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STS Sea Shipping Manual
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Updated as of August 25, 2021

*Information will be updated from time to time, without any prior notice.


  1. Introduction
  1. Message
  2. About STS Logistics with Timeline
  3. Mission, Vision, & Tagline
  1. STS Cargoes
  1. Sea Cargo
  1. Know My Batch Shipment
  1. Air Cargo
  1. Know My Flight Schedule
  1. STS Rates
  1. Sea Cargo
  1. Rates - Partner, Member, Regular, Sensitive Packages
  2. Ordinary or Sensitive Packages
  1. Air Cargo
  1. Rates - Regular
  2. Additional Charges
  1. STS Services
  1. Own Package (OP)
  1. Get Started
  2. Missing Package (declared) & Follow Up
  3. Missing Package (undeclared) & Follow Up
  1. SME Assistance (SA)
  1. SME Benefits
  2. Rates
  3. Become a Partner
  1. Online Shopping (OS)
  1. Recommend Online Stores
  2. Get Started
  3. Conversion
  4. Refund
  1. Group Shopping (GS)
  1. How It Works
  1. Types of STS Clients
  1. STS Regular
  2. STS Member
  3. STS Partner
  4. Keep Member Account
  1. Package Restrictions
  1. Items and Products
  1. Shipping Terms of Use
  1. Terms & Conditions
  2. Privacy Policy
  1. From K-Sender to STS KR Warehouse
  1. Information for your K-sender/-seller
  2. My Korean Shipping Detail
  3. Help With Korean Address Line 1 & 2 Input
  4. Korean Address Input (In English)
  5. Delivery to KR STS Warehouse
  6. When and how to drop off package
  7. Package Imported from abroad
  8. Package Fees & Dues
  9. Unsure Delivery Date
  1. From STS KR Warehouse to KR Port
  1. Package Photo
  2. Consolidation Request & Process
  3. Re-boxing or opening box
  4. How to declare package
  1. How To Pay
  1. Payment Methods
  1. How To Receive
  1. Pickup/Delivery Methods
  2. Delivery Fee
  3. Province drop off date
  4. Repack province package
  5. Choose province courier
  6. Storage Fee
  1. Get Started



Hello to our future STS Clients & Partners! STS Sea Shipping Manual is provided to you for easier understanding of our shipping process and how you can maximize our services. We hope to see you with more successful shipments with STS and seeing your business prosper!

About STS Logistics with Timeline

STS Logistics started in November 2018, as South Tech Shipping selling electronics and machines that are cheaper in South Korea (such as gaming laptops and bingsu machines). During this time, there are customers who are asking if they can purchase other items aside from electronics, hence the birth of our first service, which is our buying service called the Online Shopping (OS) Service.

In 2019, while our OS service is running, there are clients requesting for their own package to be sent. Since we are shipping packages already from our OS service, we added another service, the Own Package (OP) Service, which became our main service of STS Logistics today.

In 2020, we rebranded to STS, in what is known to this day. During that year, we have been working with clients who are starting their business because of STS and also clients who have business deals in South Korea and made us their trusted, primary logistics to ship their packages which we call as STS partners. This made us work and study more on how we can better cater to our partners and help clients who are just starting their business and make it successful. We then came up with a new service for this, the SME Assistance (SA) Service. There were a lot of clients who have been growing their business already and we love seeing your business grow. We’ve been receiving messages on how STS has helped them and it inspires us so much that we wanted to share STS to all Filipinos and help as much as we can in every type of service we can offer and assist with.

STS is just turning 3 years old this year 2021, which is why our rates are still very low, while our service is of high quality, first class service. We are so excited about what this year would bring for STS. Our mission this year is to focus more on STS clients and bring them to be STS partners. As your business grows, so does STS. Your success is our success!


To help Filipinos build their business successfully to their satisfaction and happiness. To see our clients and partners business success is our success.


Be the Filipino’s first choice of logistics bringing convenience and a trusted bridge from South Korea. We target to be unique and creative in this industry by implementing innovative ideas to expand our services.


“Experience South Korea right at your door.”


The Sea and Air Cargo warehouses are in a different location. The Korean address on your STS profile is defaulted to the sea cargo K-warehouse only. To receive the air cargo address, please message us on Facebook for further assistance.

Sea Cargo

All packages that have been delivered to KR warehouse from Friday to the next week Thursday (7 days) will be consolidated for the batch ship out, unless the package is requested for consolidation for the next batch ship out. More on consolidation here.

How will I know my batch shipment?

You may find this on your user dashboard on STS Website, you may learn more on this at FROM KR WAREHOUSE TO KR PORT. You may also manually check your batch shipment by knowing your delivered date.


