Class of '22 quotebook 2018-2019

Destiny to Jeremiah: “You should say something, so I can put it in the quotebook!”

Jeremiah: “You want me to say something?”

D: “Yeah, something profound!”

J: “Now?”

“Everything that makes you catch your breath is a god in the world of Hesiod.”

~Dr. Baxter

“Until some sojourner comes in ‘Do you know what color is?’ ‘No! Get out of my house!” - Prof. Washut on teaching his 2 year old color

Mik: “I don’t think an idea can come forward…”

Washut: “Yeah, you can’t tell if it’s a serial killer.”

“Why does the weather out here have to be like a woman’s attitude? Sunny one moment and then next thing you know it’s a snowstorm.”  ~Joe, in reference to the Teton weather patterns

“Drink up the rainbow, put it in your pocket, eat with burritos, plant it in a garden: That is what we do.” Fragment from a WCCLE 5 chant.

“I was scared because I was alone in the wilderness with wolves, bears, and Americans.” - Henry Joseph (French seminarian who accompanied C.O.R. expedition)

“Sergeant Stumpy - Direct Artillery Hit!” WCCLE 5 and rocks.

Backcountry Bar: Fighting Cannibalism, One meal at a time!

“No junk show” (beautiful French accent)  - Henry on bad looking backpacks

“Sweet Betadyne, bum bum, bum, water never tasted so good!” (Anyone plan on getting addicted to betadyne?)

The Golden Lake Incident

B.O.B - Beware of Branches


Gonna learn today! -WCCLE 4 warcry

WCCLE 5! - WCCLE 5 warcry

I called Michael Rose “Rosie” today. I don’t think he liked it. - Jacob Zepp

Happiness is always on the horizon.  - Dr. Baxter during a Humanities class on Gilgamesh

(Maybe not from our class exactly, but…)

“He has innocence!  He made love with a woman.”  - Kevin Milligan during the Virginian seminar.

“Adam was being a dweeb and a wuss” - Dr L on Adam taking the forbidden fruit from Eve.


“What is the nature of a door, and why do we call it a door?” - Louisa

“Sorry to interrupt. . . Did I interrupt?” - Anselm

“Did you just say God sees Jacob as more righteous than Esau?” - Dr. Holmes

Dr. Holmes: “Jacob sleeps with his head on a rock and has weird dreams”

Janelle: “That explains that night on COR!”

“This is a grotesquely long sentence!” -Dr. Grove (on the sentence that encompasses the entirety of field science within its lengthy bounds)

“You're so fat.” Cyril to Andrew Russell; “That’s such a fat thing to say!”he replies.

“You’re both so fat”...

“My internal dialogue is really just screaming.” - Blaise Galbraith

“People tell me to use my inside voice, but on the inside I’m just eternally screaming.” - Rust

“Take it to the Sophists.” - sarcastic response to any problem that stumps you.

“I was actually hoping for a nice quiet disciplinary meeting. . .” - Jeremiah Baur

“What is a rustler?” - The Virginian

“Bigfoot coming along with his pizza and his flying saucer…” (just say it was someone)(it was james green :D)

“I heard we’re all getting expelled tonight.” -James on disciplinary meeting

“I’m never going to become Catholic.” - Ruth

“I’m going to pray for your conversion everyday. How’s that for a threat!”- Thomas Urgo.

“Go for full immersion. Try Byzantine.” - Timothy Dominick

“WCCLE 6, we don’t even talk about those guys.” - Andrew/Cyril?

“WCCLE 5, are they alive? We don’t know. Maybe they’re dead. Are THEY back YET?” - One of our envious competitors

Drawing on Augur Whiteboard: WCCLE 5 depicted as a person with a big mouth and a small brain.

“I need you.” - Francis Langley removing freshman one at a time for a fake disciplinary meeting

“Let’s grab our beers, go kill something, break something, and then build something.”

- Prof. Washut, talking about Gilgamesh and Enkidu

“I just wanted to let you know that the email regarding the meeting last night is the ONLY time that an email from me is not what it seems.” -Miss Hillary on the disciplinary meeting

“You don’t go to Egypt for anything. That’s just the wrong thing to do.” - Dr. Lasnoski

Jacob was a bad dude.” - Joseph Nemec

“Esau is the classic arms dirty guy with cars in the backyard. He wanted red-red. He’s like an ogre.” - Dr. Lasnoski

“That’s like drowning people in the baptismal font.” Dr. Lasnoski on Genesis 34

“Begin.” Professor Washut

“Let’s start with a prayer.” Joseph Nemec starting class on his/our own, pushing out Dr. Washut from his spot.

