Road courses are arguably the best place to truly let your B Body run wild!   With long straightaways, tight corners, and intense braking zones, it has a bit of everything for the driving enthusiast, but in a safe environment designed for high speed driving in a controlled manner.  


Almost everyone would say they'd like to try it if they haven't already.  Those that have done it would likely say they'd love to improve their driving skills, to be faster and safer on the track, and spend more time on the track.  

Nationals is a great event to learn how to drive your car on a road course. So if you have thought about trying the road course event but are uncertain, as you have never driven your car on a track, sign up and give it a try.  The smile on your face will be there long after you leave the course.


In an effort to give everyone a better overall experience during the ISSCA road course event, we are making some changes. For starters, we will put MORE emphasis on instruction for novice drivers, track safety,  increased seat time and fun.


-MANDATORY, Novice Rookie drivers meeting ( Tuesday Evening )

If this is your first track event, you have never been on a track with other cars, or if you want a little extra guidance, this meeting is for you. You will receive an overview of track rules, on-track etiquette, track layout / map, Pit-in / out area, FOCUS ON FLAG MEANINGS AND FLAG STATIONS.


-MANDATORY, All drivers meeting ( Wednesday Morning )

This session will again focus on track rules, on-track and off-track safety, hand signals, entering and exiting the track, run orders, the no passing rules, how not to get black flagged and many more important topics to keep the day running smoothly.


We will also hear from the track crew for track specific do’s and don’t, weather and track conditions and what to do in the event of a mechanical issue on track.


Post Session

After each session there will be a quick 10 minute follow up to answer any questions, give tips, present concerns at drivers meeting location.


Opening Session(s)

The first morning on track session(s) will be paced at highway speed. Yellow flags will be displayed at all flag stations. The purpose of this session is to get a basic familiarity with the track, location of flag stations, the locations of braking zones, and the location of pit in and pit out.


Novice drivers will be paired with instructors providing guidance on driving and safety tips. This is where you will learn the basics on how to drive your car on the track.



Morning Session(s)

Our recommendation is to start off driving slightly reserved, and building speed as your confidence and familiarity with the course increase.


Morning practice sessions prioritize familiarity with the course layout and gradually increasing speed  in order to be more comfortable and safe when going timed laps.

* Morning sessions will not be timed, but transponders should be in place so that we can make sure they are functioning correctly.


10-12 minute heats of 6 to 8 cars on track, released from pit lane 7-10 seconds apart

There will be several different run groups based primarily on driver familiarity and ability, but also vehicle modification.

A)  Novice Group

B)  Intermediate Group 1

C)  Intermediate Group 2

D)  Advanced Group

E)  Expert Group


Afternoon Session(s)

The structure is similar to the morning practice sessions, additionally we will turn on the timing system.

Based on the morning session you may be assigned to a different group for the afternoon sessions. ISSCA Classes may be semi-mixed depending on total number of entries, but timing will still be class specific. Your two best lap times will be added together and used to determine points for BOI.


10-12 minute heats of 6 to 8 cars on track, released from pit lane 7-10 seconds apart

Pay attention to FLAG STATIONS warning of any trouble ahead.  Passing will not be allowed, but pitting in for space if clumping occurs is always an option.


No Tolerance Rule

Anyone Black flagged for running their car off the track will be sent to the pits to talk with an instructor.  Two tires in the grass in considered off track.


Event Schedule (Tentative)

8:30am-12:30pm Opening and Morning Sessions

12:30pm-1:30pm LUNCH BREAK

1:30pm-4:30pm Afternoon timed sessions by run group


4:30pm-5:30p OPEN SESSION


Car Prep

Proper preparation of your car is important especially with 10-12 minute sessions on the track. Your car will have to pass tech inspection   Please complete and bring a copy of the Tech Sheet with you to the drivers meeting.


Required clothing on track is closed toed shoes, long pants and long sleeve shirt (no synthetic materials..cotton is best), and a helmet with a Snell SA rating of 2010 or newer.