If the package was delivered on or before a Thursday, your package is under BATCH JUL 08 (a Thursday date).

Package A delivered date is on July 07, 2021, Wednesday.
Package B delivered date is on July 08, 2021, Thursday.
Package C delivered date is on July 09, 2021, Friday.
Package D delivered date is on July 13, 2021, Tuesday.

Under BATCH JUL 08:
Package A, Package B

Under BATCH JUL 15:
Package C, Package D

Air Cargo

STS air cargo flies out any day, except Sunday. Package cannot be consolidated. If there is an available schedule for the flight, it will take off right away.

Know My Flight Schedule

There is no system to track your air package yet, as cargo will be loaded based on the availability of plane storage space. You may however estimate it manually by giving an ETA of 3-5 days, from the delivered date to the K-warehouse.


Sea Cargo


Rate per lb

Weight (lb)



1 - 44lb



1 - 44lb



45 - 219lb



220 - 439lb



440 - 659lb



660 - 879lb



880 - 1.109lb



1,110lb to higher

Sensitive Packages


1 - 35lb

Are my items ordinary or sensitive?

Items that are considered ordinary:

Items that are considered sensitive:

  1. Paper - letters, cards, cups, etc.

  2. Cotton - pillow, blankets, cushion, etc.

  3. Food - kim/seaweed, chips, etc.

  4. Toys - stuff toys, plushies, figures, etc.

  5. Other lightweight item category with oversized packaging

  6. Any package that are greater in size than weight

Sensitive packages are under the rate of P300/lb. Member and partner rate does not apply to sensitive items.

What if our package consists of both ordinary or sensitive items?

- As long as the package is greater in size than weight, the package will be classified as sensitive. If it does, yet the calculated difference does not reach STS calculated limit yet, our admin will classify this as ordinary still.

Air Cargo

Weight (lb)


1lb - 99lb


Are there any additional charges for sea/air cargo?

How to get an estimate for the charges?

Send us your package details:

1.  Package Quantity

2.  Items: item quantity & brand

3.  Estimate lb


Own Package (OP) Service

“Ship Everything Korea!”

Get your own Korean address on your STS Profile after you sign up on STS website. Send your own packages, such as:

- Personal use

- Items bought from online stores

- OFW box

- Other packages below 220lb

I am a new customer, how do I get started?

After you have read and understand the STS Manual, you may get started by registering on our website. More instructions starting here.

I have a missing package from the released batch today and it was declared correctly. What happened to it?

Rest assured your package that was declared correctly is not lost and you will be receiving your package safely. Some circumstance may be involved, such as:

I need assurance. How can I follow up my package that was declared correctly?

Since this has been declared correctly, we have your record already. We automatically follow up this to customs so we can have this released with the next batch shipment.

I have declared my package incorrectly/I have an undeclared package. What will happen to this package?

STS systems will detect and prioritize those declared correctly to avoid delays on the shipments of our clients & partners that declared their packages correctly. This is so to be fair to those who follow proper importation and declaration.

Please note:

How can I follow up an undeclared package?

Please send us the ff below to our Facebook page for faster assistance from our customer agency;

Full Name:

Tracking No.:

Shipping Details Used: (Send screenshot with name, phone no., address)

Items and Qty: (Send screenshot with item, quantity, value)

SME Assistance (SA) Service

“Expand Everything Korea!”

STS will help coordinate with your supplier in South Korea until your package is ready for pickup/delivery to your location. Eligible for:

We are welcoming your team and company to start your business with STS and receive full assistance from us.

We extend our boundaries to help you with your shipment process, so you can feel at ease running your business, while we coordinate with your supplier in South Korea until your package is ready for pickup/delivery to your door.

SME Benefits:

Enjoy the lowest rates from STS with first class, high quality assistance!

Rate per lb

Weight (lb)


220 - 439lb


440 - 659lb


660 - 879lb


880 - 1.109lb


1,110lb to higher

Congratulations! You have closed a deal with your K-supplier successfully. Need help moving forward? STS assists with:

Your shipments will be given full priority and attention to make sure your packages are fully met with care for you to run your business smoothly

STS manager and CEO will be at your reach anytime, anywhere!

How do I become an STS Partner?

Online Shopping (OS) Service

“Shop Everything Korea!”

STS will assist with your cart check out (if Korean online store is eligible for OS service). Shop in Korean shopping site, pay in Peso. It’s FREE cart processing and no cart check out limits!

I want to shop from Korea by categories. Do you have sites to recommend?

STS showcase packages where our clients shop in South Korea to give you an idea of where you can start shopping!