“I want to thank my star student Kyle…” at the end.

“Propheting not profiting.”

“Hey it’s (insert name)” - Anselm

“If your mom says her purse is on the counter and it’s not, you look for it.” -Kathy

“Well, sometimes you don’t!” -Anselm

“We can’t agree on a definition of what we agree on!” -Jeremiah

“The illustrious lineage of Gilgamesh: divine prophetic cow.” -Dr. Baxter

“Judah gets married to a Canaanite woman. Really Judah, [how could you]?”

“Half of your wives, four out of eight… would die.”

“Fertility Wars: New Season starting on TLC…” Leah vs. Rachel vs. Bihah vs. Zilpah - Dr. Lasnoski

“A boy, a real baby.” Demophoon’s mother on his birth in the Homeric Hymns according to Prof. Washut

“Ben ‘The Bridge’ is prime real estate of the Sophomore class.” Anonymous

 “If the sky didn't have any stars it would feel heavy.” - Sophie Kozinski

 “You done messed up āron. “

 “You walk out of church and yell at your son, well uh…” - Dr. Lasnoski

 “I've never done that.” - Jacob Zepp, in response

“I tried to say something mean to Matt, but it came out really complimentary!”

- Cami

“If you are deeply in love, you will try to write love poetry.  It’s a sign.”  - Dr. Schubert

“We’re chumming with transcendent deity!” - Prof. Washut

“It might just seem better because it’s passive-aggressive” - Rusty

“I don’t think a book is one in the same way a squirrel is one - mostly because a book doesn’t try to run when I tear it in half” - Prof. Washut

“I have great penmanship!” -Thomas Urgo

“Do you?” -Dr. Schubert

“I have okay penmanship.” -Thomas

“I feel like I have questions, but I don’t know what they are.” - Blaise

“Six is the perfect number. This is because the human mind can instantly recognize increments of up to 5. Once you get above that, the bakery bites lose their individual identity, and you can eat as many as you want.” - John M, rant on pastry portion sizing.


“I have that experience of being half-god. Dang, it's frustrating!” Someone on Achilleus

Relationship between husband/wife somehow in Theology Class - Wife: “Don’t kill our kids [dear][1]!”

“Manna, edible bug sweat.”  - Dr. Lasnoski

“Universe juice and lightning and then this cow jumped out.”- Maximilian on Aaron excuse concerning the golden calf.

Aaron as he sets up the golden calf: “Don’t forget we’re still worshipping the Lord. We’ll have a big drunken party for Him.”

Earth opens up and swallows a bunch of rebels.  Next day: “Moses!  Why did you kill all those people?!” - Israelites

*On dinner crew*

Joe: “You can’t sub for someone who has the same shift as you!”

Jeremiah: “We haven’t gotten that far in philosophy yet…”

“Agamemnon offered Achilles 20 women. I mean, who needs 20 women?!!” -Bernadette Syversen

“Oh satellite gods, tell us what time it is, and whether Mik is late!” - Dr. Baxter

“Blaise, your comments are their own commentary.” - Dr. Baxter

“There’s no way you can put five and five together to make ten.” - Cyril in Philosophy class

“Urgo-nomics” Dr. Lasnoski on Thomas Urgo’s life as a minstrel and monk

“This Dolon, no one knows who he is. He’s evil to look upon.” -  Joseph Nemec on Dolon, Trojan spy in the Iliad killed deceitfully by Diomedes/Odysseus

“I’m not sure if I should recommend it to you, but it’s outstanding. Like Finding Dory but more violent… with tattoos.” -  Dr. Lasnoski on the movie Memento

“Lectio Divina is like the wine-making business.” Dr. Lasnoski

“If it’s lousy for them, it's probably lousy for you too.” David or Jacob? in Theology class

“Have a process here. Limit your jerkiness to your wife.” -Dr. Lasnoski on the “Unfaithful Wife” laws of Deuteronomy.

DUDE-eronomy - the Lasnoski children’s favorite book of the Bible.

“There’s no fail here. We’re all winners.” - Dr. Lasnoski on Bible memorization

The secret prayer of Miss Muloch - Numbers 11:10

“The essential character of man is the ability to reason. Women, ability to give birth…” - Max Terlisner on defining/separating man/woman in Philosophy.

Estrella responds: “Women can reason!”

