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ICS Student Council (Official Constitution for 2022-2023)
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Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Student Council



Article I. Name and Purpose


SUBSECTION 1. OFFICIAL NAME – The official name for this organization is the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) Student Council.

SUBSECTION 2. IDENTIFIER – This organization will use its official name, the nickname “ICS Student Council,” or its acronym, ICSSC, in all publicity materials and correspondence. Within this document, the organization may also be referred to as "Council" for short.



SUBSECTION 1. MISSION – To improve student life of the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences academically, socially, and professionally by creating and deepening the bonds among students, student organizations, faculty, administration, companies, and alumni of the School of ICS as well as similar groups outside of the Information and Computer Sciences.

SUBSECTION 2. VISION – We believe that through a strong community, we will enhance the quality of life for students within the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science academically, professionally, and personally by:


Article II. Membership


SUBSECTION 1. DUES - The council has no membership dues.


SUBSECTION 2. PARTICIPATION – All students may attend ICS Student Council’s public events and activities. Council membership is determined by being accepted into one of the committees or board positions and upholding the below requirements.

PART 1. MANDATORY EVENTS AND MEETINGS – All committee members are required to attend any event on time of which they are notified via email, meeting, or any other accepted form of regular communication a week in advance unless an acceptable excuse has been approved by their Committee Chair or by an Executive more than 24 hours in advance.


For every tardy, they receive a half strike, and for every absence, a full strike. At the end of the quarter, all strikes are set to 0. If a member obtains 3 strikes, their committee chair is required to discuss their tardiness and absence, and decide whether or not they should continue being on the council. A final decision to keep or remove the member is made once the Committee Chair discusses the issue with the Executive Committee.



PART 1. FULL MEMBERSHIP – For the current school year, all students currently majoring or minoring in a subject offered by the School of ICS and who have at least enrolled in one quarter during the year are eligible to be full members.

PART 2. NON-VOTING MEMBERS – All students not eligible to be full members, but are enrolled at UCI, UCI staff, faculty, and alumni are eligible to be non-voting members. Community members, who are actively engaged in the school’s well being are also welcome to become non-voting members if given permission by any of the Executives.


SUBSECTION 4. NO DISCRIMINATION POLICY - Membership decisions will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, age, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or status as a military veteran.


              SECTION B. RIGHTS

SUBSECTION 1. RIGHT TO ATTEND – All members are eligible to attend all meetings and organizational events, except those between executive board members.

SUBSECTION 2. RIGHT TO VOTE – All full members who are in good standing are eligible to vote in official elections, and all committee members can vote on any decisions put to their membership.

SUBSECTION 3. RIGHT TO INFORMATION – All members have access to all information related to organizational activities. If any information seems to be lacking, members have the right to request said information from their chair or the Admin group.



SUBSECTION 1. FAILURE TO MEET MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS – Any member who has not met the requirements stated in [II.A] will have their membership withdrawn immediately.

SUBSECTION 2. REMOVAL BY MAJORITY VOTE – A member may have their membership involuntarily withdrawn by a two-thirds vote of the quorum.

PART 1. ADVANCED NOTICE – Members to be voted upon for removal must be notified of the voting at least one week in advance of the start of the voting period. All voting members must be sent notification at least 72 hours in advance of the start of the voting period.


SUBSECTION 3. VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL – Any member may choose to withdraw from the ICSSC. However, any money or time owed to the ICSSC must still be paid. This obligation can only be waived by the chair responsible for that individual. In the case that the withdrawal comes from an executive, the President is responsible for determining time or money owed. In the case the President chooses to withdraw, the remaining executives are responsible for deciding time and money owed, as a group. Additionally, any recognition, association, money, or services owed to the former member is null and void.

Article III. Officers


















SUBSECTION 1. PRESIDENT – Chair all meetings of ICSSC, provide general oversight over all ICSSC activities, ensure that all tasks are completed, advise other leaders as needed, and hold all leaders accountable.


SUBSECTION 2. VICE-PRESIDENT – Support the President(s) in their duties and assume presidential duties if the current President(s) is/are unable to perform.

 -        EXTERNAL: In charge of communications with ICS clubs and the consortium.

SUBSECTION 3. TREASURER – Maintain all financial records of ICSSC, authorize all transactions for ICSSC, provide the leaders of ICSSC with accurate financial information as needed, and immediately report any discrepancies or inappropriate use of ICSSC funds.


