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WSA: 2.2 Rules
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WS22 Rules

-General Information

-General Rules

-Strike System

-Donations, Clan games, and Attacks

-Clan Wars

-Clan Ranks

General Information

Clan Leader: Toasty,  Smudge#3377 on discord

War Snipers 2.2:

        Tag: #9U29Q2VL

General Rules

-Read all clan mail thoroughly and act accordingly.

-Have your FWA base active for all wars unless instructed otherwise

-Do not donate any troops to the clan war clan castles unless instructed otherwise.

-If you want to hop:        

-You can't hop between wars. (Exceptions apply for the first war of the month if you participate in CWL. Pay attention to Clan Mails during that time).

-Don't be gone for more than 2 hours.

-Send a message on discord (#ws22-chat) before leaving. This isn't needed if you're hopping for your CWL attack.

-For exceptions, ask a Co/Leader (ask in #ws22-chat)

-Alts aren't usually accepted, but if you're able to be active on multiple accounts it can be considered.

-If you’re going to be inactive for some time, let a Leader know. You may move to our less active FWA clan (House of Moons) and just join back the main clan when you can be active again.

Strike System

War strikes:

12a: Missing FWA sync (during CWL or when you hop)

12b: Having a war base in an FWA war for no reason

9c: Having a war base active in an FWA war right after a BL war

9d: 3-starring in a loss war

6e: Failure to cover your mirror (or not attacking, for a BL or mismatch war)

6f: Getting more than 1 star on someone else's mirror before cleanup

4g: Not switching to a real war base in a blacklisted clan war.

3h: Not using (or getting 0 stars with) your second war attack (doesn't apply if 6e applies)

3i: 1 Starring your mirror (in a win/loss)

Donation strikes:

(d+r is the sum of your donations and requests. You will also be expected to reach 1'000 d+r during your first week in the clan)

12j: Getting under 2k d+r

8k: Getting under 4k d+r

4l: Getting under 6k d+r

Attack win strikes:

8m: Getting under 30 attack wins in a season

4n: Getting under 60 attack wins in a season

Clan game strikes:

6o: Getting under 500 points in clan games.

*Leaders have the right to trump the strike system and act as they think to be more appropriate. The system will be followed in most situations.

Clan Wars

War plans:

Win wars:

1st attack: mirror for 2/3 stars (even if it's already attacked)

2nd attack: any for 1 star or wait for last 6h

Last 6h: every base is free (2/3 stars)

Loss wars:

1st attack: mirror for 2 stars (even if it's already attacked)

2nd attack: any for 1 star or wait for last 6h

Last 6h: every base is free (2 stars)

Mismatches/Blacklisted wars:

Follow the instructions given on discord and in the war mails


-The war plan will be posted during preparation day.

-Always attack your mirror for the correct amount of stars, unless if you were given permission to do otherwise

-If someone steals your mirror (before the 6h mark), either attack it yourself or ask a Co/Leader for another option (usually given another base to attack)

-The order in which you attack does not matter.

-If someone does not fully cover their mirror (under 2 stars in a loss or under 3 stars in a win), then you are free to attack that base with your second attack as if it was your mirror (at any point in the war).

Clan Ranks

If you want to be promoted, you can mention it. Whether or not you're promoted depends on your activity, and how much staff like you.

Elders and Co-leaders are expected to help with various tasks (in-game/discord/on band).