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Front of House – Job Description

Reports to: Director

Remuneration: £11/hour, freelance with a move to PAYE by 2022

London Bike Kitchen is a not-for-profit workshop that helps people fix their own bikes, but we also fix bikes for people. Our mission is to break down barriers to cycling through education, empowerment, and fun.

We are looking for that special someone who can manage the front of house, supporting the mechanics in their roles. This job is very important as it allows us to do what we do best! There will be room for growth and training in this position as well.

The front of house position is in charge of ensuring that the customer experience is as smooth as possible.

Front of house is a full time role from Tues - Fri 9am - 5pm. LBK is open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm. We will be opening on Saturdays in the near future and this will also be considered part of your shift. Shifts are 8 hours per day, including 1 hour paid for lunch. Any shift changes must be approved in advance by the director. There will be a trial period of 3 months.

We welcome applications by people from diverse backgrounds who represent the future of the cycling industry.


Customer Service: meet & greet patrons who knock on the door, sell parts & accessories at the door, explain what LBK does & doesn’t do, take in cycles booked for a repair appointment, take payment for & release cycles that are finished, notifying customers of pickups (text and email), understanding of how LBK operates and liaising with mechanics to manage workshop workload

Cycle Maintenance: pump up tyres for patrons (we will train you!), solve small mechanical issues at the door (with a view to doing small repairs - including punctures - in the future)

Administrative Work: manage email enquiries, book bikes online and in person for repairs, printing of workshop job sheets, social media and website assistance

Merch Sales: fulfillment of online orders, weekly post office run, click & collect online orders at the door

Universal Responsibilities (for all at LBK):