SUBSECTION 4. SECRETARY – Record the minutes for every board ICSSC meeting, disseminate the ICSSC newsletter to all students subscribed, assist the other officers with basic administrative tasks, assist the committees with basic logistical needs. The Secretary is also responsible for any other tasks that the Administrative team deems valuable to the team and the council as a whole that does not fall into the purview of any of the other committees.

SUBSECTION 5. ACADEMIC AND ALUMNI AFFAIRS COMMITTEE CHAIR – Runs the Academic and Alumni Affairs Committee to reach out and build relationships with UCI faculty, address the concerns of the ICS student body and to further them into academic and administrative cohesion, and collaboration with the ICS student body.


Corporate Outreach Committee and is responsible for the success of the team at accomplishing its mission: to support the ICS Student Council’s mission by strengthening and reaching out to the community of corporate supporters of the School of ICS. Works to build relationships with our company representatives, help them find something in ICS that appeals to their interests, and give them the opportunity to be involved here.

SUBSECTION 7. PROJECTS COMMITTEE CHAIR - Runs the Projects Committee and is responsible for the success of the team at accomplishing its mission of developing relevant applications for the benefit of students at UCI.

SUBSECTION 8. EVENTS COMMITTEE CHAIR - Runs the Events Committee and is responsible for the success of the team at accomplishing its mission of hosting events that benefit students socially, academically, and/or professionally.

SUBSECTION 9. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIR - Responsible for promoting events on ICSSC social media accounts, i.e., Instagram and Facebook, coordinating with ICS Student Affairs on event promotion, and any other relevant functions.

SUBSECTION 10. WEBMASTER - Responsible for keeping the official website up to date and providing web applications (i.e, web pages, websites) as directed.

SUBSECTION 11. GRAPHIC DESIGNER(S) - Responsible for working with chairs in designing promotional material.



SUBSECTION 1. MEMBERSHIP STATUS - All officers and candidates must adhere to qualifications as stated in Amendment 4 of this Constitution.


SUBSECTION 2. GPA – All candidates must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.


SUBSECTION 3. COMMITMENT – All candidates must be able and willing to serve the ICSSC for one full year and can only take a position without planning to stay for a year in the case that no other candidate offers to take the position.


SUBSECTION 4. TERM LIMITS – Officers are not allowed to hold any position for more than 2 years.



SUBSECTION 1. NAME This Code shall be known as the "ICS Student Council Elections Code".

PART 1. ELECTIONS COMMISSION  – The Elections Commission is made up of the current Executive Board members.


1.     Week 1: ICS Student Council Elections Candidate declarations begin on Monday and close on Friday at 11:59 PM. ICS Student Council candidates are allowed to campaign after declarations close. (see campaigning section)

2.     Week 2: All ICS Student Council Elections Declared Candidates must attend ICS Student Council’s Meeting at a time later determined in DBH 6011. ICSSC Declared Candidates are allowed to give a 2-3 minute introductory speech about themselves and their qualifications for their applicable position. The voting period will begin after all the speeches have finished.

4.          Week 3: Voting period closes on Friday at 11:59 PM.

5.     Week 4: Results of the ICSSC Elections are announced on Monday and posted at right after.

6.           The above guidelines are subject to change and may vary between different Spring Election periods.

SUBSECTION 3. CAMPAIGNING No campaigning will be allowed until after the submission of the Declaration of Candidacy is closed. All campaigning and publicity shall maintain the aesthetic quality of our campus. The Elections Commission (i.e., current Executive Board) has the right to remove all campaign materials and literature that do not comply with University Posting Regulations and as stipulated in the Elections Code. Every candidate is required to comply with University posting policies.

SUBSECTION 4. VOTING Voting shall be done on a survey that is sent out by the Elections Commission. A link to the survey will be on ICSSC’s official website: 

Only one vote shall count per student and the student shall not be able to change that vote once submitted.

Students that are eligible to vote in ICSSC’s Spring Election for the current year the election is held, must adhere to following:


PART 1. All ICSSC Candidates must agree to and sign the ICS Student Council Elections Code. ICSSC Candidates may also give a formal, brief speech.

