Trinity Hall June Event 2019 Worker Positions

The Trinity Hall June Event is looking for a team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to help make this year’s June Event the best one yet! Workers will be expected to hand in cheques as a safety deposit, and to come for a training session in the lead up to the June Event. If you have any questions, please email Meytar at

Pay will depend on whether the worker is over or under 21 at the time of the June Event.

Area Manager (£68):

As an area manager, you will be in charge of an entire area, including being in charge of all the workers in that area. You will be in direct contact with the committee throughout the night. We are looking for individuals who are good at problem-solving, decision making and leadership skills. Previous May Ball / June Event Experience preferred.

Stage Manager (£64):

You will be in charge of a specific stage the entire night. This will include making sure all the acts are where they need to be at the right time, and ensuring that all the equipment is working.

Food and Drink Worker (£50/£58.50):

Your role will be to serve guests during the night. For food, you will be helping out with the stalls to serve customers. Drink workers will be in charge of making and serving drinks, as well as replenishing stock when needed. Since you will be interacting with guests, we are looking for friendly and approachable people.

Security Worker (£50/£58.50):

Security workers, along with the professional security team, are responsible for looking after the safety and wellbeing of everyone at the June Event.

General Worker (£50/£58.50):

As a general worker, you will have the most diverse role, and your job may change throughout the night, depending on where and what is needed. General workers are responsible for ticketing of guests, helping the stage manager as an Ents runner, as well as making sure that the June Event remains clean and tidy. For this position, we are looking for flexible and committed individuals.


The role of general workers is available as a half-on/half-off position, as well as an all-night paid position. Priority for half-on/half-off as opposed to all-night will be given to Trinity Hall students.