Masks for Covid & Uniting with Homemade Masks presents

Encouragement Card Collection Event

San Diego May 2020

Mail to Masks for Covid:

3268 Governor Dr.# 104, San Diego, CA 92122

San Diego has been so fortunate thanks to our Essential Workers and Volunteers.  Masks for Covid/Uniting with Homemade Masks has been getting multiple thousands of hand sewn Masks and 3D shields to those in need since the first week of the shut down.  We have people who have sewn hundreds of masks, each with love.  We have also been diligent about keeping our older citizens out of harm.  Our healthcare workers are working on the front line to care for those who have Covid-19.  They have continued to put themselves at risk to help others.  All of these heros could use a note of thanks and encouragement.  Additionally, our sick citizens would love to know others are thinking of them in their time of need.  We are collecting letters of encouragement this month of May! Not only will we get the letters to those who need a pick-me-up but, there are prizes that can be won too!  Below you will find lots of ideas for kids who want to help send letters too! Please mark the cards with a star for sewists, a heart for the elderly care residence, a smiley face for the doctors/nurses, or a flower for the patients.  

Letter Ideas


Thank you template 

Thank you letter templates

My Hero 

Thank you

Older child Thank you

Thank you room for drawing and message


Template female Dr. or Nurse

Template male Dr. or Nurse

Thank you Medical Staff

Younger child Doctor

Younger child Nurse

Younger child Nurse 2

Doctors/Nurses/First Responders

Older child thank you

Thank you multiple page banner

Elderly residents:

Sending Sunshine

Miss you!


We miss you coloring in Spanish

We miss you coloring in English

Patients/Elderly residents:

Get Well card

Sending Sunshine

Include a word search for them

Or sudoku puzzles

I SPY activity

Spot-the-differences activity

Older child journal prompt

Additional Resources for kids

Wear a Mask Social Story

Stop the Spread, pictures for kids

Habits to prevent infection, child

Habits to prevent infection, child 2

Detailed graphic how to wash your hands

Covid coloring pages

Visual story two levels  , Basic comprehension about Covid 19

Signs and Banners

Older child journal prompt

Time capsule 

Helping Children wear a mask 

Coronavirus vocabulary word search

Upper Elementary and up, Covid doodle and bingo

Understanding Covid 19 for kids book

Understanding quarantine book

Seeing other people wear masks book