PART 2. All ICSSC Candidates shall check the sample ballot, created by the Elections Commission, for misspellings or errors. Any corrections shall be presented to a member of the Elections Commission in writing at least one (1) school day prior to the first day of balloting.

PART 3. All ICSSC Candidates shall familiarize themselves with this Elections Code.

SUBSECTION 6. UNOFFICIAL POLLING LOCATIONS Unofficial polling locations include any computer labs or study areas with computers on campus. Candidates are prohibited from soliciting votes inside and within fifty (50) feet of any unofficial polling location.



PART 1. Candidates must have served in ICS Student Council for at least one full academic year.

PART 2. Any candidate may withdraw from an Election by presenting a letter of withdrawal to the Elections Commission.

PART 3. A candidate may file a Declaration of Candidacy for more than one position.

  1. In the event that a candidate is elected for more than one position, they may only choose to hold office for one of them, the other going to the runner-up for that position.


  1. The only positions available for election will be President or Co-Presidents (limit of 2), Internal Vice President, and External Vice President unless changed by a vote by the majority of the existing officers.
  2. All other incoming officer positions will be selected by the incoming President(s), Internal Vice President, and External Vice President.



SUBSECTION 1. REASONS FOR INVOLUNTARY REMOVAL – An officer may be involuntarily removed from office for failure to perform duties, misrepresenting ICSSC, the School of ICS, or UCI, or for any violation of Article III.


SUBSECTION 2. NO-CONFIDENCE RULE - All ICSSC Candidates that are  elected agree to a binding “No-Confidence” Rule. The “No-Confidence” Rule ensures that all ICSSC Officers adhere to the roles and responsibilities of their position as laid out in the ICS Student Council’s Constitution.

a.     Any member in the ICS Student Council can call a “No-Confidence” vote against an ICSSC officer.

b.     At least one person needs to second a “No-Confidence” vote called against an ICSSC officer.

c.     One week following an official “No-Confidence” vote, a vote shall be taken by all of the ICS Student Council members. If the majority of the “No-Confidence” votes are to vote out the ICSSC officer, the ICSSC officer must resign from his or her position.


Article IV. Meetings

SECTION A - Bi-weekly meetings are to be held and coordinated by the Executive Committee for the board.

SECTION B - Each chair should meet with their committee at least once every week unless the Committee Chair decides an alternate meeting schedule. In the event that a member does not attend a meeting, the chair is responsible for communicating one-on-one with that member.


Article V. Committees and Missions

SECTION A: Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is chaired by the President(s) of the Council and is responsible for being the face of the organization, providing the other committees with an overall vision and direction, the necessary tools and support needed for them to accomplish their goals. The Executive Committee is made up of the President(s), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, and Committee Chairs any other committee members deemed necessary by the chair of the committee. The Executive Committee is also responsible for the overall mission and vision of the council.

SECTION B: Corporate Outreach Committee’s mission is to reach out and build relationships with the ICS alumni, community, and corporate companies to obtain sponsorships and funding, provide students with opportunities to network with company representatives, and learn about the importance of jobs in the computer science or related fields.


SECTION C: Events Committee’s mission is to plan and host events that will better ICS Students academically, professionally, and socially. These events include annual and quarterly events such as ICS Day and the Reverse Career Fair.

SECTION D: Academic and Alumni Affairs Committee’s mission is to reach out and build relationships with UCI faculty, address the concerns of the ICS student body and to further them into academic and administrative cohesion, and collaboration with the ICS student body. The committee will also be in charge of connecting the Student Council with the Bren School alumni.

SECTION E: Projects Committee’s mission is to help students in the Bren School succeed at finding, planning, executing, and managing technology projects. The community will also be tasked to teach students useful technical knowledge not learned in class.

SECTION F: Public Relations Committee’s mission is to keep the ICS community informed on all news related to the ICS Student Council, promote and publicize all events, workshops, and socials and communicate with the ICS community via social media. The committee is also in charge of helping other ICS organizations/clubs on campus promote their events.

Article VI. Affiliations

        SECTION A. - Working with other ICS Student Organizations

ICSSC takes the responsibility of running the ICS Consortium, a collection of all the ICS Student Organizations. The purpose of the ICS Consortium is a communication channel where ICS clubs can communicate with each other for possible collaborations or any questions. In addition, ICSSC will manage a way in which members of the ICS Consortium can share events.

