Plagiarism Survey

Plagiarism is an inflammatory topic that may inspire feelings of fear, anger, or frustration. In today’s global society, it is critical that professionals achieve a nuanced understanding of this complex topic.

Please help us complete this study by selecting the appropriate survey below; each one should take less than 10 minutes and mostly includes multiple choice questions with a few open-ended questions. This survey is intended for professionals who work with English-language research and nonfiction content.

Select Your Survey

  1. Writers: This survey is for professional researchers and communicators (not students). This includes those who work in journalism or who work with scientific, academic, or business content. Please click here.
  2. Editors: This survey is intended for professional editors and proofreaders (both in-house and self-employed). Please click here.
  3. Content publishers: This survey is intended for those who work in management, acquisitions, or product/project management for an organization that publishes content. Please click here.

        If you write and edit content, you are welcome to participate in both surveys.


The purpose of this study is to:

We are conducting this research as two independent editors (Victoria White of Write Vision Services, LLC and Andrea Klingler of Silverwood Editorial & Communications, LLC); we are not affiliated with any other organization. This is not a blinded study, but published data will be anonymous (in other words, we will know how you respond if you share your contact info, but disseminated results will be kept anonymous). We will share aggregated data with professional associations and may publish it in a journal article.

At the end of the survey, you can indicate whether you'd also like to receive the aggregated results. Respondents who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift card for each survey completed. Please contact us at with any questions.