launch day right or until the alpha or beta it right and what we're doing here is you know we're literally taking this stuff hot off of the production in real time and we're throwing it into apocalypse and another the other great thing about


that from a testing perspective is that this goes in the real hands of players and we get to see you know the little animation bugs or the skinning and waiting bugs or you know just the weird stuff that players do absolutely and we and we get to optimize those assets as well right in real time without having to wait for you know different alpha and beta periods that we have to get up to so that means that when those alpha and beta periods happen a lot of these things will offer already had test on a bard stuff right a lot of the hard stuff will have been gotten out of the way and really be able to focus on the content and building out this world and making it something beautiful absolutely so we're pretty excited about that these are some great weapons I love the weapons doing I think we have a armor at the end of the railroad here don't we oh wow nice so now which one is this is the Obsidian yeah so this is an example of the Obsidian set of armor so now we have some announcements now obviously running apocalypse is not free we have to host


servers and we're going to be hosting these service so there will be a shop that's present and there will be the chapter will have a legendary path that can be purchased as well however there are how many how many assets are there on the urna below wards that do not need to be purchased or you do not need to have a legendary path with do we have that number I think Josh might have sent us that in the slack I think he sent to you perhaps I'm sorry we should know that number offhand not prepared I know the legendary path I know there's a total of 71 rewards but the earnable ones I believe there is every every 10 weeks there's a total of around I think it's 15 to 20 so these these includes mounts these include costumes they include the weapon skins hairstyles you know emote specific


emotes that are present those are all our table now should players choose to do the legendary path I believe that is that is a purchase of $10 for 10 weeks however we are announcing that all alpha one backers will receive a lifetime membership to the legendary path of the adventure path so for as long as apocalypse exists all alpha 1 backers will have a lifetime membership you will not need to purchase that for the additional 60 plus rewards I think that are offered in that path in addition as recognition for the amount of hard work that our alpha 2 backers have put into the game and we're inviting beta 1 backers this weekend and beta 2 backers next week we will be giving the first chapter the exodus for free to all of our alpha 2 and beta


to backers as well so that isn't really you know from us to you guys it is not possible for us to be able to make the progress in the speed that we have made it without the participation of you guys as testers and and it is it is it is really exciting you know for us to be able to release a game that is a precursor to ashes of creation and get players involved and have something to work towards yep yeah yeah I mean it's just one of us I think it's a really cool project right because number one like you guys get to play in ashes of creation before it's actually done I mean it's it's it's this perpetual thing that kind of gets it in everybody's hands long long before you know the actual MMO is complete so it's something that we're pretty excited about then it's also a really good thing for the studio a lot of us are are pretty hardened veterans but we've never all


launched a game together and this sort of gives us a practice we're on a dress rehearsal if you will as a studio as as a team to get this thing done and again launching something is a very different process than working on something there's a lot that's involved in that and a lot of stuff to learn a lot of kinks to work out and a lot of sort of team building in order to get everybody on the same page for what kind of a big event like this it's it's really good for the team morale to be high here and we're all pretty excited to see this come out the door very excited absolutely okay let us discuss a little bit about I'm sorry what was the next topic we're doing pretty good they're actually right about there oh okay very good so oh okay so in addition to all of this information which is a lot you know


but we are going to be having another live stream next week and that is going to be all about the continued production that we have been in for the MMORPG and we are going to have a game developers playthrough which should be roughly probably about 20 to 30 minutes long showing questing fighting with monsters a couple of raid bosses which you may have seen before but showing all of the MMO progress that we have made over the past several months since we last saw you guys at pax east or west west why don't get my coasters but that will be next week probably will be on Thursday but we'll make an announcement and send out a newsletter for that no one's not ready for that once we're ready for that and this is to to show you guys really just how transferable


between apocalypse and the MMO how the stuff all integrates how it ended together exactly yes so we're excited to show you guys that and it will be next week that we do that ok let's open it up to some Q & A if one of the moderators on discord unless I'm missing something did we forget anything okay let's open up to QA if one of you guys one of the moderators can open up a channel in discord well also if one of you guys wants to jump on the forums I think there is a thread there for QA something I don't know what exactly we missed from that but write some regional stuff December 18th all people will be able to play ashes of creation apocalypse you can go now to register if you have not already registered on acts of creation website you can go now to apocalypse dot ashes