Please see link below and see the description/caption of the post for the Korean online store site and what are the categories:

Stores STS clients bought from Batch Feb 25 & Mar 04:

Stores STS clients bought from Batch FEB 06:

Stores STS clients bought from Batch JAN 30:

I have items to buy & want to check out now. How do I get started?

Send us:

1. Full Name

2. Item link

    a. Note item quantity & options

(repeat #2 if there's more item)

3. Total amount (₩) in cart checkout

4. Cargo (Sea or Air)

If the site is eligible for our service and the quote is confirmed by you, you must pay the item's fee first for us to process your cart.

Is the currency conversion exact from Won to Peso according to the rate today?

We will be providing you your quote based on the currency rate today. The conversion is not exact, but it is the lowest conversion as we are using a 3rd party for the purchasing.

Can I receive a refund?

If an item is not available or the seller has cancelled the item, we will be refunding you of your total item amount.

Can I cancel my order?

Once you have confirmed your order and the quote is given, cancellation is not possible. We kindly ask to confirm before purchasing with us.

Group Shopping (GS) Service *currently under beta testing*

“Shop Together Korea!”

Look out for our weekly store suggestions on our Facebook page. Join the STS group shoppers to save from your shipping fee.

What is GS Service?

GS service allows you to shop on the same site/seller with other STS shoppers so you can save on your cargo fee. GS packages allow you to pay your item's weight only! (Not weighed with the whole box.)

How does it work?

'GS Request' - Comment on our weekly 'GS Request' post (every Friday) on our Facebook page of the item link (not just the store link). The popular store/seller will be our GS Week Pick!

'GS Week Pick' - The shopping site that will be picked for the 'GS Week Pick' will be announced on the next Thursday. This post will be open for shopping from Thursday to next week, Wednesday.



- customers who are new and have 3 or less shipments with STS.


- To be a member, clients must have more than 3 shipments with STS under the same cargo. You can also be a member right away by reaching 45lb in 1 shipment via sea cargo.


- To be a partner, clients must have a business and are shipping more than 220lb in 1 shipment with STS. You may learn more about this on SME Assistance (SA) Service.

How to keep my Member account?

For Members: must have shipments within 3 months to keep their member rate.


Phones - not allowed in sea cargo. But allowed in air cargo only. Make sure phone is turned off completely

Live Plants


Chemicals (for lab use)

And other obvious illegal items


Please note legal actions will be filed accordingly to those who attempt to ship illegal packages and abuse the STS shipping details provided in your account on STS website. Please make sure all items are declared completely and clearly. Undeclared items or misinformation of your package items will result in being forfeited strictly. Your shipping details may be halted without further notice. To avoid any issues, please read the Or go to and see “privacy policy” and “terms & conditions”.


What should my K-sender/seller know and what to inform them before sending the package to Korea STS warehouse?

What is my Korean shipping detail?

Please sign up on STS website, go to ‘My Account’, and see ‘Korean Sea Shipping Details’.

I need help with Korean address input.

If looking for Address Line 1, please search:
단원구 황금길 2

You will be seeing the full address line of: 경기도 안산시 단원구 황금길 2

If the system cannot detect, it probably is using the old system for address software, you may try searching:

고잔동 622

For Address Line 2, please paste this:

103호 carpenters 우편번호 15264

Please note your full address should look like this:

경기도 안산시 단원구 황금길 2 103호 carpenters 우편번호 15264

I need help with English version address input.

We do not recommend our clients to use English or Global version site when buying in Korea locally. We highly suggest you to use the official Korean site in order for your package not to get lost or mistakenly delivered to the wrong address. Global version site caters to global shipping.

If you would still want to push through a Global site, you may proceed at your own responsibility.

For English version address, please find the option of:

103 carpenters, 2, Geumgeum-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, zip code 15264

If this is manually input (not selection option), please copy & paste only the original Korean address on your STS account.

Need help with delivery to Korea warehouse?

STS do not have pickup or delivery service in South Korea. We do recommend using CJ logistics and EMS Post. You may ask help from your sender or check these logistics official websites for their instructions, rates, policy, and more.

When and how can I drop off my package to K-warehouse?

Korea office is open at:

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday - 9am - 12nn

Public holidays are closed.

Please inform your courier to not leave the package outside. If there are no personnel to accept the package or if the office is closed, please inform to come back during office hours.

Package imported from outside South Korea?

STS do accept any package from abroad to our K-warehouse. Before sending your package to our warehouse, please make sure all fees and dues are fully paid. These include item fee/cost, delivery fee, importation fee and process, handling fees, and other fees from your package.

Packages have unpaid fees or dues?

Your package should be fully paid before dropping off to our Korea warehouse. If there are fees unpaid on your package, this will be rejected in Korea warehouse to avoid any conflicts and issues between STS and your sender.

