Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 09/26/2019 @ 6:30pm

        Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


I. Call to Order

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 09/19/2019

III. Board Comments

IV. Business

  1. Updates

1. Development Update via MS re: Chamber/Du Jour Event & OMS Meeting

2. Building Update via JW

3. Legal Update via MS; Lawyer Attendance for State Meeting? Possible vote ($)

4. Curriculum Work Group Update via JB, SB, SEW, PP, SD, & HD

  1. Technical v. Adaptive Challenges Curriculum via SEW
  2. Service Learning Project via SB
  3. Black River Independent School Virtual Tour via SB

        5. State Application Update via UD Email

  1. Discussion

1. Finance Committee: Materials to Purchase, Vote Upon Approval        *Action

2. Working Norms

        2a. Doc Sharing Practices

3. Marketing Work Group via SEW: Offer to open position for new Chairperson

Executive Session, RE: Personnel Roles & Communication Processes

V. Public Comments

VI. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

VII. Adjournment