Amarillo ISD

Elementary Grades Prekindergarten through 1st Grade 

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The at-home learning online lessons for Prekindergarten through 1st grade can be accessed by clicking the link below.

PreKindergarten through 1st Grade Lessons 

The online learning consists of a document that includes daily instructions and links to digital resources for learning and practice.  We have also added a new feature for digital submission of learning activities and work.  The instructions for this submission are listed below, as well as at the bottom of each online document and paper packet.  If your child’s teacher has already been connected with you and is accepting work through their own SeeSaw, Class Dojo, email (or any other method), please continue to use that as your way of submitting work to your teacher.  If you are not currently submitting work digitally to your child’s teacher, please use the instructions and code below to share your child’s learning through our district SeeSaw class.


Instructions for submitting student learning:


Please scan your child’s grade level code to submit work using SeeSaw Class app: