Half Yearly Syllabus 2019  Class - I






Ch. 1 -Ria’s family Ducks on  the water.

Ch. 2-Sharing is caring

Ch. 3-The true friend I can be a pal.


Ch.-1 Letters of the english alphabet

Ch.-2 Naming words and nouns.

Ch.-3 Types of nouns.

Ch.-4 Singular and plural.


Seen and Unseen Passage


Essay Myself

Ch.-1 Comparing

Ch.-2 Numbers up to 20

Ch.-3 Addition upto 10

Ch.-4 Subtraction upto 10

Ch.-5 Shapes

Ch.-7 Number upto 50

Challenge Maths

Ch. 1 to 15

Ch.-1 Computer the magical machine.

Ch.-2 Parts of a computer.

Ch.-3 Do it right

Assessment test Formative-1

Hindi Text Book

Ch.-1 आमात्रिक शब्द

Ch.-2 स्वरों की  मात्राएँ

Ch.-3 खेल  मे क्रियाकलाप

Ch.-4 अनुस्वार  अनुनासिक

Ch.-5 दास  खड़ी

Ch.-6 र के विभिन रूप

Ch.-7आगत एवं अन्य वर्ण



Hindi Grammar

Ch.-1 भाषा               Ch.-2 वर्णमाला

Ch.-3 मात्रा               Ch.-4 शब्द

Ch.-5 वाक्य              Ch.-6 संज्ञा

Ch.-7 लिंग

Ch.-8 वचन

आदर्श  प्रशन पत्र 1

गठित और  अपठित गद्यांश

Ch.-1 About myself      

Ch.-2 My body

Ch.-3 looking after my body.

Ch.-4 My family.          Ch.-5 Food.                      Ch.-6 clothes.  Ch.-7 my home  Ch.-8 safety ability

Ch.. 9 Stay Connected

Ch. 1 to 19

Unit-1 to 5

Half Yearly Syllabus 2019  Class - II






Ch.-1 childhood

Ch.-2 Sports and school.

Ch.-3 Food and health.


Ch.-1 Alphabetical order.

Ch.-2 Common nouns.

Ch.-3 proper nouns.

Ch.-4 Singular and plural.

Ch.-5 Verbs.

Ch.-6 adjectives.

Ch.-7 articles.

Revision time 1

Reading Comprehension

Seen and Unseen Passage


Application: Sick leave

Eassy: Our school.

Ch.-1 Numbers upto 200

Ch.-2 Addition   Ch.-3 Subtraction

Ch.-4 multiplication

Ch.-5 Equal  sharing

Ch.-6 Numbers upto 1000

Ch.-10 The world of shapes

Challenge Maths

Ch. 1 to 23

Ch.-1 Introduction to computers

Ch.-2 Computer parts and devices

Ch.-3  The computer mouse  

Hindi Text Book

Ch. -1 प्यारा भारत

Ch. -2 हिम्मत मत हरो

Ch. -3गुरु नानक देव

Ch. -4 हमारे मददगार

Ch. -5 खेल महीनों का

Ch. -6 साधु की झोपडी

Ch. -7ठण्ड की दवा

Ch. -8 खरगोश का घमण्ड टुटा

Hindi Grammar

Ch. -1भाषा और लिपि

Ch. -2 वर्ण माला और मात्राएँ

Ch. -3 शब्द                      Ch. -4 वाक्य

Ch. -5 संज्ञा                       Ch. -6 लिंग

Ch. -7 वचन                       Ch. -8 सवर्नाम

Reading Comprehension

गठित और  अपठित गद्यांश


प्राथना  पत्र (जरुरी कार्य )