of creation.com and you can register there and we're pretty excited about that I think that was pretty much what I mentioned yeah okay let me open up disk or do we have discord live we should be able to put up livestream Q&A there we go I got it okay I'm failing I have gotten that oh I am so sorry I don't remember if we mentioned this we did mention that everything in apocalypse will be transferred on your account to the MMORPG okay very good okay question from guilt heart first question mm-hmm gauntlets as in with fighting fists will it be in the game if you can't answer that then cartography thoughts on that being an artist in class so with regards to cartography we do plan to have it's


not exactly cartography but it does involve maps and pinpointing the location of treasures throughout the world and as you are able to find these treasures you will create better maps and hinting the location through either rumor mills or your interaction with different NPCs and and having access to the potential dig sites that might be present for a treasure finding gauntlets we do have fisted our fists weapons don't we we're talking about it's on it's on the roadmap is sort of a stretch goal but it's not something that's confirmed yet okay question from pion question you mentioned that we can use the cosmetics earn from the BR in the MMORPG it's not just the BR it's the BR the castle sieges and the horde mode they'll all have unique cosmetics and they'll all be transferred into the


MMORPG with your account will there be any restrictions on this aren't you worried that being able to equip this stuff at level one okay perfect that's a great question so it's not that you'll be able to equip necessarily an item at level one these are all cosmetic skins again we are we are not about the pay to win or paid a convenience life what we what we want to do instead is as you earn left or find equipment in the MMORPG these skins that you've earned in apocalypse will be available at certain tiers levels and/or access points so for example we have different grades of mounts right we have the base one land mounts we have the the Royal mounts we have the flying mounts if you're a mayor or king or queen we have legendary mount these classes of mounts will have available skins associated with those particular classes so for example if you're if it's just a


land mount and we have let's say the what was the name of that one that we were just doing with the ram the ram strata the ram strata if you have the ram strider skin that you've earned from apocalypse you'll be able to apply that to your first land mount which will probably be earned within the first five levels you'll earn a land mount however if you have let's say for example the Griffin which will be a glider bowl mount I'm sorry what's the name of the what's the name of the night one the midnight is the midnight bird or something like the 900 the night hunter I think that's it if you have that skin you'll only be able to apply that skin to a royal mount so you'll still have to earn these things remember our position is that of you need to earn these things in Ash's first they're not purchasable or or earned outside in Apocalypse and you're granted that immediately these are skins that you apply to the things


you earn in ashes we still want to keep that that economic principle of risk versus reward and not being able to pay to win or pay to convenience these are things that you still have to earn that's a great question peon thank you very much okay let me you got one I've got one what does Stephen want for Christmas what I want for Christmas is to find the for our next hiring phase to make sure we get the absolute most veteran and best possible hires from each of these positions no it's a great ago what some sindelle yeah what I offer Christmas is I want you guys to have fun and I want you to enjoy and have a clean send-off for apocalypse so that you guys can enjoy the world of Vera early and that our castle sieges come to you and our fun to play and we move on to a horde as well that's my Christmas and


other than that yeah I don't really Karthus any plans for aquatic freeholds such as a coastal river freehold that you can use to farm fish or maybe have a dock to launch ships from so there there's kind of two answers to this one is that I probably can't say it so I'm not gonna say it but we have some plans in the future for something that's it's extremely aquatic but in terms of what you're asking specifically that it is part of the what we're talking about for the freehold system we're depending on where your place you're freehold you're gonna have definite different environmental tiles available to you and those will kind of enable or buff existing structures that you play something for your old so so well it's not exactly that I don't know that we would put like fish farming just for a free whole that's on a river what we would probably do is give you a buff to


fishing in that area that kind of a thing so so there'll be more buffs for existing things rather than necessarily a special buildings just for that area but again we're not fully baked in on that system yet so it's very possible though we end up going down a direction okay very good somebody says myth horne crafting Matt's question mark oh that's a really bad idea that's that's spicy okay question from Hicks how do alpha backers get their packs on my calm for apocalypse so the way that works is if you own a package or a Kickstarter account or summer backer that is an intrepid account and we will potentially have an answer for transferring over to my calm or malroux and we'll detail that out in the in the coming future very soon before obviously we have those testing periods do alpha backers need to register for a


pack as well as long as you own an account on ashes of Krishna comm already there will be a migration process that you will receive information about in the coming week probably and then rubbing next week I would imagine before obviously december 18th that you will be able to login and migrate that account over so you don't need to re-register will we get real great sorts yes you will get real great sorts the greatest the greatest of sorts the greatest of sorts yes I know we know a lot of great swords we do the experts say we have the greatest swords oh my goodness jaelyn asks are we still on time for castle siege mode at the end of December so again Castle siege and horde mode those will be first tested by alpha one backers for roughly a month maybe a little bit longer but the end of December is when we first plan to have