        SECTION B. - Working with Administrative Units

The ICSSC is officially affiliated with the School of ICS and in so, is required to fulfill any obligations.

Article VII. By-Laws and Amendments

Each committee is responsible for contributing to the ICS Student Council General Bylaws and setting their own set of guidelines as necessary and each member in the committee is responsible for upholding the bylaws of its committee and of the ICS Student Council. Amendments to this constitution can be made in 2 ways:

1. By a three fourths vote of the entire council’s executive board.

2. By a majority vote from the student body with at least 15% of the ICS student body approving of the changes.

Article VIII. Financial Matters

All accounting responsibilities fall to the Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for giving regular reports to the Executives regarding financial matters and allocation of funds. All requests for reimbursements are required to be submitted no later than 30 days after the expense was incurred. After 30 days time, the expense is no longer considered reimburse-able without explicit approval of the Administrative Committee.


Amendment 1 (passed on 2/25/19)

Article 3 Section A


Amendment 2 (passed on 2/25/19)

Article 3 Section B Subsection 5

The duties of the position of ALUMNI AND ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE CHAIR is no longer applicable.

Amendment 3 (passed on 2/25/19)

Article 5 Section D

The missions of the ALUMNI AND ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE are no longer applicable.

Amendment 4 (passed on 2/25/19)

Article 3 Section C Subsection 1

All elected officers must have been full members in ICS Student Council for a Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter by the time they serve.

Amendment 5 (passed on 2/25/19)

Article 3 Section E Subsection 2 Part C

The following lines are declared null and void.

"If the majority of the “No Confidence” votes are not to vote out the ICSSC officer, the two ICSSC members who initiated the claim cannot call “No-Confidence” for the rest of the academic year."

Amendment 6 (passed on 2/25/19)

Article 3 Section D Part VIII Positions for Election

The only positions available for election will be President, Internal Vice President, and External Vice President unless changed by a vote by the majority of the existing officers.

All other incoming officer positions will be selected by the incoming President, Internal Vice President, and External Vice President.

Amendment 7 (passed on 6/1/19)

Historian and Alumni Affairs has been established and consolidated into one officer position.

Amendment 8 (passed on 9/16/19)

Board meetings are now bi-weekly and involve the entire board.

Amendment 9 (passed on 7/12/20)

Removal of Historian/Alumni Affairs.

Amendment 10 (passed on 7/12/20)

Reinstated AAA committee.

Amendment 11 (passed on 1/18/21)

Article II Section A Subsection 2 Part 2 amendment: Absences and tardiness consequences are up to the discretion of the committee chair.

Amendment 12 (passed on 1/18/21)

Article III Section A: Student Events Committee is renamed to Events Committee.

Amendment 13 (passed on 1/18/21)

Article V Subsection D: Alumni and Academic Affairs Committee is renamed to Academic and Alumni Affairs Committee.

Amendment 14 (passed on 1/18/21)

Article III Section B Subsection 8 Part A: The only positions available for election will be President or Co-Presidents (limit of 2), Internal Vice President, and External Vice President unless changed by a vote by the majority of the existing officers.

Amendment 15 (passed on 1/18/21)

Article IV Section B:  Each chair should meet with their committee at least once every week unless the Committee Chair decides an alternate meeting schedule.

Amendment 16 (passed on 1/18/21)

Article V Section F: Added the Public Relations Committee's mission statement.

Amendment 17 (passed on 3/4/22)

Article III Section D Subsection 2: Updated ICSSC Spring Election Timeline.

Amendment 18 (passed on 3/4/22)

Article III Section D Subsection 4: Removed Qualtrics as a requirement for voting.

Amendment 19 (passed on 3/28/22)

Changed a lot of language to be more grammatically correct.

Amendment 20 (passed on 4/4/22)

Revised Article VI on ICS Student Organizations.

Amendment 21 (passed on 4/4/22)

Specified eligibility of voters in the ICSSC Spring Election and defining full membership of ICSSC.

Amendment 22 (passed on 4/4/22)

Allowed all UCI students to participate in ICSSC events.

Amendment 23 (passed on 4/3/22)

Article III Section D Subsection 1 Part 1: Added definition for the Elections Commission.  

Amendment 24 (passed on 4/3/22)

Corrected punctuation and clarified language in Article III Section D.