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2022-23 Headwaters Art Program Policies
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Headwaters Arts Program                                                                                            2022-23 Policies

Please carefully review Headwaters Art Program policies and initial below to indicate you have read and understand each section.  If you have questions or would like additional clarification, please contact our executive director or arts program coordinator.

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Headwaters Arts Program Overview

Dismissals and Withdrawals

 Get Involved at Headwaters Music & Arts!


 Drop Off/ Pick up

Code of Conduct



Scholarship Program Options

Pottery Program

Tardiness and Missed Lessons

Practice Expectations

Financial Assistance Options

Arts Program and Teacher Evaluation

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Thank you for choosing Headwaters Music & Arts as your arts program!

In order to ensure that you or your child get the most effective and creative learning experience  possible, we have established the policies outlined below. As an independent non-profit organization, we are committed to creating a positive and safe environment for its students and staff.  For this reason, it is important that all students and parents/guardians understand and abide by the policies as outlined below. Please review them carefully, then initial and sign the 2022-23 Policies Acknowledgement section.

We encourage adults and teens to get involved at Headwaters. Headwaters is always looking for new board members, contributing members and volunteers. Let us know if you want more info on how you can be involved.

Our arts program is based on a 9 month plan rather than a per class rate. Your tuition covers a well-rounded, meaningful and simply awesome arts experience:


We need people like you to keep music and art alive in our Bemidji community!  There are many ways to get involved, such as rolling up your sleeves for the next painting weekend, chaperoning a summer camp or becoming a member of our board of directors. As Margaret Mead so wisely said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Getting involved at Headwaters may be the most rewarding decision you will make this year.  We have fun here!  And we need more caring, committed folks to make it all happen. Please join us.


Youth:  Parents and guardians are required to enter the art studio or classroom to drop off/ pick up their children so that they can sign in and out. Parents/guardians are asked to wait until 5 minutes prior to the start of class to  sign their child in. Headwaters Art Instructors are generally in the building prior to the start of class but they use that time to prepare and get ready for the class and don't have the time to watch students. We ask that students show up early so they can get the most out of each session.

Art instructors are asked to keep students in the building until parents/ guardians sign their student out. When picking up your child, please enter the front door and make your way back to the art room. If you need to pick up your child early let the instructor know so they can plan accordingly. Students are responsible for tidying their space before they leave.

Adult Participants:  When arriving, please enter the front door and make your way back to the art room after washing your hands. At the end of class be sure to let the instructor know you are leaving. Students are responsible for tidying their space and putting away tools or materials before they leave.


Headwaters Music & Arts has a standardized payment schedule for each of our arts programs. All fees must be paid at Headwaters website {}. All program details and individual payment options are listed there.

School Year Long Art Clubs & Youth Pottery

Headwaters school year long Arts Programming generally begins at the end of September/ beginning of October. Those who register  can pay the fee all at once or, in some instances, they can pay the fee in monthly installments. Monthly fees are due at the beginning of the month for all classes taking place that month. Headwaters requires a 30 day notice  to end charges for any given month. On a case-by-case basis participants may be refunded a prorated fee/ However all those not giving prior notice to withdrawal will not receive a  refund. All participants must register on our website. If a program is canceled Headwaters will provide a full refund to all participants.

Summer Camps & Workshops

40% of your camp/workshop fee will be retained as a nonrefundable registration fee. Headwaters require a 30 day notice prior to the start date of a camp/workshop to provide a refund. Participants who do not give 30 days notice will not be refunded their camp/workshop fees. All fees must be paid prior to the registration deadline for the camp/workshop. All participants must register on our website. If a program is canceled Headwaters will provide a full refund to all participants.

Adult Pottery Program Membership

Adult Pottery Program participants sign up for a year-long subscription plan that is billed monthly on the date of registration until  terminated. Participants must renew their yearly membership subscription every 12 months. Though membership can be canceled or renewed at any time Headwaters requires a 30 day notice prior to cancellation of membership to end charges for any given month. Participants who do not give 30 days notice will be charged for the coming month. All participants must register on our website. If a program is canceled Headwaters will provide a full refund to all participants.


Headwaters Music & Arts is able to fulfill our goal to make music education more accessible to area young people because of our supportive community.  We are grateful for board members, staff and community efforts such as our Christmas in Bemidji CD project and events like Monroe Crossing, Bemidji Sings! and our Instructor Showcase. We also appreciate the financial support we receive from Bemidji Lions, Beltrami Electric Round-Up Grant, Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Bemidji Area Arts Endowment, Region 2 Arts Council, Minnesota State Arts Board, Midco Foundation, and individual contributors.