“Would I become a woman if…” - Dr. Olson on differentia versus accidents

“No, because you’d still have a beard!” - Jacob Zepp

“Guigo! 15 minutes could save 15 years or more in Purgatory!” - Rust commenting an Lectio Divina

“Dr. L, I can’t cut anything out… Well, most of its fluff anyways.” - Thomas Urgo on his Humanities essay

Lasnoski: “Do you want me to CUT IT for you?”

Thomas - “Should I just put down some random thing? … On something?”

“Space monkeys wrote the Iliad because they were seeking world domination by influencing men’s minds. The Greek gods are really space monkeys” - Dr. Schubert

Someone who impersonated James: “Rock on, my fellow freshman rockers”

“In WCCLE 5, everything is retarded, especially (name)” - Max Terlisner

“We’ve been killing all day and everyone’s tired, let’s have one-on-one killing.” - Someone in Humanities (Washut) class

“If you’re not excited about grammar there’s something wrong with your soul.” - Dr. Schubert

*silence* ...Poor Tim…Yeah, pooooor  Tim...*silence* -Jacob and Andrew while digging a ditch

“Thomas is a sleep machine; he told me yesterday that he slept twenty-three out of the past twenty-four hours.” -  Camille or Molly?

“You can smell the cake, but you can’t have the cake! That’s how I imagine purgatory...” - Jacob Zepp

“Your brain is fundamentally different from your backpack.” - Magister

September was “No-smoke September” (Thomas was the only one who held through to the end, congratulations!)

October is now “Sleepless October”

November will be “No shave November”

December - No amputation December?

January - No Freezin’ January

Brendan Floody: “Nothing I say should ever be put in the quotebook.”

Peak Ascents - Born ready to shut it down - Max Terlisner

WCCLE 5 - V for Victory

WCCLE 4 the girls adore, WCCLE 6 has the best mix

If we freeze in the backcountry WCCLE becomes ICCLE - During WFA

“Ändrew I would love to be one of the wives for your cult” - Maximilian

“St. Bridget - part of the Mafia of the Sacred Heart” - Fr. Ward

No-nights (night curfew)
No-(er few) motor cars ... trucks though!)
Not a single heresy.
Like Thomas Aquinas we're Catholic as can be.
There's Baxter, Las-nau-ski too, Dr. Arbery and his wife, the (soon to be priest) Deacon, and the rest, here at W SEE SEE.” - WCC Version of  “Gilligan’s Island” Theme Song

“Anne, do you know what time it is?”


“Domino’s, non sum dignus” - Rusty

(While discussing proper relations)

“So, a living thing properly has an outside and an inside.” - Prof. Washut

“Until you break it open.” - Blaise

“At which point it ceases to be a living thing.” - W

“Not if you’re VERY careful…” - B

“Are we getting tested on it?” - Hanna M.

“We will touch base on that on Monday.” - Professor Washut

“So that’s the test?” - Hanna

“If that makes you feel better.” - Washut - “...This test you’re so convinved of…You don’t memorize the categories, you make them part of your soul. And at the end of four years, we’ll have a comprehensive exam: just for you, Hanna!”

“What?” - Hanna

“That’s what A-merr-ka has taught us.” - Dr. Lasnoski on a subconscious assumption that religion is always separate from society.

“How would this cup here become holy?” - Dr. Lasnoski on the Theology study question, holiness in things versus holiness in people.

“You drill a hole in the bottom of it.” - Joe Nemec

“I don’t know if we were worried about whether we were dogs?” - Dr. Olson on common, proper, and most proper differences.

“Dr. Kozinski (aka Fad Kozens) used to be a faculty member until he got that sweet deal by the beach.” - Dr. Lasnoski

“I knew someone else was behind it (email trick), but I asked her (Hannah) to marry me anyway.” - Andrew “Rusty” Russell - Kathy divorced me but it's okay because I got (?) to marry me.”

“That man there, he killed his wife, I’m done.” - “Great” courtroom evidence according to  Dr. Schubert

Iacobus Maximum pulsat et, et, et, ridet, et ver-ber-at!

Tace, Iacobe, es tu improbissimus. - James/Max continuous Latin war

“So you can get an F and have glory?” - Max on learning for knowledge versus learning for glory

“Oh, he’ll be remembered.” - Professor Washut

“We’re still imprisoned by the world of grades until some mighty Achilleus breaks us free.” - Professor Washut

Dr. Baxter publically on EWTN - “If you want to read Dante properly: Enroll at Wyoming Catholic College.”

(Concerning the Book of Judges) “This is the most heavy-metal book of the bible.”

- Blaise “The Sick and Savage” Galbraith

“I can just see the Israelites staring at a gnat seeing if it breaths….’is it breathing…?’ Smack!” Dr Holmes in Theology class on the Israelites being instructed to kill every living thing.