 Ch.-1 How our body works

Ch.-2 Growing up

Ch.-3 Our family

Ch.-4 Our clothes

Ch.-5 Food we eat

Ch.-6 people at works

Ch.-7 Good habits

Ch.-8 Safe habits

Ch. 1 to 24

  1. Half Yearly Syllabus 2019  Class - III






Ch.-1 Reggie mouse’s shrinking clothes

Poem:- cookies for santa

Ch.-2 Simon Says

Poem:- A view of a cat

Ch.-3 A visit of Jaipur

Poem:- Travel flowers


Ch.-1 Nouns

Ch.-2 Singular and plurals

Ch.-3 Verbs         Ch.-4 Adjectives

Ch.-5 Pronouns   Ch.-6 Articles

Ch.-7 Word order and sentences

Ch.-8 Time of actions

Ch.-9 The simple present tense

Ch.-10 The present continuous tense

Reading Comprehension

Seen and Unseen Passage


Application and Essay Writing

Maths Express

Ch.-1 Large numbers

Ch.-2 Addition

Ch.-3 Subtraction

Ch.-4 Multiplication

Ch.-5 Division

Ch.-7 Shapes

Challenge Maths

Ch.-1 to 24

Ch.-1 The world of computers

Ch.-2 Hardware and software

Ch.-3 Welcome to windows 7

Assessment test : FA- 1

GK - Ch. 1-25


Ch.-1 studying the past

Ch.-2 Early humans

Ch.-3 Early civilizations

Ch.-4 Our universe

Ch.-5 Planet earth

Ch.-6 Taking care of our environment

Ch.-7 Our country india

Hindi Text Book

Ch.-1 हम नन्हे नन्हे बच्चे है

Ch.-2 गौरईया के बच्चे  

Ch.-3 पतंग से सीख

Ch.-4 भलाई का बदला

Ch.-5 ऐसे हुआ हवाई जहाज

Ch.-6 नन्ही मधु मक्खी

Ch.-7 चालक खरगोश

Ch.-8 तेनालीराम की चतुराई

Hindi Grammar

Ch.-1 भाषा एवं व्याकरण

Ch.-2 वर्ण एवं मात्राएँ

Ch.-3 शब्द और वाक्य

Ch.- 4 संज्ञा            

 Ch.-5 वचन              

Reading Comprehension

गठित और  अपठित गद्यांश


1. अनुच्छेद लेखन

2. प्रार्थना-पत्र लेखन


Ch.-1 Living and non-living things

 Ch.-2 Parts of plants

Ch.-3 Eating habits of animals

Ch.-4 Birds  Ch.-5 Our body

Ch.-6 Safety and first aid

Ch.-7 Housing and clothing

Half Yearly Syllabus 2019  Class - IV






Ch. -1  A daughter’s love

Ch. -2 Once upon a time

Ch. -3 Good Neighbours- The people  


Ch. -4 Lata Mangeshkar the Queen        

of melody

Ch. -5 The Gift to sing


Ch. -1 Common and proper nouns

Ch. -2 Abstract and concrete noun

Ch. -3 Singular,plurals and collective noun

Ch. -4 Countables and uncountable

Ch. -5 Gender

Ch. -6 Pronoun

Ch. -7 Definite and indefinite articles

Ch. -8 Adjectives

Ch. -9 Degree of comparison

Reading Comprehension

Seen and Unseen Passage


Essay writing

Maths Express

Ch. -1 Large numbers

Ch. -2 Addition & subtraction

Ch. -3 Multiplication

Ch. -4 Division

Ch. -5 Factor and multiples

Ch. -6 Fractions

Challenge Maths

Ch.-1 to 8

Ch. -1 Input and output devices

Ch. -2 More about Windows 7

Ch. -3 Editing text in ms word 2010

Ch. -4  Formatting in ms word 2010

GK - Ch. 1-26


Ch. -1 Civilizations to kingdoms and empires

Ch. -2 Empires in india

Ch. -3 Learning about maps

Ch. -4 Mountains and plateaus in india

Ch. -5 Plains,desert and islands in india

Ch. -6 Climate in india

Ch. -11 India

Ch. -12 Our government

Hindi Text Book

Ch. -1 भारत नया बनाएंगे

Ch. -2  हमारी पहचान हमारा देश

Ch. -3 ऐसे बचा बलवान

Ch. -4 बुद्धि की जीत  

Ch. -5 दिये  का अभिमान

Ch. -6 गोमती  की व्यथा  

Ch. -7 पश्चाताप के आँसू

Hindi Grammar

Ch. 1-भाषा लिपि व वयाकरण

Ch. 2 वर्ण एवं मात्राएँ

Ch. 3 शब्द व वाक्य

Ch. 4  शब्दों एवं वाक्यों की

Ch. 5 अशुद्धियाँ  

Ch. 5 शब्द भंडार


Reading Comprehension

पठित और  अपठित गद्यांश


पत्र लेखन , कहानी लेखन,  

निबंध लेखन


Ch. -1 Plants our green friend

Ch. -2 Adaptation in plants

Ch. -3 Animals increasing in number

Ch. -4 Adaptation in animals

Ch. -5 Food and digestion

Ch. -6 Teeth and microbes

Half Yearly Syllabus 2019  Class - V






Chapter-1 Why evergreen trees never lose their leaves Be a friend.

Chapter-2 Rikki-tikki and Nag

Chapter-3 Born Again-Arunima sinha-Don’t Give Up

Chapter-4 An Officer and a Gentleman -A True Satyagrahi


Chapter-1 Noun

Chapter-2 Singular and plurals

Chapter-3 Countable and uncountables noun

Chapter-4 Gender

Chapter-5 Pronoun

Chapter-6 Adjective

Ch.- 7 Degrees of comparison.

Ch.-8 Verbs and Verb forms

Ch.-9 Subject - Verb Agreement

Ch.-10 Transitive and intransitive Verbs

Reading Comprehension

Seen and Unseen Passage


Essay writing and Informal letter.

Maths Express

Chapter-1 More on large numbers

Chapter-2 Operations on large numbers

Chapter-3 LCM’,HCF

Chapter-7 patterns and symmetry

Chapter-6 basic geometry

Chapter-9 Perimetre and area

Chapter-14 data handlings

Challenge Maths

Ch.-1 to 12

Chapter-1 The computer system

Chapter-2 Using the control panel

Chapter-3 MS-word 2010 : Mail merge

Chapter-4 Ms word 2010 References and review

GK - Ch. 1-20


Chapter-1 Beginning of the british rule in india

Chapter-2 Feature story: Indian freedom struggle-I

Chapter-4 The Earth’s surface

Chapter -5 Latitudes and longitudes

Chapter-6 Movements of the earth

Chapter-7 Temperature zones of the earth

Chapter-13 Indian society and culture

Chapter-14 Religions in India

Hindi Text Book

Chapter-1  to 8

Hindi Grammar

Chapter-1  to 7

  Reading Comprehension

पठित और  अपठित गद्यांश

Writing Comprehension

पत्र लेखन ,  

निबंध लेखन


Chapter-1  to 9


Chapter-1 Plant life

Chapter-2 Animal life

Chapter-3 Food and life

Chapter-4 Bones and

Chapter-5 Our nervous system

Chapter-6 Safety first