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Communication to Parents
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SkyView Academy is committed to preparing students to be lifelong learners and honorable leaders of tomorrow.

Where do parents find information on News and Events for SVA?

SkyView Academy must follow a clear communication plan to ensure that families are well-informed and can easily access information.  Below is a list of how the school will communicate with parents, including the expectations for staff where applicable.

The SkyView Academy Website will be a primary source to learn about News, Events, and Announcements. This will be a school-wide means of communication.

The Thursday Wire provides brief announcements and action items for parents.

The Marquee will be used for quick snapshots of announcements - not to be relied upon by parents as a primary source of information.

Thursday Folders / Flyers will still be sent home to PK-5 parents on occasion for events and classroom communications. Flyers will be used for Events or Announcements requiring parents' responses or a permission slip. This will be used as a secondary means of communication.

Infinite Campus provides access to student grades and assignments through the Parent Portal.

Social Media provides real-time updates, celebrations, and announcements.  SkyView’s official Facebook page will be managed by Administration.