Animeleague C.P.R Coronavirus Risk Mitigation Policy

Please note this document will be updated as the situation with the Coronavirus develops. Even when Animeleague events return in July, we will continue to do our best to ensure the safety of our attendees for the indefinite future.  Our own policy can be summarised as C.P.R - Check, Provide, Remind -

  1. (C)heck - Prior to entering the event, anyone showing visual symptoms of infection (continual coughing or raised temperature such as fever etc) will be asked to leave the event and to seek medical attention. Our team will assist with this if necessary.
  2. (P)rovide - During the events hand sanitisers and wipes will be provided for attendees to use across common areas. These will be of the purell isopropyl variety which is effective against the Virus. All our crew members will also be given personal hand sanitisers to help with this. Additionally all “common-use equipment” such as gaming controllers, microphones etc will be wiped down by our staff as much as is possible.
  3. (R)emind- There will be frequent reminders during the event to take sensible precautions such as regularly sanitising, to cough or sneeze in a tissue and so forth, and of course to seek medical assistance immediately if you start to feel unwell. We will also print off a flyer with this information on, which will be distributed to every attendee.

If you are requested to leave the event due to illness either before or after entry, we ask you to be understanding and to not take offence. We will of course reimburse your ticket via PayPal.

We ask for everyone attending to do your best to cooperate with these measures and to not take offence if you are told to go home or told to sanitise yourself. Let’s all do our parts to keep the events safe for all attending. Many thanks and stay safe everyone.

Last Updated: 7th March 2020