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InvolveMINT Privacy Policy


Welcome to involveMINT, a project of New Sun Rising [] catalyzing resources through complementary currency systems to enable communities affected by systemic challenges and inequalities to transform into vibrant, healthy, and thriving places. involveMINT Enterprises, LLC a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company and referred to herein as "involveMINT", "we", "us", or "our", respects your privacy and wants you to to know about our practices for collecting, storing, using and sharing the information you provide to us as described herein (collectively, the “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”).  As noted above, please read this Policy carefully, as you are permitted to use our website ( and / or mobile application (collectively, the “Site”) only if you have read, understood, and accepted this Policy, as well as the Terms of Use incorporated herein by reference.  ANY USE OF THE SITE REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND ACCEPTED THIS POLICY.  


The Privacy Policy applies only to information provided to or collected by our Site (for clarity, including both our website and/or mobile application).  The Policy does not apply to information provided to or collected by us through other means.

Persons Under The Age Of 13

As noted in the Terms of Use, no person under the age of thirteen years is permitted to use our Site or provide information to us in any form, and we do not knowingly collect any personal information about or from persons under the age of thirteen years. If you believe that we have collected information about or from a person under the age of thirteen years, please contact us immediately at so that we may delete it.

What Information We May Collect

We may collect information about you and your Account (as defined in the Terms of Use), including but not limited to name, email address, phone number, postal code, birthdate, mailing address, account username, account password, and user-supplied interests and preferences. We may also collect information about your actions on our Site--along with the date and time of these actions--including but not limited to search queries, browsing patterns, the expression of interest in volunteering opportunities, volunteer opportunities completed, hours volunteered, TimeCredits (as defined in the Terms of Use) earned, TimeCredits redeemed, and redemption opportunities used. We may collect location information such as GPS coordinates. We may also collect technical information about the device(s) or equipment with which you access our Site, including but not limited to IP address, operating system, browser type and version, and device identifier. Automated tracking and data collection technologies may log other information about your device(s) or equipment and your usage patterns. We may also use “cookies,” small files containing a string of characters that are sent to your device to collect further information as described under “How We Use Cookies.”.

How We Collect Information

We collect information from you as you provide the information to us through forms on our Site. We also collect information from your device(s) and / or equipment through automatic means such as cookies, tracking scripts, and logs. We may collect information from your device(s) sensors; this information may include location information.

How We Store Information

We take steps to keep your personal information secure. We store information securely on the Google Cloud Platform. We may also store information on Google’s cloud storage and email systems.

How We Use Information

We may use the information collected to display our content to you; to provide you with our services; to provide you with personalized recommendations; to provide you with regular email newsletter updates; to provide you with an account; to allow you to participate in volunteer opportunities and earn TimeCredits; to help verify the voluntary work that you complete; to allow you to redeem the TimeCredits that you earn; to contact you about changes to our Site; and for any other purpose that we describe to you when you provide the information.

We may anonymously use your information in impact reports for organizations and businesses, which will contain data related to app usage patterns and any content or data generated before, during or after volunteering or redeeming. Non-anonymous data associated with your volunteer activity may be viewed by any project admin of the project for which you volunteer. In addition, user data such as name and contact information may be shared with the businesses partners with whom you chose to redeem. We may also use the anonymous information to improve our Site.

How We Share Information

involveMINT partners with charities, community development organizations, businesses, and others to provide opportunities to earn and redeem TimeCredits. We may share information with our partners in order to help verify the voluntary work that you complete, to allow you to redeem TimeCredits with them, and to help them understand their audiences and volunteers.

We may share non-identifying information with potential partners and funders to help them identify trends and better understand our business. We may also disclose information in order to comply with court orders, laws, and regulations and to protect the safety of our staff, partners, and users.

We may share non-identifying information with digital 3rd party service providers (such as automated texting, email services) to help deliver information more effectively and improve the user experience.  

How We Use “Cookies”

involveMINT uses cookies and similar technologies, such as tracking pixels, tags, web beacons, clear GIFs, JavaScript and local storage on our Site. When you visit the Site, the cookie allows our Site to recognize your browser and read certain information stored in the cookie. Cookies may be placed on your device by us (“first party cookies”) or by other parties, such as our advertisers or analytics providers (“third party cookies”), in order to improve the Site, understand our users and their preferences better, to provide personalized content and advertise relevant exchange opportunities for you, and to provide a safe and secure environment for all of our users.  

Note that any data, including personal data that you may have provided, and that has been subsequently collected by third parties outside our Site are not governed by this Privacy Policy, but by the privacy policy of any such third parties. 

The types of cookies we use include:

Functional Cookies. We use ‘functional cookies’ for the purpose of carrying out or facilitating the transmission of communication via the Internet. Furthermore, we use these cookies when they are strictly necessary in order to provide our services to you, for example, to use a shopping cart or to log in to secure areas of our Site. Disabling these cookies may affect the performance of our Site or may make some of the features and services unavailable.

Analytical Cookies. We use ‘analytical cookies’ in order to learn and understand how our visitors engage with our Site. These cookies allow us to improve and optimize our Site, for example by ensuring that our visitors can easily find the information they are looking for. In order to analyze how our Site is used, we count the number of visitors, the number of visits, the number of pages you use or the location from which you visit our Site. We only use your location if you allow us to do so. Analytical cookies also help us measure the performance of our advertising campaigns. This allows us to improve the campaigns and optimize our Site’s content for those who engage with our advertising.

Tracking Cookies. We use ‘tracking cookies’ as a way to compile records of the browsing history of our visitors. These cookies are, for example, used when we place advertisements on other websites and in other apps. We may also use these cookies to track which of our advertisements you have already seen, so that you will not always see the same banners or content on your social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

How can I disable or delete cookies?

If you no longer want cookies to be stored on your device, you can adjust your browser settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or the cookies from third parties, thereby revoking your consent. You can also delete the cookies that have already been placed on your device.  If the cookies are disabled, our Site will continue to work but may have limited functionality.  Keep in mind that disabling cookies does not mean that you will not see any advertisements on our Site, rather, the advertisements you do see will not be personalized to you.

If you want to disable cookies from specific parties, you can do so via

How you manage your cookie settings, including deletion, may differ per browser. Please use the “Help” function in your browser.  If you wish to stop sharing other forms of information with us, you may contact us at to have us deactivate your Account.