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Wi-Fi Room Monthly Tournaments
Updated automatically every 5 minutes

Imagine being a staff in 2021

Hosted by: Aurolux, Gardevoir&Gallade, and Tour Helpers

Wi-Fi Points 

60 WP for the winner

40 WP to the finalist
30 semis, 20 Quarters

10 WP to all participants

Date & Time

Monthly Tour: November 28th

       Tour 1: 2:00 PM EST

       Tour 2: 7:00 PM EST

General Rules:

These rules apply to all Wi-Fi Tour activities.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to a disqualification, a ban from tour activities, or a room ban.

Tournament Prizes

WiFi Points (WP) is used to buy in-game prizes.

Wifi Points are reset to a maximum of 15 at the end of each month (usually at 11:59 PM EST 3 days after the Monthly Tour), so spend them before they are gone! If you have under 15 points, all of your points will roll over to the next month.

Enter the Prize Shop

Nugget Bridge

You become the Nugget Bridge Trainer. Throughout the month, you can challenge other trainers on the Nugget Bridge to win TP and show you’re the Top Trainer.

Registration page HERE. Report matches HERE. Nugget Bridge Sheet HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Nugget Bridge, please PM one of these Nugget Bridge Helpers: Aurolux, Gardevoir&Gallade, Sergeant Kitten, ohfreewin.


We are aware that the in-game timer is very short and can lead to issues with battles finishing. The general rules for a battle that ends due to timer is that the person who the game claims to have won is considered the victor, unless the person who the game has declared the loser is in a CLEARLY FAVORABLE position to win, such as having set up a mon that has all its checks and counters eliminated. Any timer disputes can be brought up to a nugget bridge helper.