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Sadeem Khan - A14742598

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A2: Prototyping

Our team name is: FitnessFirst

Point of View

We took your note into account and spoke with Professor Guo about our Point of View. We tried to make it more specific towards the problems we found -- a lack of motivation turning their work-out into a waste of time, and lack of knowledge - working out the wrong way. We feel anyone should be able to have a workout that makes them feel good, if we can get past these hurdles.


Storyboard 1: Getting Started

Storyboard 2: How does it work?

Storyboard 3: Countdown

Prototype 1: Storyboard 2

Homepage: This website is optimized for mobile use, as we anticipate our user will access it on their phone at the gym when encountering unfamiliar equipment.

We were debating whether to leave the name as Fitness First, or imply the search function in the Title Bar to better guide the user. (pictures may show either.)

Search Results: User is able to search by the name of equipment/brand/muscle group/keywords relating to the equipment. This was decided based on observing gym equipment, which often had names such as “Hammer Strength Pullover.” Results are presented in primarily visual format, for easy identification.

Search Sort:User is able to narrow down their search results by Equipment Type, or Muscle Group. They are also able to sort.

Selection: Once equipment is selected, details such as the Equipment Type, Muscle Group, and a simple exercise for getting started are on the screen. Also featured is a video on how to use the equipment (many equipment manufacturers have youtube channels for this purpose.)

Full Screen: By default, video will be played full-screen, with a familiar exit button in the corner.

Ending Notes: We have yet to implement the menu bar in the corner of some of these pictures. It seems standard for many mobile apps, however we are able to accomplish what we need in our workflow without. We’d like to do further tests before adding that functionality.

Similarly, the user will be able to start the search over by clicking on the Title. This is why we thought we might put the word “Search” in the name, however, a search bar locked into the title may also suit this purpose.

Prototype 2: Storyboard 1

Welcome screen: Users will be immediately greeted with two options, covering two broad yet different workout regimes

upon selection of one of these options, the user will be presented with workout routines following the original category selected.

The categories can be seen here after selecting the “see more” button from the previous page

After the selection is made, the user is brought to the workout routine that will describe the routine with sets x reps, provide a sneak peak into the description of the workout, and have a clickable video thumbnail that will demonstrate how to perform the exercise

If a user selects a video to be watched, the user will have full access to the description of the exercise and of course a video demonstration of the exercise

if a user decides to search, the user will be presented with blog style search queries that will be presented based on the usage of the keyword being searched