Frequently Asked Questions

What is TanodCOVID?

An SMS and web application that local government units (LGUs) may use as initial point of contact of their residents who suspect to be experiencing COVID19 related symptoms. TanodCOVID will allow residents to report their suspected COVID19 symptoms to their local officials without fear of possible discrimination.

Who can use TanodCOVID?

The general public may use the SMS component of TanodCOVID.

Only LGUs, DOH, and DOST users may use the web application component of TanodCOVID to manage self-reported symptoms sent by the public.

How could LGUs secure a Unique TanodCOVID Access Code?

LGUs may submit a Letter of Intent with a list of authorized TanodCOVID web users via the Sign-up form in Upon receipt of the Letter of Intent, TanodCOVID team will initiate the process of securing a unique TanodCOVID Access Code from Globe Labs.

How could individual LGU, DOST, or DOH users secure an account to access TanodCOVID web?

Individual users are required to sign-up for an account using the Sign-up form in

How long should LGUs wait for their Unique TanodCOVID Access Code to be activated?

TanodCOVID Team will do its best to activate accounts within 24 hours. However, in case the volume of account requests suddenly spike, please expect account activation to last up to 72 hours. Account requests will be fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis.

How does TanodCOVID help in preventing the spread of coronavirus disease?

TanodCOVID makes it easier and safer for the public to report symptoms that they may suspect to be COVID19 related because they only need to send a text message to report. We hope the ease and safety of self-reporting symptoms will yield more data on possibly infected individuals. LGU representatives tasked to do surveillance, usually the designated event surveillance person, will be able to call them directly to gather more information, provide instructions, and implement protocols such as where to proceed for testing. Another advantage of using tanodcovid is to see clustering of reports which may indicate possible outbreak in an area. The earlier LGUs are able to mitigate the contact of infectious individuals with the rest of the population, the faster we will be able to manage the spread of the virus.

How does it help the DoH in contact tracing of possible and suspected COVID-19 cases?

Information gathered from self-reporting individuals that have been verified as potential suspect cases are recorded in the FASSSTER LGU dashboard and can be transmitted to the DOH COVID19 Information System. The process will help increase data recorded in the database of close contacts which will in turn may be used by agencies at the national level for planning and decision making.

What are the requisites to use TanodCOVID?

For the SMS component used by the public:

For the Web component:

How much will it cost to use TanodCOVID?

TanodCOVID is FREE. It is sponsored by Globe Telecommunications.

What is the step-by-step process of self-reporting symptoms using TanodCOVID?

  1. Text REG <address>, <# of household members> to a specified number of an LGU.


        REG J.P. Rizal St., Makati City, 5

TanodCOVID will then send a confirmation message and instructions for sending symptoms.


Maari mo nang i-report ang mga nararamdamang sintomas:

A - Ubo/Dry Cough

B - Lagnat

C - Hirap sa Paghinga

D - Pagtatae

I-text REP <sintomas1>, <sintomas2>, <sintomas3>


REP A, B, C, D

Libre ang serbisyong ito.

  1. Text REP <symptom1>, <symptom2>, <symptom3>, <symptom4>


REP A, B, C, D

Who developed this technology?

The technology was developed by the Ateneo Center for Computing Competency and Research.