Financial assistance options include:

Read more:  {}


Students will not be refunded or rescheduled for missed classes. Consistency and commitment are the keys to developing and mastering any pursuit, including art. We strongly encourage students to attend every class in order to advance their skills. If a student must be late or miss a class we ask that parents inform the teachers in advance so they can try to plan accordingly. Teachers will do their best to catch students up but it should be expected that the student may miss some important concepts or skills by being absent.

If for whatever reason an instructor is tardy we ask that parents/ guardians wait with their student. If the instructor is later than 10 minutes we ask that parents call Executive Director Trica Andrews at 218.444.5606.


If for any reason you withdraw from the Headwaters Arts Program a 30 day notice is required. At that time, we will recalculate the tuition for your final month to reflect the number of lessons that you have received (rather than the prorated fee). This may result in a small exit fee based on the number and cost of actual lessons. You will be required to pay this balance within 30 days.

Regrettably, we reserve the right to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur:


Materials are provided for art classes and  youth pottery, though not for adult pottery. At Headwaters we emphasize safe and responsible use of materials. Students will be taught how to use the materials in a safe manner while minimizing waste. Failure to use materials safely or efficiently can result in dismissal.

While working with students, Headwaters instructors may suggest different art supplies that students could try as they grow and learn. The Arts Program Manager has a list of affordable and quality materials that can be purchased if students aren’t sure where to purchase them.

Code of Conduct

Headwaters Music & Arts does not discriminate against groups or individuals on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual preference, or national origin. However, Headwaters reserves the right to deny access to its facility or programs to any group or individual should the Executive Director and/or Headwaters Executive Board find that a participant’s involvement would be detrimental to Headwaters and/or its mission or goals.


In addition to art lessons, many group classes, private music lessons, rehearsals and performances take place in the building. Please stay in your car or outside the art room door when waiting for your class to begin. All students and guests are expected to maintain respect for others, including speaking quietly and walking rather than running. If there are building issues such as a running toilet or faucet, or we are out of hand towels, please let your instructor or one of our staff know. While we keep a lost and found box in the lobby, Headwaters Music & Arts cannot take responsibility for items that are left or lost while in the building.

Please enter and exit through the main door at the front of the building. Parents are expected to come into the classroom/ Art Studio to sign your child in and out. For your child's safety we ask that the person who is picking them up take the time to get to know the instructor and make eye contact with the teacher during sign in/out so she/he knows your child is safe. If your class is in the evening or during a weekend, you could be among the final students for the day. Please note that the front door is typically locked immediately following the final student’s arrival for the day. 

COVID-19  procedures are posted at the entrance to the Headwaters building.  Please sign in  upon arrival, and comply with posted procedures. While the steps may change as situations develop, we expect basic requirements to include:

Headwaters Music & Arts will be held harmless for injuries or personal damages occurring on premises.

Pottery Program

Headwaters Pottery program offers a well-equipped pottery studio in downtown Bemidji. The Pottery Studio includes wedging and work tables, tools, assorted glazes, and 5 pottery wheels.

Participant expectations  

Participants of pottery programs are expected to:


Items fired in the Headwaters kiln must be made from clay purchased from Headwaters, there is no outside clay or glazes are allowed. After finishing your clay work for the day, label it with your name, place it on a ware board and store it on the shelf labeled Greenware. Finished greenware that is ready to be fired will be stored on the shelf labeled Greenware Ready for Bisque. Once bisqueware is fired, it can be found on the Bisqueware Shelf. Bisqueware that is glazed should be placed on a shelf labeled Bisqueware Glazed & Ready to Fire. Once fired, glazed pieces can be found on the shelf for finished work.

Cleaning up 



Art is a practice. At Headwaters we believe in working with interested creatives to advance their skills and passion. It takes commitment from our students to ensure that that goal is achieved. Regular home practice is essential for creative growth. Ideally, students should aim for at least 5 days of practice each week but any amount of extra curricular art is better than none. The most important time for students to practice is right after their weekly lesson, to solidify what they have just learned.  Research has shown that retention of new knowledge drops to 60% after just 24 hours. Parental involvement and encouragement is crucial for student growth. Encourage your student to practice, and see that practice time is free of distractions.  If you are the parent of an elementary age student we encourage you to sit with your child and create with them.

Students are expected to be prepared for their art lesson. This includes having all art supplies and projects in hand. Please eat beforehand and avoid strong perfume. Students who do not bring their supplies or projects when they are asked to do so will have a refresher course with basic art supplies rather than a typical lesson.


While we encourage feedback at any time regarding our services, you will be provided periodic opportunities for formal feedback in the form of a Student/Parent Satisfaction Survey. We encourage you to take the opportunity to provide any positive feedback or to constructively address areas of concern.

Thank you for your commitment to art education and for trusting us to make this a meaningful and positive experience. We are glad you’re here!

Headwaters Music & Arts | 519 Minnesota Ave NW, Bemidji, MN 5660 | 218.444.5606

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