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Internet Archive Summer of Code (IASoC) 2022
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Internet Archive Summer of Code (IASoC) 2022

Spend your summer reimagining core experiences for, an open source project at the non-profit Internet Archive. IASoC is a paid, flexible, remote fellowship opportunity for early-career designers and developers.



What is the Internet Archive?

The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit digital library which creates backups of the world’s cultural heritage, spanning everything from websites, government documents, scholarly research, books, music, television news, software, and more. Like a physical library, the Internet Archive provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, persons with print disabilities, and the general public. Our motto is Universal Access to All Knowledge. The Internet Archive runs several initiatives including the Wayback Machine,, Archive-it, and

What is Internet Archive Summer of Code (IASoC)?

IASoC is a paid, flexible summer fellowship program that awards stipends to help support the journey of exemplary students and early career software engineers, designers, and researchers into the open source world. Three goals of IASoC are to:

  1. offer support to fellows who may otherwise not have the opportunity to contribute to an open source project
  2. offer high impact, highly visible projects to help jumpstart one’s career
  3. promote interest in contributing to public good initiatives.

IASoC is modeled after Google’s Summer of Code (GSoC) program, but is not affiliated. For several years the Internet Archive has participated in GSoC with great success and has been inspired to emulate Google’s model to extend more opportunities to members of the open source community.



IASoC 2022 is focused on improving the core experience of the Open Library project.

Open Library is the Internet Archive’s open-source book catalog service, which helps more than 5 million patrons borrow 4 million books a year. Open Library’s mission is to catalog the world’s books and make them universally accessible and useful.

Internship Details


Who are you?
You are a student, graduate student, or early-career designer or front-end engineer who is eager to apply your skills to help reshape the future of an open source digital library for millions of book lovers. You may also:

Ways to stand out
Having a portfolio of projects or designs, relevant course-work, internship experience, relevant side-projects, previous open source contributions, or passion for book experiences are great ways to stand out:

You may have a chance to learn more about:


All candidates are warmly invited to apply, especially those who may otherwise have difficulty contributing to an open source project without financial support. Applicants may email their resumes to Mek Karpeles <> and those looking for a chance to stand out are encouraged to submit a short 1-page Google Doc Proposal including the following sections:

Feel free to also include sketches, mockups, or any other materials you feel might be useful in conveying your idea

Please submit your proposal here by May 23, 2022. We will be reaching out in late May for an interview, and hope to select a fellow by May 31, 2022.

Note: Volunteering or making open source contributions to OpenLibrary prior to IASoC is not a requirement for being accepted as a fellow.


Here are some potential ways to familiarize yourself with our work, as well as tips on how to write a good application.

  1. How to get setup as a contributor
  1. Read our Contributing Guide and get
  2. Try setting up a Development Environment
  3. Explore the codebase
  4. Browse Good First Issue

  1. How to write a good proposal
  1. Read Tips & Examples of writing a good Proposals
  2. See the work product of a past IASoC fellow
  3. Get ideas from our 2022 Strategic Roadmap and Service Design


Here are some examples of previous concepts which may help inspire your creative energies!