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Silicon Web Standing Rules RATIFIED 20230514
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Standing Rules of the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild (a Chapter of the International Costumers' Guild, Inc.)

(as drafted March 12th, 2023, revised April 2nd, 2023, Ratified May 14 2023)

Standing Rules of the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild (a Chapter of the International Costumers' Guild, Inc.)

Section 0. General.

Section 1: Membership.

Section 2: Communications

Section 3 Subordinate Officers

Section 4 Awards

Section 5 ICG GEL Participation

Section 6 Events

Section 0. General.

SR 0.1: Purpose. These Standing Rules govern the actions of the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild (hereafter Chapter) in accordance with the Chapter’s By-Laws.

SR 0.2: Additional Names. Official business is conducted under the name Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild, but Chapter members may also refer to the Chapter with the following unofficial designations: Silicon Web, SiWeb, or SiW. Other unofficial designations may be added here from time to time.

SR 0.3: Amendments. These Standing Rules remain in force until they are modified or superseded by majority vote of the membership present at a regular meeting or at a special meeting, or by a majority vote of the Board of Directors (hereafter Board).

SR 0.4: Notice. Proposed modifications to these rules must be presented in writing to the approving body at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered, or may be presented for consideration at a meeting if a majority of those present agree to consider them.

SR 0.5: Nominations for officers shall be announced no later than 30 days prior to elections.

SR 0.6: In accordance with the By-Laws, Meetings may be conducted either in synchronous or asynchronous form. Meetings shall be announced via the Chapter Official Communications Channel and Publications of Record.

SR 0.7 The Board conducts its business transparently. Chapter members may review the records of the Board discussion list and/or observe Board meetings with the necessary business exception of meetings held in Executive Session.

SR 0.8 In the event of an asynchronous meeting of the Board called via the Board Discussion Group List, Board members will register their presence within five (5) days of the roll call to establish a quorum. If a quorum is not established, the only business that can be conducted is adjournment.

Section 1: Membership.

SR 1.0: The Chapter recognizes two general categories of Membership: Regular and Honorary.

SR 1.1: Regular Membership. Most memberships in the Chapter are categorized as Regular Memberships.

SR 1.1.a: Rights and Privileges: A regular membership in the Chapter entitles the member to participate in activities and business of the Chapter, including the right to vote and hold office as defined in the Governing Documents (By-Laws, Article III).

SR 1.1.b: Membership Classes.
In alignment with the Membership Classes of the International Costumers’ Guild, Inc. (ICG), the Chapter shall offer the following classes of membership: Individual or Household (additional legal residents at the same address as an Individual Member). A Member of another ICG Chapter may join as a Secondary Member.

SR 1.2: Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership in the Chapter is a purely honorary recognition of an entity that is presented solely at the discretion of the Board.

SR 1.2.a: By way of example, a recipient might be honored for providing a positive and highly public role model or example in support of costuming and costumers.

SR 1.2.b: An Honorary Member is not a regular member of the Chapter, does not have voting privileges, and is not a member of the ICG and thus is not in conflict with the By-Laws, Article VI Membership.

SR 1.2.c: Any entity, whether fictional or real, may be designated an Honorary Member and may even be a fictional character, in which case the award is presented to the creator in the name of the character.

SR 1.2.d: The honor shall consist of a Board resolution and corresponding certificate naming the Honorary Member and citing the reason for the honor.

SR 1.2.e: Announcement of the honor shall be published on the Chapter’s website, in its newsletter, and on all active Chapter communications channels and social media accounts.

SR 1.3: Membership Dues. Dues shall consist of two parts: ICG Membership Dues and Chapter Membership Dues.

SR 1.3.a: The Chapter Membership Dues are as follows:

SR 1.3.b: For reference, as of 1 January 2023, the total dues amounts are this:*

*This subrule may be updated to reflect changes in ICG dues without requiring a vote of the membership or board.

SR 1.3.c: The Treasurer is authorized to collect an additional amount to help defray the cost of processing a payment.

Section 2: Communications

SR 2.0: Chapter Communication. As the only entirely virtual Chapter of the ICG, all Chapter business of an official nature takes place in a virtual environment, with notable exceptions as noted below. The Chapter shall establish functional management accounts and documents in its official records to ensure access to those channels can be maintained.

SR 2.1: Official Communications and Publications of Record. 

SR 2.1a: Official Communications. The Chapter’s primary platform for business communications between members and for the Board is Email.

SR 2.1b: Other Publications of Record. In addition, official business announcements may be published on the Chapter website and Chapter newsletter. The Chapter website and newsletter are considered publications of record for the Chapter. Addresses for the Official Communications Channels are:

SR 2.1c: Copies of Official Communications. Copies may also be disseminated on additional communications channels.

SR 2.2: Additional Communications. The Chapter may establish additional platforms and channels for its members in alignment with its purpose. Access Information for those additional communications platforms and channels shall be published on the Chapter website. As of 1 January 2023, platforms include:

SR 2.3: Exceptions to Virtual Communications. Certain situations may require in-person, real time decisions by a subset of members. These instances shall be arranged in advance and the results reported to the membership via official channels at the first available opportunity. For instance, bestowing an award on behalf of the Chapter.

SR 2.4: Accounts for Officers and Agents. All individuals acting on behalf of the Chapter shall be provided with an account and associated email account(s) in the Chapter’s virtual workspace to be used in the execution of their activities. The Chapter shall provide orientation and reference material on the use of these resources. Chapter-related business shall be done using those official accounts. Resources for managing these accounts are located here: Google Workspace Resource Guide

SR 2.5: Accounts for Members. The Chapter may also provide access to its virtual workspace to members on request.

