500 Startups // Blockchain Track FAQ

What are the investment terms?

Participation rights only.  No equity initially.  When you join the program we do not take any equity, we just require you to offer us participation rights in the next funding round you do, either token, or equity at the best terms offered in the future.  If you have already done an ICO or token offering and not expecting to do any future fund raising, a token equivalent will be negotiated.

What does the program offer?

Over 300 training classes covering a large range of topics like: raising venture money, sales, marketing, community development, tokenomics, and how to get listed on an exchange, legal structures, SEO/SEM, building developer communities, Financial management, etc.  You also get access to 500 Startups’ massive global network of companies and specialists with over 2000 companies in portfolio, dozens of corporate and government partners and relationships, as well as our global blockchain partners including exchanges, investor network, and crypto market making & treasury service providers so here will always be someone to help you with your challenges from hiring, to legal, to security.

Will you get us listed on an exchange?

For applicants who are planning to issue their own tokens, the track will include talks from our blockchain partner OK Blockchain Capital walking you through the listing requirements of top exchanges such as OKEx.   However, listing will remain  the responsibility of the company.

Where and when and how long?

The program starts Oct 15th in our San Francisco Office (814 Mission suite 600), and runs for four months.  We strongly encourage you to be onsite for the first five weeks.  If you would like to participate in Demo Day at the end, you will need to be present for at least four weeks before Demo Day as well.  The rest of the time all Blockchain events, and many of the other talks will be live streamed.  Some talks are specifically excluded due to the guest speaker involved.  

Fees and what do they cover?

Yes.  There is a fee to cover coworking space for your team (up to 4 team members) and some coverage for speakers/food/etc.  For up to 4 people for 4 months it is $37.5k.  If you have raised under $250k, special arrangements can be made to defer payment until a raise.

Is housing covered?

Unfortunately not.  But we will assist you in finding a good place and the office is near BART and Caltrain stations.