Hosted by: Aurolux and Tour Helpers

Tournament Points 

60 TP for the winner

40 TP to the finalist
30 semis, 20 Quarters

10 TP to all participants

Date & Time

Monthly Tour: February 23th, 2020

       Tour 1: 1:00 PM EST

       Tour 2: 7:00 PM EST

General Rules:

These rules apply to all Wi-Fi Tour activities.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to a disqualification, a ban from tour activities, or a room ban.

Tournament Prizes

Tour Points (TP) is used to buy in-game prizes. The winner of the monthly also gets a mention in the room intro.

Tour Points are reset to a maximum of 50 at the end of each month (usually at 11:59 PM EST 3 days after the Monthly Tour), so spend them before they are gone! If you have under 50 points, all of your points will roll over to the next month. If you do not earn any TP in 60 days, they will all be erased from the scoreboard!

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