Using Work Samples
        Meet Essential Skills

Meeting the Essential Skills

In order to earn a regular Oregon high school diploma, today’s students must demonstrate that they are proficient in the “Essential Skills” of Reading, Writing and Math. Before graduating, they must be able to:

  1. Read and comprehend a variety of texts
  2. Write clearly and accurately
  3. Apply mathematics in a variety of settings

There are numerous ways students can prove they meet the Essential Skills requirements, including:

For students who need to use Work Samples to demonstrate Essential Skill proficiency in one or more areas, Bethel School District has a system in place for administering and scoring Work Samples.

Work Sample Scoring

Each Work Sample must be scored by the classroom teacher. To ensure scoring calibration, a random sample of at least 5% of each teacher’s Work Samples will be scored by a third party.

Students are given one opportunity to revise each Work Sample that does not earn a passing score, and these revisions are also scored by the classroom teacher. All scored Work Samples are submitted to the District to be recorded in Bethel’s Essential Skills database.

Parent Notification

Before the start of a student’s senior year, a letter is sent home to parents updating the student’s progress toward meeting the Essential Skill graduation requirement. Progress is also shared during Fall Parent Conferences in each student’s On-Track for Success report. Parents may also find Essential Skills completion information on each student’s transcript. Finally, a parent may contact the high school at any time for information regarding Essential Skills completion. Willamette High School: 541-689-0731.  Kalapuya High School: 541-607-9853.

Essential Skills Appeal

A student or parent/guardian who wishes to appeal the denial of a diploma based on failure to meet the Essential Skills will have a process to follow. For more information on the appeals process, families should review Bethel’s Administrative Rule IKF, and contact the school for more information.

Which Students May Use Work Samples

Bethel School District provides multiple opportunities for students to pass the Work Sample assessments during high school. Students will be provided a minimum of two Essential Skills Work Sample opportunities per year from grades 9-12 in writing and in math. Twelfth grade students needing  intensive support will be placed in an  intervention class and receive additional opportunities.