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Ideas for Prehealth Students During COVID-19
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NAAHP Virtual Opportunities for Prehealth Students

Focus Locally ⚙ Volunteer Virtually ⚙ Network with Professionals ⚙ Research Schools 
Engage in Online Learning ⚙ Reflect and Journal ⚙ Read and Listen ⚙ Attend Online Fairs and Info Sessions ⚙ Develop Life Skills ⚙ Engage in Self-Care

Focus Locally

Volunteer Virtually

Network with Local Health Professionals

Paid Opportunities

Research Professional Schools

Engage in free online learning opportunities

Do some pre-health reflection and journaling

Read & Listen & Watch

Learn more about racism and structural inequality in health care

Participate in Virtual Seminars, Fairs, and Info Sessions

Work on Life/“Adulting” Skills

Engage in Self-Care

News Stories Highlighting Student Efforts During the Pandemic 

Updates from the Professions

See NAAHP Clearinghouse: Covid-19 HP Links - NAAHP 


Check out these powerpoint decks created by Brooke Sheetz at The University of Alabama Huntsville! She invites you to tweak them for your own use:

This document was created cooperatively by members of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions to support prehealth students who wanted to gain relevant clinical and volunteer experience during the pandemic.

This document may be distributed to students and others for educational purposes. It should not be reproduced for commercial use.

NAAHP members have suggested these resources -- NAAHP does not officially endorse or support any specific programs represented here.

NAAHP Ideas for Prehealth Students