2019 North Star Conference Schedule by Breakout Session

(Tentative schedule subject to change)

Friday, March 15th

Breakout Session 1 10:45-12:15

You Are More Than Enough

Legit Tools for Dealing with Compulsive and Addictive Sexual Behaviors

Awake and Arise: Centering Faith in and Applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ

Steps to loving, joyful, and fulfilling relationships

Panel: How to have hope and remain faithful regardless of your transitionary state

Being the parent your child needs

Breakout Session 2 1:45-2:45

Building Brotherhood

Panel: Pursuing mixed orientation relationships: What to consider?

Faith in Every Footstep: Stepping into a new world of family, church and friendships after your child has come out

Finding peace in my sexuality as a same-sex attracted woman

Finding Hope in God: Principles for Thriving in Life and Fostering Self-Acceptance

Building the trans community: Coming together regardless of our differences

QBR Suicide Prevention Training (2 hour training, 1:45-4:00)

Breakout Session 3 3:00-4:00

Led by the Spirit: How I felt my way back?

Panel: Empowering tools to build my community at church and amongst peers

Understanding healthy male relationships

Building and keeping healthy relationships with women (Closed door women’s session)

Working through trauma in marriage and relationships: Balancing compassion with self-care

Panel: A house divided: Navigating family dynamics

QBR: Suicide Prevention Training (2 hour training, 1:45-4:00)

Saturday, March 16th

Breakout Session 4 10:30-12:00

How to combat depression and anxiety while staying faithful

“And Jesus Beholding Him Loved Him” (First-time Leader attendees)

Navigating challenges of faith

Panel: How to better understand your SSA/gay or trans members in your congregation (Returning Leader attendees)

As I Am - Finding Myself Through Christ

Extreme Ownership: Empowering your marriage through understanding boundaries

Living two worlds: Who I was expected to be? vs Who I am? - Viviendo entre dos mundos: ¿Quien esperaban que fuera? vs ¿Quien Soy?

Breakout Session 5 1:30-2:30

Ministering to LGBT Teens

My Story: Finding Hope While Single

Increasing self-awareness: How to respond to my attractions in a healthy way

Panel: Healthy ways to communicate your needs in marriage

The Dead-ends, U-turns, and Roadblocks of SSA Women's Journeys: Navigating Emotional and Spiritual Health

Strengthening your marriage with your transgender spouse

QBR Suicide Prevention Training (2 hour training, 1:30-3:45)

Breakout Session 6 2:45-3:45

How to maintain open, constructive and vulnerable conversations with loved ones?

Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven

Panel: How to help others know about your dysphoria and let them in to help?

Finding hope through other SSA women's experiences

Having hope in my identity as a Child of God

Thriving with no conclusion

QBR Suicide Prevention Training (2 hour training, 1:30-3:45)