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Computer Science Teachers’ Association of Ireland


Fáilte chuig an suíomh Ríomheol Oidí na hÉireann!

Welcome to the Computer Science Teachers’ Association webpage!


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Founded in November 2017

To date, we have over 810 members and 36 of the 40 pilot Leaving Certificate Computer Science schools have joined.

The vast majority of our members come from the Republic of Ireland but we also have a number of teachers from the UK, America, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

What we offer:

We have a Google Drive with 1000's of resources (PowerPoints, Worksheets, videos etc etc.)  for coding, computer science, digital media and general computing courses. The material is suitable for both primary and secondary level. These resources can be accessed, downloaded and modified by our members for their class.

Joining and accessing all the CSTAI has to offer is completely free.

Our aims:

The specific aims of the CSTAI are:

1. To support teachers of the Digital Subjects in Ireland.

2. To provide resources, forums and CPD days to its members.

3. To promote the uptake of the Digital Subjects in schools.

4. To lobby the relevant authorities and bodies charged with curriculum and syllabus development in the Digital Subjects.

5. To promote networking and cooperation between teachers of the Digital Subjects.

6. Develop and maintain links between schools, third-level education and industry in the Digital Subjects.

7. To promote and encourage the use of the Irish Language in the Digital Subjects.

CSTAI Magazine: Ré na Ríomheolas

Ré na Ríomheolas (“Age of Computer Science”) is a periodical containing articles that are of concern to Irish educators of the digital subjects.

This magazine will hopefully be every month and will include:

- Guest articles from people who are involved in teaching computer science to teachers/ students

- People from organisations like the CSTAI who are involved in the same line of work we do

- Journal article summaries from CS pedagogy journals

- Code snippets that you may find useful

- Letters and photos from our readers who have ideas/ comments or maybe who created something cool with an embedded system and want to show it off!

If you wish to offer an opinion about Computer Science, Computer Science pedagogy or something interesting, please send 1-2 A4 pages of information, some images and contact information and I will include it.

Issue 1 September 2018: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh1

Issue 2 October 2018: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh2

Issue 3 November 2018: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh3

Issue 4 December 2018: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh4

Issue 5 January 2019: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh5

Issue 6 February 2019: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh6

Issue 7 March 2019: http://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh7

Issue 8 April 2019: http://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh8

Issue 9 May 2019: http://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh9

Issue 10 September 2019: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh10

Issue 11 October 2019: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh11

Issue 12 November 2019: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh12

Issue 13: December 2019: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh13

Issue 14: January 2020: https://tinyurl.com/ReNaRiomh14

CSTAI in the news:

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Hello World Magazine

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Python Ireland Conference 2018: PyCon

The CSTAI gave a talk at the Python Ireland Conference 2018 concerning Leaving Certificate Computer Science. The link to the presentation is here:


Education Matters Ireland




The CSTAI would like to say thank you to the following organisations (in no particular order) who gave their time, support, offered resources, help and advice during the growth of our organisation. Míle buíochas go léir!