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Native Riparian Planting at Sacramento River Fisheries Project

By Harmony Gugino, Project Manager

Making river restoration projects happen is 80% office work and 20% field work. So, it is always a welcome opportunity to get out in the fresh air and get your hands in the dirt. That is what happened last Wednesday when WSRCD staff (Kelli England, Ross Perry, and Harmony Gugino) planted native riparian species along the future Kapusta 1a Side Channel Project scheduled for completion this month.

Planting Day

Artistic rendering of Finished Landscape

In an area formerly dominated by non-natives including periwinkle, Johnson grass, Klamath weed, yellow nutsedge and dallis grass, staff introduced a vibrant palette of local favorites all thoughtfully selected by WSRCD staff (Tessa Blevins) including Western redbud, California wild rose, blue-eyed grass, deergrass, California poppy, showy milkweed, and yellow dogwood. This project is possible through the collaboration and resources offered by the local landowner and multiple agencies, especially the Bureau of Reclamation. Looking forward to watching the roots (literally) of restoration grow!

Why California Native Plants? No matter where you live in the Golden State, there is a selection of native plants that will help you "save water, reduce maintenance and pesticide use, and invite beneficial pollinators." - California Native Plant Society

Want to know what will work for you? There is a ton of information available online and through your local native nurseries.

Check out these resources:

California Native Plant Society's Gardening and Horticulture (https://www.cnps.org/gardening)

Beyond Drought Tolerant: A California Low-Water Gardening Guide from Sustainable Conservation (https://suscon.org/landing/landing001.html)

Turtle Bay Exploration Park (https://www.turtlebay.org/nursery/)

Floral Native Nursery (http://floralnativenursery.com/)

Hedgerow Farms (https://www.hedgerowfarms.com/)

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