some external testing with our alpha one backers logging into the castle siege map and doing some things all the features will not necessarily may not necessarily be there although we hope to and it's still on schedule for that but end of December is when we plan to have alpha one backers logging into the castle siege map will there be a participant rack potentially maybe we hope so it helps the soundtrack is good enough I can purchase a bear is a great composer and you'll be seeing music from bears soon trademark you cannot rush art you can't well you can but it usually ends up not so good right Pendragon asks will you guys be going to pack south we will not be going to pack south however we did recently reserve our space on the floor for PAX East but we will let you know as soon as that is final about pack seas ok question from from every hole is a goal how much


of an effect will RNG have on PvP in PvP can be frustrating especially when you can outplay your opponent talking about golf okay how much of an effect will RNG have on PvP RNG in PvP can be frustrating especially when you can now play your opponent but rng mechanics for example CC resistance chance or hit damage chance getting away and you lose because of it PS I'm fine with crit chance so the way that our game is structured with the hybrid action tab targeted sort of hybrid you will RNG is always going to play a role in ashes of creation whether that be in PvP or PvE but one way to mitigate that is through the action system the action system is going to be far less sort of dependent on those you know dice rolls and


there'll be far more in your own hands they won't ever completely eliminate that but it's it's a way for us to sort of reward skilled play versus sort of tactical strategies done I mean the way the stats are set up now you can mitigate that by raising stats lowering stances you know it's not a flat like this works exactly question from Selena could you please add an option that we change our profile picture on the ashes website yes is that and that's in the new that's an it was we're going to be running by the way we're gonna be running testing with alpha 1 alpha 2 beta 1 and beta 2 backers for a lot of the new site functions over the next week roughly as we prepare for that the new website launch so be prepared if you're a backer to receive emails with instructions on how you can help us stress test the website the new website


as we launched it and you'll be able to see some of those new features when we begin that testing we did open the new what sites registration and the landing page for apocalypse that's part of the new site structure but we'll be launching the whole new site in its account registration process before the 18th and testing will probably begin this weekend I think if it hasn't already today Shaye's asks will there be a free version of the past available for registered users within the apocalypse yes all players everyone has a free adventuring path in apocalypse and that free path includes the questing you can still level up to 50 you will gain rewards and cosmetics I think there's about 15 to 20 cosmetics you can gain and then if you choose to you may purchase the legendary path which contains like another 50 plus rewards I believe for cosmetics as well as a shop for like one-off cosmetics I think -


what do Kickstarter's get so all backers that includes Kickstarter summer backers and anyone who's pre-ordered a package will receive the first chapter the legendary path for free that's the first 70 days you will have 71 different cosmetic or rewards that you can earn over the next from December 18th until whenever 70 days is past that yeah I don't know and then additionally alpha-1 backers will have a lifetime membership all alpha-1 backers including intrepid pack owners all alpha-1 backers will have a lifetime membership to the legendary path for apocalypse okay here we go next one question nice HP Lovecraft style enemies are confirmed


there's some smile this is my only face okay question from daddy issues Wow okay question is nodes three when so funny that you ask you're just I'm just talking about that one of the the key components that we want to hit from a development standpoint before we release nodes three really has to do with an overall picture of the MMORPG map which is what we are right now completing that in in the game world itself and getting to see the spread between all available nodes so that you guys get an actual in-game view of this broad open area map when that is complete that's one of the last puzzle pieces before we feel comfortable with nodes 3 and that is currently in in the pipe in the pipe five by five five but what I think okay


okay Versace asks do you plan on speeding up the combat such as black desert online how it is fast-paced or is the comment you have now manicure so it's important to note apocalypse is a pure action combat arena so it does not contain our hybrid system although Castle sieges and horde mode will have the class kits available they are still going to be all action based so the the the combat you're seeing now in Apocalypse is our actions really testing and it's probably gonna be about as fast as it could possibly get it's not going to get too much more frenetic than it is already if anything it'll be slowed down more to give people you know space and time it's really the time to kill will be quite a bit longer than my mic yeah oh no Steven we can't hear you I can't hear me about slushies you know it's mine flashing I'm