Section 3 Subordinate Officers

SR 3.0: Subordinate Officers are non-voting Board positions. These positions are established in accordance with Article V Section 3 of the Chapter By-Laws. Subordinate officers are appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Board and serve at the pleasure of the Board. Subordinate officers shall be provided with official email addresses and access to the Silicon Web virtual workspace for the purpose of maintaining records of correspondence.


SR 3.1: Chapter Representative (reports to the Chapter Board). The Chapter Representative is a member of the ICG Board of Directors. The role of Chapter Representative is to participate in ICG Board discussions, represent the interests of the Chapter and its members, vote on matters that come before the ICG Board, and update the Chapter about activities of the ICG and the ICG Board in a timely way.

3.1a: Alternate Chapter Representative (reports to the Chapter Board). The Alternate Chapter Representative is the Chapter’s designated successor to the ICG Board of Directors. The Alternate Chapter Representative shall become the Chapter Representative in the event the Chapter Representative is no longer willing or able to act in that capacity. Pending such succession, the role of Alternate Chapter Representative is to monitor ICG Board discussions and votes taken by the ICG Board, and to update the membership about activities of the ICG and the ICG Board if the Chapter Representative does not timely do so.

SR 3.1b: Qualifications. To qualify for either of these roles, the member must be in good standing with the Chapter and at least eighteen (18) years of age. If no member is willing to accept the appointment, the Vice President shall act in this capacity until such time as a member is appointed.

SR 3.2: Webmaster (reports to the Secretary). The Chapter shall maintain a domain name, a website with current information about the Chapter, email addresses for Chapter officers, and online groups for members and the Board. The Webmaster may assign specific responsibilities to assistants who have expertise in particular areas, but remains responsible for the overall performance of these tasks. Responsibility does not grant ownership or authority to change the billing or other relevant account information of the website, domain, or other virtual resources without direct approval of the Board. The Webmaster will ensure a secure record of all access and authentication codes is maintained and provided to the Secretary.

SR 3.3: Editor (reports to the Board). The Chapter shall provide an online publication, currently titled The Virtual Costumer, for disseminating chapter- and costuming-related content of interest to members and the costuming community. The  Editor is responsible for securing and editing content for the publication and providing access to it through the Chapter communication channels. The Editor shall establish the publication model, frequency of publication, and access policies for the publication. The Editor shall announce the availability of new content regularly on the online members group.

SR 3.4: Parliamentarian (reports to the Board). The Parliamentarian is responsible for providing expertise on rules of order and the proper procedures for the conduct of Chapter and Board meetings. This person also assists the Chapter and Board in drafting and interpreting bylaws and standing rules, and assists the President in the planning and conduct of meetings. The Parliamentarian may also answer questions from members on procedures and policies as appropriate.

SR 3.5: Event Coordinator(s) (reports to the Board). The Board may appoint one or more members in good standing to organize virtual or in-person events for the membership.

Section 4 Awards

SR 4.0: Awards. The Chapter may from time to time establish awards to recognize different aspects of costuming of particular interest to the Chapter.

SR 4.0.a: Members should declare their intention to consider entries for an in-person Chapter award at a given event or venue to the Chapter in advance. If there is sufficient interest and participation, judging for Chapter Awards falls under SR 2.3 regarding exceptions to virtual communication.

SR 4.0.b: The Chapter may also make awards that are not directly related to in-person events.

SR 4.0.c: The Chapter participates in the ICG Lifetime Achievement Award process as defined by the ICG.

SR 4.1: The Dana Rae MacDermott Memorial Award (DRaMMA). The DRaMMA is a Chapter Award established in 2022 for presentation to an entry in a costume competition or similar staged event to recognize innovation in costume design, construction, or presentation. The award is named in honor of the life of Dana MacDermott, one of the founding members of the Chapter.

SR 4.1.a: A panel of at least three (3) non-competing, non-judging members must be present at the particular masquerade or competition for determining the presentation of an award. The Board may authorize fewer members on a case by case basis.There may be times when a panel decides that no entry in a particular masquerade or competition merits an award.

SR 4.1.b: The recipient receives a medal, a certificate, and a one year membership in the Chapter. The medal and certificate depict the comedy and tragedy masks, a symbol widely recognized to represent the creative arts. If the recipient declines Chapter membership, the recipient shall be offered a one-year subscription to The Virtual Costumer as an alternative.

SR 4.1.c: A representative of the panel that determined the presentation of the award shall provide the following information to the Secretary within one week of presentation, so that the award can be recognized by the Chapter:

SR 4.1.d: The Secretary shall use the contact information provided to follow up with recipients to verify membership interest and establish membership as desired.

SR 4.1.e: The Treasurer and Secretary shall use this information to forward the required dues and member information to the ICG Treasurer when recipients accept membership in the Chapter.

SR 4.1.f: The Webmaster shall use this information to add an entry for recipients on a DRaMMA award webpage and shall also post an announcement of the award to the Chapter communication channels.

SR 4.1.g: The Editor shall publish the information about the award in The Virtual Costumer, including any additional information that recipients or the panel may provide to the Editor about the entry.

SR 4.2: Honorary Membership. Defined above in SR 1.2, Honorary Membership is a Chapter Award presented solely at the discretion of the Board, honoring an entity for activities in alignment with the Chapter’s purposes. For example, a recipient might be honored for providing a positive and highly public role model or example in support of costuming and costumers.

Section 5 ICG GEL Participation

SR 5.0: ICG GEL Participation As part of the By-Laws, Article 5, Section 7, Duties of the Treasurer, item 6, the Treasurer is instructed by the Board to maintain and provide all such records as required to participate in the ICG’s Group Exemption Letter (GEL).

Section 6 Events

SR 6.0: In-Person and Virtual Events. The chapter shall establish best practices for organizing in-person and virtual events.

Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild Standing Rules