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Convertibles and Rollbars in HPDE and Time Trial
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If your vehicle is not on the list, provide FACTORY documentation stating that YOUR make and model has rollover protection.  If it was an option (e.g. pop-up) roll bars, then you need to prove your car has these.  Submit the documentation to your Regional Director or send it to help@drivenasa.suppport.


Submitting documentation other than from the manufacturer will be ignored.


Acceptable documentation:

Factory-produced sales brochures and websites (a link may be sent)

Letters or emails from an employee of the factory.  Must be on letterhead or use the manufacturer’s domain.  The letter must state very specifically, that the vehicle does have rollover protection.

Known Convertibles that will pass tech “as is” from the factory

Acceptable roll bars include, but are not limited to, the following:

Hard Dog (any specified as acceptable for NASA HPDE their website)

Auto Power Street Roll Bar

Street-Sport Roll Bar Race Roll Bar

Blackbird Fabworx (Miata / MX5/ 2017 Fiat 124) SD (for NA and NB)

RZ (for NC and ND)

GT3 (for NA, NB, NC, and ND)

The above roll bars are examples only. NASA does not endorse any brand or model and will not be held liable for any failures of roll bars.

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