Power & Reactors

25% stabilization no longer counterintuitively yields full power.

TL;DR: there are more than two or three efficient sizes of ship now.


Overall, the power of thrusters has been reduced significantly. Reaching the max speed cap is no longer as easy for most ships, and mathematically impossible above a certain reactor size. Additionally, there should now be more variation in speed cap depending on ship design choices.

Damage Type System

Shields, weapons, and armor now have damage type vulnerabilities. EM does extra damage to shields, Heat does extra damage to armor, and Kinetic weapons do more damage to systems and other armorless blocks.

Armor & Shields

Shield and armor defenses (aside from certain strategic uses of the shield low damage chamber) have been chronically underpowered compared to weapons since the inception of Weapons 2.0, creating a situation in which avoiding damage via maneuverability is the only viable method of defending yourself. For the Quickfire configs, we have adjusted the stats for shields and armor, and we have also worked with Schine on modifying armor mechanics to (ideally) give some viability to the construction of “tankier” ships.


Furthermore, a few bugs, including weapons magically penetrating through ships and lock-on missiles trying to hit empty space instead of their target, have been traced down and patched during the course of Quickfire’s internal testing.





Further adjustment will likely be needed.

More adjustments to chamber costs and functionality will probably be needed as testing progresses.