【hmvod x Cambridge Audio 星級家庭影院音響組合】

即日起購買hmvod 28個月娛樂影視通行証 (HKD$2,464),即可免費獲得Cambridge Audio ODB2最新藍牙喇叭連無線低音套裝棟篤特工版一套(價值港幣$3,900),讓您的家瞬間變成迷你私人影院。數量有限,賣完即止。以上優惠受有關條款及細則約束。



  1. Cambridge Audio ODB2產品保養由Cambridge Audio提供,從購買日期起的兩年計算,Anyplex Hong Kong Limited 不會承擔任何有關產品質素之一切責任。

  1. 貨品換領方法

  1. 換領地點
  1.  客戶可先致電換領地點查詢有關換領禮品存貨。
  2. 若客戶未能於換領期內換領貨品,將喪失換領貨品之權利並且不會有任何補償,惟客戶仍須遵守計劃的條款及細則條件。
  3. 每用戶只可購買最多一套hmvod x Cambridge Audio 星級家庭影院音響組合。
  4. 對此優惠之任何詳情、條款及細則有所更改,將由Anyplex Hong Kong Limited作最後決定,恕不另行通知。
  5.  有關任何查詢, 請聯絡cs_hmvod@hmv.com.hk。


【hmvod x Cambridge Audio Superb home theatre bundle】

Subscribe hmvod 28-month entertainment for HKD2,464, to receive a complimentary special version of  Agent Mr. Chen Cambridge Audio ODB2 Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer  (original HKD3,900). While stocks last. T&C applies.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Cambridge Audio would support two years warranty for your Cambridge Audio ODB2 from the original purchase date. Anyplex Hong Kong Limited is not the supplier of and accepts no liability for quality of product provided by suppliers.
  2. Redemption procedures
  1. Redemption address
  1. Please check availability of stock at the service center prior to your visit.
  2. A Customer who does not collect his goods within the redemption period as specified in the notification letter shall be deemed to forfeit his goods. The use of the Service shall continue to be governed by terms and conditions of the Term Plan.
  3. Each user should be eligible for not more than 1 set of hmvod x Cambridge Audio Superb home theatre bundle
  4. Anyplex Hong Kong Limited reserves the right of final decision.
  5. For enquiry, please contact cs_hmvod@hmv.com.hk