his mind only one who cool talk button oh the pair yeah okay I'm pairing I'm a pair they're a book about a pair somebody who lived in a pair and rode on the ocean I read that one as a child I did not read it I was at a pair was it an apple I Karen Pietsch is somebody in the James in the Giant Peach yep just like parenting yeah I was trying to fix his because oh how weird Peter why'd you do that peaches and pears peaches and pears and oranges okay uh I'm sorry did we end up not answering that question what was the question oh I'm sorry uh okay bacon asks Michael bacon has put a


question right Oh are we switching switch I swap arewe let's shuffle okay like we eat a guy in like a black shirt come on all right I think I'm actually sitting here okay sorry sorry about that guys apologize it wouldn't be a stream without audio issues there peach issues am i good to go now yes okay for many people who could not test join for the most recent test do not being able to log into logic because random rejections well these accounts will be fixed before apocalypse yes okay here a great question so some of the issues that these tests that we've been conducting recently have been addressing is our


installer and patching process we have completely redone that to address some of the issues that we were seeing and we'll be rolling out that new launcher I think on Saturdays test yeah that's a goal yes to really bang on that yes and that is an advanced installer that actually is gonna go is it is gonna be top notch so that's that's one of the major issues that we saw another thing that we keep trying please yes like be very curious to know who is this well not only that it's it's hero but you're not only when you when you fail to connect we receive logs from that even you know as you as you as you disconnect from our back-end and you're failing to authenticate we're seeing who that is why they drop the timeout time you know location what was their packet loss what was the latency they were experiencing you know where did they see the hiccup in their in their installation side and the patching process so it's important


that even if you fail you do that a couple of times so we can see what that is and that's where we're collecting our information on oh and another thing part of this week and this weekend's test is also nailing down some of the few replications as you may have seen this yesterday that players were running sideways in the test and that was that had to do between when players would land on their Gryphon and they would send an update to nearby players hey I've switched States from writing to falling to now my idols state my combat idols state they get stuck on one of those and it doesn't replicate correctly to the other players that's something we've addressed yesterday and will be hopefully having either fixed today for it or you'll see that fix on Saturday session so we're getting some of those fix that you'll see also that we did a few hundred player matches yesterday that was good we got a lot of great metrics on that we


saw a good performance on the back end from that but there were some interesting latency issues with hit hit registration we've addressed those as well yep okay let's see next questions we have any more questions from the website I got started mmm Punk tea asks how sure you got the development of Apocalypse Games will not interfere with the time under the original base MMO so the way that we're certain in that and you'll see this next week as we show you the MMO development and where that is in relation to alpha one is because everything that is done in Apocalypse is done for the MMORPG as well including all of the weapons and how they cast certain spells those are all spells that will be found within the skill trees including all the art that you see the server architecture the backend the way


that we authenticate accounts the way that we have account account services fulfill rewards and quest advancement all of those things are the MMORPG they're just done in a different mode to accommodate a fun atmosphere that can be persistent until our launch of the MMORPG it doesn't require a lot of content on our part because we still have so much cadre till this this kind of gives things you know it's a good place to do this kind of a test yes checks all the checkboxes for the information that we need right now you know as we go forward you know castle the castle seed while it's going to be a really fun mode it's also going to be testing really specific things for yes yes same thing with the Horde mode those will be very specific tests that happen to be fun game modes and they will give us the kind of data that we need at that time so yeah Oh important note actually apologize if you have embers from pre-order packages


you'll be able to use those if you wish in apocalypse to either purchase you need cosmetics or to purchase the adventure the legendary venture path additionally the adventure path even on the free track contains ember rewards where you can earn embers just for playing and those embers will carry over with you into the MMORPG for you to purchase if you choose MMORPG cosmetics when they have a warp eg launches yeah that was something that was that point what other questions did we have for anything we're actually getting close to things by uh oh but no not like this defense asks when will you be releasing the mobile version of the game we won't be releasing a MOBA version of the game 1 a MOBA mobile version yes there won't


be there will not be a mobile version of the game we do not have a mobile version it was a long time ago but decided not to do that as part of the ashes of creation universe yes or probably everything never say no told our reveal when when ready as apocalypse going to be solely PvP or will it also be PvE and world questing penny great question the Horde mode is purely PvE so when the horde mode releases it will be a cooperative defense with up to 50 other players and you will be defending against waves of NPCs moths and bosses and we'd be able to test all those things we great can we make custom emotes oh my gosh I think that was something that we talked about a long time I really wanted to do where you know I experienced


