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NS Chromebook Damage Repair Plan
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        Chromebook Damage Repair Plan        

The North Schuylkill School District is self-funded, so please help us keep premiums and deductibles low by taking very good care of the Chromebook.  The provisions in this Plan restrict coverage.  Please read the Plan to understand your family’s rights and responsibilities and what is covered.

A.        Costs

  1. Yearly premium of $25.00.  This premium is good for one school year.
  2. If there is a claim under this Repair Plan, there is a standard per-breakage deductible of $25.00 for the second claim.  The first claim is covered by the Repair Plan Premium.
  3. Students who have Repair Plan claims on their Chromebook more than two times during a school year, for their regular, loaner, or replacement Chromebook, will face higher per-breakage deductibles.  The deductible for the third Repair Plan claim, and any claims thereafter, will be the total cost of the repair per claim.  Lost power cord replacement cost will be $30.00.
  4. The school administration has the final say in determining Repair Plan coverage and repair situations.
  5. After September 15, 2021,  no refunds will be issued.
  6. Repair Plan Premiums are due 10 (ten) school days following student enrollment date.

B.        Covered Equipment

  1. The coverage provided applies to any Chromebook issued to your child by the North Schuylkill School District, whether it is the originally issued Chromebook, a loaner, or a replacement.
  2. The deductible is the same, whether the machine is the original, a loaner, or a replacement Chromebook.
  3. There will not be an additional premium for the use of a Chromebook loaner.  Your child’s yearly $25.00 premium covers their original Chromebook and any other Chromebook issued to your child for the current school year.

C.        Exclusions

The North Schuylkill School District will not pay for loss or damage resulting from the following:

  1. Not informing the Main Office immediately of damage to the device may void the Repair Plan coverage for that incident.  Examples being:  damage from a liquid spill, dropping of the device that may expose internal parts.
  2. Damage caused maliciously/on purpose to the device.
  3. Dishonest, fraudulent or criminal acts.

D.         Claim Procedures

  1. Go directly to your school’s main office.
  2. The Technology Department will examine the Chromebook to determine if there is a qualified Repair Plan claim.
  3. If there is a claim, the computer technician will fill out the appropriate paperwork and inform the office staff.  You will receive a telephone call, letter and/or email from office staff when a claim is filed on your child’s Chromebook.
  4. Once the claim is in process, a loaner will be issued to the student.

Chromebook Repair Cost Schedule (with Damage Repair Plan Paid Premium)












Cost of repair or replacement of device



($230.00 as of June 2021)


Misuse, neglect, intentional damage or loss

Cost of repair or replacement of device



($230.00 as of June 2021)

How to Care for your North Schuylkill School District Chromebook

General Precautions

Carrying Chromebooks

Opening and Closing Chromebook

Screen Care

The Chromebook screen can be damaged if subjected to heavy objects, rough treatment, some cleaning solvents and other liquids. The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure.

Student Name:                                Chromebook Name:

North Schuylkill School District

 15 Academy Lane

Ashland, PA 17921

Agreement for Loaned Chromebook        Grade:



By signing this form, I understand that this equipment is being loaned to the North Schuylkill family listed below for educational purposes only. Since this equipment is being used off school grounds, the student and the student's family understands that:

1.        The parent and/or student is financially responsible for loss, damage or theft of equipment. In the event of loss, theft or damage to this equipment, the parent and/or student will contact their school’s main office as soon as possible to report the event.

2.        The computer is and shall remain the property of the North Schuylkill School District. North Schuylkill Chromebooks must be used for school related activities ONLY.

3.        North Schuylkill reserves the right to demand the immediate return of the equipment at any time. Technology must only be used by North Schuylkill students.

Student Name:        Chromebook Name:


Printed Parent/Guardian Name


Signature of Parent/Guardian                Date

North Schuylkill School District

Student Repair Plan Fee

The Repair Plan Fee is due 10 days after enrolling in the District, or receiving your Chromebook. If the fee is not paid by the due date, you agree to be financially responsible for all repair and/or replacement costs to the Chromebook.

Financial Hardships:

If the technology fee creates a financial hardship on the student or parent, please contact the District Office about payment options.

Office Use Only

Student Name:      Chromebook Name:

Parent Name:___________________________

Payment Type: ꪛCheck(Payable to North Schuylkill School District)# _____  ꠛMoney Order   ꠛCash


                                        Payment Date: ______________

                                        Received By: ________________