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Prospective Side Channels

By Chester Anderson, 5-29-18

On May 10th, Project Manager, Harmony Gugino, led a field tour for the Sacramento River Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC looked at three potential locations to construct new Sacramento River Side-channels.

These field visits are opportunities for stakeholders and partnering agencies to meet landowners and consider potential locations to be transformed into beneficial habitat for salmonids.

Agencies are represented by their biologists, hydrologists and engineers and include the: US Bureau of Reclamation, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, CA Department of Water Resources, Pacific States Marine Fisheries, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Sacramento River Forum, RCD of Tehama County, Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District, Army Corps of Engineers, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, local governments and concerned citizens.


The people who participate in the TAC and advise the Western Shasta RCD represent several hundred years of experience in fisheries restoration and are the best assets these projects have. The TAC uses a loosely based consensus decision making process and they are the precursor to permitting projects.

Permitting is a notoriously painful process but, looked at from another perspective, is a process that if utilized properly results in the best project for both the fish and the communities involved and takes in all the perspectives and protects as many community assets and resources as they can.

Our Project Manager, Harmony Gugino, and her Project Coordinator, Jan Rather, are masters at managing the myriad interests and keeping them conversing, on-task, and focused on the outcomes.

Employee Spotlight: Sean Arnold, Administrative Assistant & Clerk of the Board, by Kelli England, Fore-woman

Sean has been with the Western Shasta RCD for 3 years. He received his BA from California State University, Sacramento, studying Anthropology with an emphasis in cultural studies and a minor in History.

As a historian he worked on a number of historical projects for the Sacramento Anthropological Society and the Shasta Historical Society. He spent his childhood hiking and running the trails of northern California and he loves being on the water.

Outside of work, Sean spends his time publishing his writings, drumming, and enjoying life. Whether living in an urban, suburban, or rural setting, he finds the beauty of the place.

Sean says the best part about working at the Western Shasta RCD, besides being able to contribute to conservation in Shasta County, is the people that he works with.

Western Shasta RCD Projects Web-map

By Jan Rather, Project Coordinator

The Western Shasta RCD has been around for 60 years and in that time has accomplished much. You could spend days in the RCD archives looking at projects completed in the past or you could check out our web-map (https://arcg.is/0Duyfa) where we've done some of that work for you.

The map, put together by Project Coordinator, Jan Raether with the help of Shasta College interns, goes back to the early 2000s when most of our record keeping switched over to computers. It includes past and present projects with a brief description and a photo of the location or some of the work that was completed.

Using ArcGIS online makes it easy for us to update our maps and share them with partners and the community. Check back every couple of weeks and you'll see new projects we are working on and the ones we have recently completed and, while you are there, check out all the points along Clear Creek and the Sacramento River.

We do not receive any Special District taxes, we do not advocate, we do not lobby.

We do consensus based conservation and complete our projects at cost.

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