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UMC Rules and Conditions
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Odyssey Interstellar

Event Planning



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  1. Fighters must be sponsored by a known organization, Fight Club or Fighting League in order to participate in the UMC (this will ensure that the fighter will be reputable and follow all the rules during the fight. If they are not then the organizations, Fight Clubs or Fighting Leagues sponsoring those fighters will be held responsible and excluded from future championship bouts and events).
  2. Fighters must apply for entrance into the championship. Application will simply require the name of the fighter (RSI Handle) and require sponsorship in order to compete for the aUEC prizes. There will be an entry fee for each fighter of 20,000 aUEC.
  3. All UMC fights will be held aboard an 890 Jump. Any other fights held at any other location will not qualify for the ODINT UMC.
  4. Only two fighters in the ring at a time. Anyone entering the ring during the fight will be expelled from the event and the fight will be postponed until the disturbance is resolved. The fight will restart at the beginning of the round that it was interrupted.  
  5. Fighters may not fight with armor or undersuit and must wear a shirt or other clothing of an opposing color to identify the fighter during the bout.
  6. NO WEAPONS ALLOWED. Fights are to be conducted using non-lethal melee attacks only (the above requirements of no armor or undersuit should make the use of weapons during bouts impossible).
  7. The use of takedowns (middle mouse click takedown) are prohibited and will not be counted as point or knockout for the fighter using the takedown maneuver.
  8. Fights will consist of five rounds and will go on for three minutes a round. Each round will be separated by a one minute break between rounds.
  9. When a fighter is knocked down or out the fight will cease temporarily while the fighter who is knocked down or out recovers. The referee may request a pause on the clock if they deem it necessary.
  10. A knockdown will be considered a point for the fighter inflicting the knockdown. These points are used to determine the winner in the case that there has not been a win by knockout.
  11. Three knockouts will end the bout and the fighter who has inflicted the third knockout first will be declared the winner of the fight. A knockout will be called when a fighter is knocked down and does not recover to their feet after a 3 count from the referee.
  12. A fighter may “Tap Out” at any time conceding the win to the other fighter.
  13. The referee has the final call on all knockdowns or knock outs.
  14. Once a winner of a bout is declared either by points, TKO, a tie, tap out, or a judgment the fighters will then be guaranteed their prize purses and will be paid by ODINT sponsoring officials after the event.

Structure and prizes

        Odyssey Interstellar will sponsor and host regular fighting events every other month starting in January 2950 see Appendix A. There will be a minimum of three fights per event and a maximum of five fights per event. Fights will be a total of five rounds at 3 minutes a round with a 1 minute break in between rounds.
        All sponsored fighters that have entered the ODINT UMC will initially be set into a single pool and matches will be arranged between fighters. The UMC ladder will consist of four classes see
Appendix B. The first class will be the entry level class, the C Class. In order to move up the ladder into higher classes, a fighter must win two out of three fights (or two thirds of all attempted qualifying fights). A fighter can not fight the same opponent twice during a single event. A fighter may only be considered for advancement into the next class if all fights are qualifying fights. Qualifying fights must be with a fighter in the same class or up to two classes higher. If a fighter loses three consecutive qualifying fights they will be moved down one class on the ladder. A fighter may challenge another fighter up to two classes above their own class. If the Challenger wins, they will automatically move up to the next class. If the challenger loses they will not lose their current position in the ladder. If the defender loses, the defender will automatically be moved one class lower than their current class. If the defender wins there will be no change to their class. If challenged, a fighter must accept the challenge unless the challenger is more than two classes lower than them on the ladder. If the challenged fighter refuses to fight the challenger within a reasonable time frame the challenged fighter will be moved down a class on the ladder. If a challenger loses a fight against a higher classed fighter the challenger may not challenge that fighter again until they have qualified to advance to a higher class on the ladder (requiring them to win the next two out of three fights in their own class before challenging the same fighter). Fighters may not challenge other fighters that are under their class on the ladder. Challenging a fighter in the same class as the challenger will be considered a qualifying fight. Fighters are encouraged to arrange their own fights by challenging one another. Challenges must be made publicly and submitted to ODINT UMC coordinators to be considered valid challenges.

        All fights will offer aUEC purses to both fighters. Qualification fights will offer a purse of 8,000 aUEC to the  winner and 3,000 aUEC to the loser of the fight. Fighters winning a fight that will advance them to the next class in the ladder will receive a bonus purse of 5,000 aUEC. Challenger fights will offer double the purse for fighters, 16,000aUEC and 6,000 aUEC respectively plus a bonus 5,000 aUEC for the challenger if they win the Challenge fight.

Appendix A

Proposed Calendar of events

January 19th 2950 at 2100 UTC
March 15th 2950 at 2100 UTC

May 24th 2950 at 2100 UTC

July 26th 2950 at 2100 UTC

September 27th 2950 at 2100 UTC

November 22nd 2950 at 2100 UTC (Championship fight)

Appendix B