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Writing Library Learning Outcomes: A Short Guide for Instructors
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Updated Fall 2020                                                                        

What are Library Learning Outcomes?

Library learning outcomes are statements that reflect research and information literacy goals.  Including library learning outcomes in your instruction request to the UCLA Library will help your Library Instructor design a tailored instructional approach that reflects your course’s information needs.

Turning your Request into a Library Learning Outcome

Unsure how to craft library learning outcomes and incorporate them into your Library instruction request? We’re here to help!

When crafting a library learning outcome, think broadly about the underlying research, information, and literacy goals you hope the Library Instructor will help you achieve.

For instance, if you are asking for the Library Instructor to attend your class to “Demonstrate how to use the Library website,” your underlying Library outcome may be one or more of the following:

“Upon completion of the Library instruction session, I hope learners will …

Keeping the Library’s Core Competencies in Mind

Define the goals, scope, and plan

Investigate diverse sources and perspectives

Gather and organize information and data

Evaluate and synthesize information and data

Use information and data ethically

Share the work and engage with audiences

Reflect on and refine the search process