Unsure delivery date?

If you are unsure of the delivered date of your package, please declare it on the week's Thursday date to make sure you have declared it in the same batch.

If Thursday arrives and your package has not been delivered yet, please adjust it to the next week date and make sure the delivered date is correctly declared as soon as your package has been successfully dropped off to the K-warehouse.

STS systems will detect and prioritize those declared correctly to avoid delays on these package's shipment.

Please note Undeclared/Late/Misinformation Packages will be subjected to Class-B Packages (P300/lb) and be processed separately to those packages declared correctly (storage fee may apply).


Can I receive my package photo?

Yes, if you need a confirmation of your package box or waybill, we will send you your package photo upon request.

Was my package shipped out with the other packages of Batch MMM DD (eg. BATCH JUL 01)?

All packages that have been delivered in KR Warehouse from Friday to next Thursday will all be loaded to cargo after the inspection. We made sure no package will remain or be left out, as the warehouse will always be cleared every Thursday to make way for the next batch shipments. Unless the package is requested for consolidation with the next batch shipment, it will remain in K-warehouse storage.

How can I consolidate my package with the next batch shipment?

We recently extended our consolidation period from 7 days to now 14 days (2 batches). Consolidate package system allowed until 2 batches for sea cargo (must inform on or before the day your package has been delivered). You may request for consolidation by sending the package’s tracking number you wish to consolidate for the next batch shipment to our Facebook page. Once our agency has confirmed your consolidation request, we will inform you of the date to put on your ‘delivered date’ for declaring your package on your STS dashboard.

Do you have re-boxing? / Do you open the box?

We don’t have repacking available at the moment. We don’t open the box as well to confirm the contents of your box’s items. However, inspection from Korea and the Philippines will be done and have the possibility to open your box if needed for further inspection.

How to declare a package on STS website?

Step 1: Go to STS website and click ‘REGISTER’

Step 2: Fill up everything correctly. Check your registered email for verification and verify your account.

Step 3: ‘Add Package’ and fill out your package details correctly. Make sure everything is declared correctly and appropriately. To avoid any fines, account being halted, surrendering your packages to the right authority, or other issues with your package, shipments, and account. Please read our terms of use and privacy policy. Legal actions may also be filed if a restricted package was sent (depending on the package level) that was sent by you and your K-sender.

Step 4: Once your package has been delivered, click on the red box where Delivered to KR Warehouse on’ is. Make sure all package details are correct, before declaring your package to avoid any problems on your shipments!

*Take note: Please be mindful of your delivered date, especially for the pre-ordered packages. STS will only allow 2 days late to assign/declare your delivered date.

Step 5: You may track your status on the ‘Declared’ Tab by clicking the Batch

*Take Note: Ship out is every Thursday by batch. The status will be moved to ‘Sailing to PH Port’ within 7 days after you declare the package. If status has not been updated yet after the Thursday date, please wait within 7 days for the status to reflect. This is for our further checking.

Step 6: coffee time until package ‘Arrived in PH Warehouse’


Step 1: Go to ‘In Philippines’ tab, click ‘View Invoice’, then see ‘PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS’ on your invoice.

What are your payment methods?


Step 1: Click ‘Send Pickup Details’ and fill out the form

What are your pickup/delivery methods?

We have 3 types of STS way you can receive your packages:

  1. Free self-pick up

        If you are close to our PH warehouse, you may visit to pick up your packages.

  1. Book courier

You may book via Grab, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy, or any other local courier of your choice. Don’t forget to pay the rider their fee!

  1. Provincial

STS will handle your drop off on courier branches. We use LBC and AP Cargo, depending on your serviceable area by the courier company.

Is the fee included for door delivery?

The cargo fee only covers the ‘cargo’ fees. Local Delivery fee not included. If for delivery, pay their fee to the rider.

When is the provincial package drop off to the courier branches?

We drop off provincial packages after 3-5 days to LBC or AP Cargo upon sending you your invoice. If you haven’t settled your cargo fee before our drop off schedule, we will include your package with the next week's drop off.

Can you re-box for LBC / AP Cargo drop off for less local delivery fee?

Yes, we can re-box into a bigger box if we have boxes available. We can also re-box on your biggest package if possible.

Can I choose between AP Cargo or LBC?

We will drop off your package to whichever area is serviceable to your location. To avoid any delays, we do not allow clients to choose.

When is the storage fee charged?

Storage fee will be added after 4 days of your package release. If Sunday or holiday is affected on the 4 days, the count will be extended to the following day. The following Sundays will be counted, even during holidays.


Now that you’ve read our STS Starter Manual and Guide, you may now register on STS website!

Message us at for any other concerns and faster assistance.