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The Night Owl News With Dee Stevens Notes: 04/21/2021
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The Night Owl News With Dee Stevens

Notes: 04/21/2021

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What is going on in the News?

Biden Administration Abruptly Closes Texas Migrant Facility Over Alleged 'Unbearable' Conditions

Last Saturday, the Biden administration abruptly closed a temporary facility housing nearly 500 unaccompanied illegal immigrant girls in Houston, Texas, a move allegedly due to the “unbearable” conditions of the facility.

The Daily Wire

The Media’s Disturbing Intimidation Game

As jurors headed into deliberations to decide whether former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was guilty of murdering George Floyd last year,

The Daily Wire

Time To Put Mad Maxine Waters Out To Pasture

Rep. Maxine Waters is the embodiment of a career politician.The 81-year-old Democrat has served as the U.S. representative for California’s 43rd Congressional District since 1991 — 30 years. Before that she served in the California State Assembly — for 14 years.


Military News

Japan teams up with U.S., Australia to build submarine cables •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @US_Military_News


VP Stumbles to Podium Then Thanks Floyd Family for "Steadfadnest"

Apparently Kamala Harris has spent too much time around Joe Biden, as she is not stumbling and speaking gibberish. Subscribe to the podcast here:


Candace Owens Breaks the Internet Reacting to the Chauvin Verdict

Candace Owens calls for Republicans to stand up and be bold against the mob. Subscribe to the podcast here:


Dershowitz predicts Derek Chauvin's conviction will be overturned, citing Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton

He predicted the US Supreme Court would ultimately hear Chauvin's case


Candace Owens

Makhia Bryant was a knife-wielding maniac. But the goal now is to convince black people to celebrate criminality so I’m really excited to learn about how heroic, kind, and inspiring this knife-wielding maniac was. Subscribe: @CandaceOwens

The Federalist

There's No Way Americans Can Trust The Jury's Chauvin Verdict

A fair trial for Chauvin might have come to the same conclusion. But we'll never be able to trust this one, because the left made a fair trial impossible.


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