Shore Conference Team/Individual Highlights

Sept 7 - 8 and Sept 14-15 weekends

9/8 Roxbury XC Inv

Javid Ridgeway TRN finished 6th (16:21) in the Boys Fastest 4 division leading TRN to 5th in the division.  Chase Vander Vliet was 6th (17:20) in the Boys Future 4 to lead TRN to 4th in that division.  Meagan Mahon TRN finished 6th in the Girls Fastest 4 division to lead TRN to 5th in the division with Jackson Memorial 6th.

9/8 Cherokee Inv

Many Shore Conference teams were at this Class Meet.  Here are some highlights:  Senior Boys – Nick Lundberg Free Twp 3rd (10:04) and TJ Hillyer Howell 8th (10:27); Junior Boys – Rishi Sharma Manalapan 8th (10:25) and Zach Zawatski Free Twp 9th (10:31); Soph Boys – Michael Murphy Midd North 13th 10:53; Frosh Boys – Connor Kinch Midd North 7th (11:05); Senior Girls – Gianna Citarella Southern 12th (12:58); Junior Girls – Maddy Kopec RBC 3rd (11:57), Claudia Satzke RBC 9th (12:47); Soph Girls – Briana Povell Manalapan 23rd (13:39); Frosh Girls – Elena DiMitri RBC 4th (12:36).

9/14 Battle of Ocean County Park

Tons of Shore Conference teams at this Class Meet.  Here are some highlights:  Senior Boys – Nick Lundberg Free Twp 1st (15:43), Tyler Schwinn Red Bank 3rd (15:53), Cameron Janovic Shore 4th (16:04), Colin Flood Manasquan 5th (16:06; Junior Boys – Zach Zawatski Free Twp 1st (16:05), Nolan Kus CBA 2nd (16:14), Teddy Purdon Red Bank 3rd 16:19, Tim Cahill CBA 4th (16:23), Rishi Sharma Manalapan 5th (16:33); Soph Boys – Ethan Hood Holmdel 4th (16:58), Michael Chanda Southern 5th (17:04); Frosh Boys – Jack Moran Wall 2nd (10:11), Connor Kinch Midd North 3rd (10:38), Daniel Valentino Free Twp 4th 10:52, Rowan Valentino Manalapan  5th (10:54); Senior Girls – Kathleen Shay Midd South 3rd (18:39), Samantha Ragenklint Monmouth 4th (18:41), Delia Russo Colts Neck 5th (18:43); Junior Girls – Jade Tricomy TRS 1st (18:41), Corina Vidal Henry Hudson 2nd (18:49), Catherine Wimmer Red Bank 3rd (18:51), Emily Levonas Holmdel 4th (19:03), Natalie Shapiro Colts Neck (19:04); Meagan Mahon TRN 1st (19:25), Caitlyn Joyce Holmdel 2nd (20:09), Kavita Shah Colts Neck 3rd (20:39), Molly Silva Neptune 5th (21:07); Frosh Girls – Lucy Afanasewicz Midd South 1st (12:02), Rachel Short Southern 3rd (12:24), Julia Jankojc Matawan 4th (12:25).

9/15 St Dominic Academy XC Inv

Julia Tambaro Rumson 1st Leads the team to a 3rd place finish.