where you can create custom songs right it would be awesome if we had and we talked about this and you're giving me that face but if we had if we had blend States between available animations for custom dance dances it would be amazing it would be amazing all right you heard it from Jeff slips himself we're going for I didn't say well what you just said it it's on record I'm just kidding okay question from Val Hoss will there be an active block in game or will ranged be king so vas there currently is in apocalypse an active block this sword and shield weapon has a stance that deploys a shield in front of you and that shield is an actual hitbox that blocks is that blocks is the boxes that blocks projectiles an active blocking stance and we're playing you know that's


just the first that that's literally the first roll out of that we want to play more with that and see how that how that happens Alex PG says please tell me that a or C will not be a laggy mess like so many other mmo's it will not be a lagging mess like so many other memos and that reason for that is because we are especially with the deployment of apocalypse we are leveraging cloud computing and the cloud infrastructure to provide servers close to locations throughout the world so that later you wherever you might be and those servers will be tagged with their location and latency for you so that when you pick your server it will be in an appropriate location not subject to the location of a particular company's data server right and then also it's you know all the opposite centers that we're doing on our back end it's all absolutely super cool customizable stuff that we're doing on our own that we're building out that will be able to support sort of this like gigantic amount of people without actually you know really hurting your


performance yes absolutely question from Dexter how reckless are you planning to be versus bots and gold sellers and versus hackers cheaters and explorers we're going to kick their butts we're gonna kick yes not physically we've never harmed a person or bought well Bogg would be ok but ok Parma bomb yeah absolutely yeah but anyways we will be banning those individuals and it's important to note that we are players and you know a lot of games have had their deaths because of rampant bahding when there are more bots and there are people on server there's problem there's a problem when there's yeah and we our goal is to have zero bots on the server so we have already very good partnerships with a couple of security resources that either track packet information and or behavioral metrics within the game and we will be


very vigilant against those particular about very cool technology that works agree well it does how the emote question you didn't really answer oh that's not my custom text ok yeah last one ok let me find a good last one ok last one last one last one I'm sorry real quick when somebody asked about European servers we will have european servers up in the second line so the next one Bierly funny can you confirm that indeed the current animations are placeholders and not the final version they yes we can confirm that animations art in general will continue to develop and get better you know part of being able to see a game in the state that acts of


creation is and in development is that you get to see those things as they continue to impress to improve so if I were you what I would do is I would take a look at the videos on our YouTube from a year ago or even you know slightly beyond a year ago and I would see where they were then and then I would take a look at videos now and I would see how much they've improved and then I would project that out you know six eight ten months and see where you think we might the great thing about art is you know regardless of whatever code and design are doing arts always it's always moving always moving and it's and it's always the thing to do always getting better and Unreal Engine is such a great engine from a graphical fidelity standpoint and from the tools that the artists have to work with out of the box and and also custom tools that we've created that interact even with with with a different art software out there that we can do amazing things and we keep on doing new


things as well as we develop okay so I think that's the last of the questions guys we are really excited to be able to launch the open beta for apocalypse come December 18th along with our partners at my command mail Roo we intend to offer you the best possible service and also to see you guys have fun on our servers playing apocalypse getting immersed in the world of ashes of creation looking forward to the castle sieges in the horde mode that are going to come out being able to earn rewards and and have a hands-on experience with ashes of creation in perpetuity something that will continue forward as a 24/7 gaming experience and everyone at the team here has been has been working in an unbelievable amount in order to to get this in a state that we feel comfortable handing it off to you guys to test for open beta we cannot thank enough the


absolute persistence dedication and commitment that our alpha 1 and alpha 2 backers have endured so far in helping us to get to a a good state and we still have a little ways to go before the 18th and we appreciate that assistance as much as possible and we we look forward to inviting you guys into the game and seeing you guys having a lot of fun there it is going to be an awesome experience for everyone here at the studios to to hand something off to the community so scariest it's also really it's exciting it's scary there's a lot of emotions we honestly are very are very happy to have such a great community like you guys oh one other quick thing I'm sorry real quick we did hire a new community marketing lead slash community manager mhm who will be announced soon very soon we're really excited very excited she is a a tremendous individual with a true


gamer at heart and she has had experiencing excusing experience running some major mmo's that many of you have likely played so soon I'm sorry that was a quick arrest a big deal it is a big deal we love it so we'll see you guys next week with an update from the MMO RPG and a playthrough that's going to be roughly 30 minutes long we can't wait to show you guys that and testers will see you tonight and we'll see you over the weekend and everybody have a great week we will see you all soon see you guys