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9 Apps that make Adulting with ADHD way Easier

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using my link. It’s okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too! I use these funds to feed my cats. And dogs. And birds. And turtles. They say thanks :)

Let’s face it,

As Adults with ADHD we’re notoriously disorganized while at the same time being obsessed with organization. Funny how that works. I grew up believing that my mom was the most organized person living on the planet earth. And for the most part, she really was. But the further into adulthood I get, the more I realize what I was actually witnessing.

My mom also has ADHD, but we didn’t know that when I was growing up. She was only recently diagnosed. Throughout my childhood I watched as my mom became an organization wizard. Her entire house was put in perfect order, everything in its place and meticulously labeled. Everything except my room, obviously, which I’m sure was insanely irritating for her. I was so jealous of her organizational badassery. I couldn’t understand why I was such a mess when my mom seemed so naturally put together.

It wasn’t until I owned my own home that I started becoming obsessed with putting everything in my life in perfect order. I was trying to remedy the chaos in my brain by neurotically organizing my environment. And the more I did it, the better I got at it. I actually got so good that people started to tell me they wished they could be as organized as me! Which, after more than two decades of being the embodiment of a tornado, was both hilarious and deeply satisfying for me to hear. So when my mom was diagnosed with ADHD, everything kind of clicked for me and my entire childhood suddenly made sense.

I had grown up watching my mom teach herself to create a well-ordered environment because she was trying to tame the chaos of her ADHD brain. I’m not sure if she consciously knew what she was doing, but I do know that seeing her accomplish it so beautifully helped me believe that I could do it. And after seeing myself become as put together as I have (against all odds), I believe you can do it too.

To help you along,
I’ve put together this list of some of the best apps I could find to help you become a real-life functioning adult! Some of them I’ve personally used and love, and others were recommended by other Adult ADHDers that swear by them.

If you want to check any of these Apps out for yourself, you can click on either the picture or the name of the App. And just FYI, I saved my top 3 favorites for last.

1. CalAlarm2 

User-Friendly Calendar App with Snooze and Nag

Price: $2.99, Available for iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch
This Calendar app looks similar to the regular calendar app on your iPhone so it’s familiar and easy to navigate. But unlike the regular app, it has a lot more features that are super helpful for brains like ours. Like the ability to set up to ten alarms for an event instead of just two. If you’re anything like me, you need as many reminders as you can get.


Accomplish more Every Day

Price: Free 2 Week Trial, Available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

This app offers a great way to organize your projects and tasks using tags. You can easily enter tasks when you’re out and about, then process them later. It helps you focus on what you can do right now, which helps with the feeling of overwhelm so many of us get. There’s a lot of other cool features to this one too. You can read more about it on their page.

3.Opus One 

Achieve your Goals and Dreams in a Healthy, Balanced Way

Price: Free, Available for Mac
This one is very cool. You’re able to link your daily tasks to your goals, and link your goals to your values and personal mission. The drag & drop feature is awesome, and there’s a ton of other features you’ll probably like as much as I do. Plus it’s just a really pretty interface, and looks like one of those satisfying personal planners with the colored tabs and sections to fill in.


Keep your Life in Sync

Price: Free, Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, and the Web
This is a great app for planning, sharing shopping lists, juggling multiple projects, and more. You can collaborate with anyone, assign tasks, set due dates and reminders… It’s a really helpful app that I’ve been hearing about for a while now from my fellow ADHD buddies.


Shared To-Do & Task Lists

Price: $9.99, Available on Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch

Normally I wouldn’t suggest an app this pricey, but I’ve heard so many good things about it that I decided it should be included on this list. I think this review sum it up pretty perfectly. 

Notepad, Organizer and Journal

Price: Free, Available on iPhone, iPad, iMessage and Apple Watch

I’m willing to bet you’ve already heard about this one. It’s pretty popular, and that’s for good reason. With Evernote you can create to-do lists, take notes, add photos, scan documents, take handwritten notes, make sketches, and more.

According to The New York Times, “Use Evernote as the place you put everything… Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote”

And PC Mag had good things to say too: “When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.”

In my opinion, this app is great for an ADHD brain. It allows for our own creativity and gives us the freedom to put whatever we want into it instead of being limited to just typing up a boring list. That stuff is important to us. We like to put our stamp on things.

7.FlyLady Plus 
Get your Housework Done in a Consistent and Fun Way
Price: Free, Available on iPhone

I can’t even tell you how much I love this app. This isn’t just an’s a whole thing of it’s own. The FlyLady app is the brainchild of The FlyLady herself! Marla Cilley, also known as The FlyLady, is seriously a housekeeping mastermind.

I’ve known about her for many years because her amazing website was my mom’s go-to for keeping up with her house when I was growing up. Remember how I said my mom (who also has ADHD) was (and still is) pretty much an organizational wizard? Well a lot of that is thanks to The FlyLady.

Our house was always filled with handy print-outs listing each person’s daily chores, which zones of the house were to be cleaned on which days, etc. FlyLady has come up with a genius way of getting your housework done, and her system makes it actually kind of fun for an ADHD brain.

You can use her system that’s already set and ready to go on the app, or you can do what I did and customize the app to fit how your house and schedule works a little better. I use the app every single day and I love it. My house is actually clean more often than not, which is mindblowing to me.

8.StickMe Notes
Best App ever for obsessive List Makers and Note Takers
Price: Free for 3 days, with subscription options. Available for iPhone

This is another app that I use daily, and I’d say obsessively. I chose to pay $1.99 a month for it because I love it that much. For an ADHD brain, this is possibly the perfect app. If you’re like me and find yourself constantly sifting through piles upon piles of sticky notes and lists, you’ll probably like it as much as I do. I’d been using the regular Notes app on my phone, but all my reminders, thoughts and ideas kept getting lost and never looked at again.

On this app you can create color coded folders to organize your notes into, and you can enter a note in by either taking a photo of it, speaking into your phone, handwriting it on your screen, or typing it up (like normies). You can even set a reminder alarm for a note!

It has a password protected folder for you to keep secret notes in, which is great for remembering and keeping passwords safe. I actually love this app so much that I’m planning to feature it on my blog in the near futur

 This review is hilariously accurate:

To-Do List but with a Role-Playing Game Spin
Price: $1.99, Available on iPhone

I saved this one for last because it is hands down the coolest app idea of all time. And it couldn’t be more perfect for an ADHD brain.

I’ve talked so many times about our dopamine deficient brains working best when theres a reward involved in what we’re doing. This game/to-do list is the ultimate reward system for getting our boring adult stuff done while actually enjoying it.

Here’s the description from their page:
“EpicWin is an iPhone app that puts the adventure back into your life. It’s a streamlined to-do list, to quickly note down all your everyday tasks, but with a role-playing spin. So rather than just ticking off your chores and reminders, completing each one earns you XP to improve and develop your character in an ongoing quest to improve stats, gain riches, and level-up.”