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How to write a good internship report
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How to write a good internship report.

This paper is meant as a help and a guideline for working towards a good internship report. You are expected to handin the report within 14 days after completing your internship, but I encourage you to do it faster in order to spend more time on your final dissertation - especially if you have come a little late in the process

Examination structure

The exam is an internal, individual written exam based on an internship report assessed according to the 7‐ point scale. The internship report will be assessed by the student's internship tutor in consultation with an internal examiner.  A single mark will be given based on an assessment of the written product.

During your internship

Content of the report

The report should be between 8 and 10 pages. Be aware that we don’t want a log or diary describing your daily work, that belongs to the appendix. In the report you are expected to show that are able to describe the company's work and workflow and reflect on i

Presentation of the company

What is the name of the company what do they do and how is it organized. Make it short!

Describing the work and workflow

Do the company use a workflow you have learned about during your education? How do they use it and what do you think about it?

Have you come across exciting new technologies or are the company uising very well proven technologies? Describe it and write what you think about their choice of technology. In most cases there would be both advantages and disadvantages.

Cooperation and planning

How do the employee cooperate and plan the work? How is the meetings and what do you think about it.

Describing your work assignments

Write about what the company asked you to do and how you think it went. Was the tasks to easy or too difficult? Did you have time enough and how did you contribute to the company. Use the most efforts at Reflections - remember that the reader can read your full diary in the appendix in case of a need for more or longer descriptions.

You don’t have to describe all your work assignments in case you had many, you are more than welcome to dive into only a few well described with good reflections.

Try to divide your assignments into issues or topics and subtopics. Focus on giving an overview of the topics - not chronological necessarily chronological.

Reflections, Reflection Reflection

Your thoughts about the internship matters the most! Don’t spend too many lines on descriptions of your work - the most important part of your internship report is about how you reflect on things you have experienced during your internship. Hopefully you are able to compare your real life experience (the internship) with your computer science education.

There are also a number of formal requirements[1]

Make sure you fulfill all the requirements:

Getting some basic assistance from your supervisor

If you are uncertain about the what to write in your report send your supervisor a list of headlines and some bullet points and get your supervisor's opinion on your planned content

[1] The formal requirements are taken from the curriculum which is a good idea to read