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Vivek Natarajan
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Vivek Natarajan is a Research Scientist at Google leading research at the intersection of large language models (LLMs) and biomedicine. In particular, Vivek is the lead researcher behind Med-PaLM and Med-PaLM 2, which were the first AI systems to obtain passing and expert level scores on US Medical License exam questions respectively. Med-PaLM was recently published in Nature and has been featured in The Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, STAT News, CNBC, Forbes, New Scientist among others. More recently, Vivek also led the development of Med-PaLM M, the first demonstration of a generalist biomedical AI system.

Over the years, Vivek’s research has been published in well-regarded journals and conferences like Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Biomedical Engineering, JMLR, CVPR, ICCV and NeurIPS. It also forms the basis for several regulated medical device products under clinical trials at Google, including the NHS AI award winning breast cancer detection system Mammo Reader and the skin condition classification system DermAssist.

Prior to Google, Vivek worked on multimodal assistant systems at Facebook AI Research and published award winning research, was granted multiple patents and deployed AI models to products at scale with hundreds of millions of users.


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I am always happy to discuss AI and its application in healthcare, bio & robotics among others.

Please reach out to me on Twitter @vivnat or use to set up a chat :)

Recent news:

Oct, Nov and Dec 23 talk slides

Sept 2023 - Profile with Analytics India Magazine - Meet the Genius behind Med-PaLM 2

Sept 2023 - Upcoming seminar at Stanford Biomedical Engineering department

Sept 2023 - Talk at ApplySci Boston, MIT on How LLMs can help us scale world class healthcare to everyone

August 2023 - Keynote at IIT Madras with Krishnamurthy Dvijotham on Recent Advances in Multimodal Medical AI at Google.

August 2023 - Appearance on the Cognitive Revolution Podcast with Tao Tu on Med-PaLM M

July 2023- Med-PaLM M on arxiv

July 2023 - Med-PaLM published in Nature with bloomberg article on the backstory

July 2023 - Seminars at Computational & Systems Immunology Seminar Series, Stanford and Brookings Institution.

June 2023 - Talk on Med-PaLM at the Research and Applied AI Summit (RAAIS), 2023 in London, UK

May 2023 - Appearance of the NEJM AI Grand Rounds podcast with Dr Andrew Beam and Dr Arjun Manrai (Harvard University) with my teammate, Dr Alan Karthi (Google)

May 2023 - Appearance on The Harry Glorikian Show with my teammate, Dr Shek Azizi

May 2023 - Appearance on The Cognitive Revolution Podcast talking about recent work on Med-PaLM

May 2023 - Lecture video for Biomedical Transformers as part of CS 25 Stanford course now online

May 2023 - Our paper Med-PaLM 2 now out on arxiv with expert level performance on medical question answering. Med-PaLM 2 was featured in Sundar Pichai’s Google I/O keynote with a promo video on Youtube.

May 2023 - Panel on Large Language Models in Healthcare at SAIL 2023, Puerto Rico, with Zak Kohane (Harvard DBMI), Sebastian Bubeck (Microsoft Research) and Belwadi Srikant (Suki AI).

April 2023 - Talk at Stanford MedAI Seminar on Foundation Models for Medical AI

April 2023 - Our paper, Robust and Efficient Medical Imaging with Self-Supervision has been accepted for publication at Nature Biomedical Engineering. We are also pleased to announce Medical AI Research Foundations, a repository of open source foundation medical AI models in collaboration with Physionet.  

April 2023 - Talk and panel on Generative AI in Healthcare at the 6th Illinois Health Data Analytics Summit

March 2023 - Our new state of the art medical Large Language Model, Med-PaLM 2, announced  at Google Health Check Up.  Med-PaLM 2 is the first AI system to reach expert level performance on MedQA USMLE dataset. Articles in MedPage Today,  Scientific American and The Economist.

Feb 2023 - Talk on Transformers in Biomedicine at Stanford CS25 Transformers United course

Feb 2023 - Appearance on the New England Journal of Medicine AI Grand Rounds podcast with Harvard professors Dr Andy Beam and Dr Arjun Manrai and my colleague Dr Alan Karthikesalingam. Episode out in May.

Feb 2023 - Talk on Large Language Models in Medicine at BrainX community event [Video]

Feb 2023 - Talk on AI in Medicine at Imperial College, London

Feb 2023 - Quoted on the potential of ChatGPT replacing jobs

Jan 2023 - Appearance on the Pioneer Park podcast talking about my journey in AI research and Medical AI in particular.

Dec 2022 - Our work on Large language models encode clinical knowledge is now online. Our models reach state of the art on MedQA USMLE with an accuracy of 67.6% exceeding prior work by over 17%.

Nov 2022 - Our work on Enhancing the reliability and accuracy of AI-enabled diagnosis via complementarity-driven deferral to clinicians (CoDoC) is now online.

Nov 2022 - Our work on Maintaining fairness across distribution shift: do we have viable solutions for real-world applications? to be presented at NeurIPS

Jun 2022 - Our work on Robust and Efficient Medical Imaging using Self-Supervision is now on arxiv.

Recent talks:



Here is a non-exhaustive summary of the press my present and past projects have received.