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Schroeder Grievance Procedure
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Schroeder YMCA Swim Team Grievance Procedure

The Schroeder Grievance Procedure provides swimmers, parents, coaches, club leaders and employees a system to address and report grievances in a productive, systematic way. Following these Procedures provides the appropriate parties a means to properly investigate, intervene, and take disciplinary action when needed.  


For issues dealing with sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and/or sexually explicit or inappropriate communication through social media:

For issues dealing with physical abuse, emotional abuse, criminal charges and the use, sale or distribution of illegal drugs:

For issues dealing with known or suspected child abuse:

For issues dealing with peer-to-peer bullying, coach-athlete bullying, parent issues, violations of the [name of club] Code of Conduct and violations of the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.


Regarding the Conduct of a Swimmer - Contact the swimmer’s coach.

Regarding the Conduct of an Assistant or Age Group Coach - Contact the Head Coach

Regarding Conduct of Head Coach – Notify another coach on the Schroeder staff

Regarding Parent or Official Conduct - Notify the Head Coach

Note: With the exception of issues, which immediately affect the health and safety of swimmers, all matters should be discussed before or after a coaching session, as coaches should not be expected to deal with issues during water time.


The Head Coach has the authority to impose penalties for infractions of the Schroeder Athlete, Parent and Coach Codes of Conduct or any behavior(s) they deem not conducive to the best interests of the Club or other swimmers. Consequences are at the sole discretion of the coaches and may include, but aren’t limited to, verbal warnings, dismissal from practice, contacting parents, temporary suspension from club activities and expulsion. Involved parties will be informed of the processes and range of potential consequences. The U.S. Center for SafeSport, USA Swimming and local law enforcement (if applicable) will be contacted within 24 hours if a coach, parent, or swimmer violates the SafeSport Code for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements, the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, Athlete Protection Policy, or local laws.