Dr Holmes doing roll call in theology class: “I don’t even have to ask if Janelle is in the room.”


“The sun stands still so that they can keep killing people-More death!!!” - Dr. Lasnoski”

“You don’t need to tell an adult not to touch a stove. Well, maybe you, Mr. Terlisner!” - Dr. Lasnoski on why Israel needed more laws.

“Or we can memorize every single translation?” - Sophie K. answering James’ request to Dr. Lasnoski that we skip memorizing Psalm 52 due to possible translation confusion.

“Sit right down, Sophie.” - Joe Nemec

“One way of blessing someone is ― cutting their throats!” - Theology Class

“Logic is not really about reality at all.” - Dr. Olsson - “No really there is no such thing as an animal.”

“Wait, genus or genie?” - Olivia (confused)

“I thought you said Jesus? - Dr. Olsson (more confused)

“Jesus or genie?” - Bernadette Holmes (everyone is very confused)

“The Lord yeeteth and the Lord yoinketh away” -- as the tides turn in a game of foosball

“Just Imagine how happy you would be if you were insane.” Brandon Seedorf

“I said from east to west

WCCLE 2 is the best!
I said from city to city

WCCLE 2 is very pretty!
I said from day to day

WCCLE 2 will find a way!
‘Cus from hour to hour

WCCLE 2 has got BABE POWER!” -WCCLE 2 chant

“It looks like a Nazi Jew!” - Matt Kubisch.

Behind his back: “Michel is a big stuffed teddy bear.” - Jacob Zepp on Michel's compassion -

Alex Olar handing potato masher (a very large one): “Be smart with it.”

“I’m Zeus of the twirling Aegis.” - The one it was handed to spins - and drops it - spreading potato everywhere

“What did I tell you?”

“Pirates are the most multiculturally sensitive people. They join in every culture by partaking in their goods, and thereby their social contract.” - Andrew Russell

“Those NOLSey people over there. It’s annoying to see them talk about truth and beauty.”

Joe while studying Latin last night - “I studied this one last night, it’s complicated. What’s that picture...Hannah, you playing in the snow?”

“We should study like this more often. Get off my Twitter its private!” - Joe

Hanna - ”What is Twitter”

Joe - “It should be 140 not 280 characters.”

Hanna - “We need a leader, not a dirty tweeter.” - W.C.C. “studying”

“I posted something every two seconds about Trump, I’m less radical than I used to be.” - Joe Nemec (The “big red” hat)

“Monday night is humanities night.” - Dr. Baxter

“My favorite new way to ‘not’ study - quote studying.” - James

“ ‘Oh, I’m a cow now. Thank you darling.’ Let’s see how long that marriage lasts - Dr. Lasnoski on the heifer comment of Samson on his wife in Judges

“David is a pretty good guy but then Solomon makes like 700 shrines for the wives (gods?) of his 700 wives, and it gets to be worse and worse from there…” - Max Terlisner.

“―and then we get Donald Trump.” - Dr. Lasnoski

“Miss. Gage, you were enGAGEing Miss Massell on this.” - etiam etiam Dr. Lasnoski

“I fell for Anselm’s eight-dimensional underwater chess move” - Dr. Holmes

“I wrote my speech in about fifteen minutes during an audited class.”

“Oh, you’re one of those people, Anne?” -Janelle

(John says a pun) “At this point God is out of good candidates for prophets so he just has to make dew.” -John Malinoski

“That was so bad, it was like a disease. I’ll have to spread it to other people.” -Dr. Holmes

“I will be a responsible student.” -Janelle

“You can’t even say that with a straight face!” -Anne

“When I say ‘I love pizza,’ I really mean that I get great pleasure from destroying it.” -Prof. Washut

“Save a life--define your terms” -Blaise

*student stops reading text too early*

READ ON-- READ ON-- READ OOOONNNNNNN” -Dr. L, aerosmith style

The Israelites are the Pentateuch People - Adapted from Hanna Massel’s essay title

“The man gets a mouthful of dung. ‘Haha the gods don’t like you.’” - Professor Washut

“Historic moment in the Iliad.” - Joe Nemec

“Take out a blank sheet of paper.” --Dr. Baxter

He leads you when you’re sleeping…

He leads when you’re awake

He leads when you’ve been bad and very bad…

So be bad for Zeus’s sake - Hermes

“I’m not Dr. Fuller, but I’m the embodiment of his absence.” - Dr. Arbery

“St. Augustine - First with Nike - Just do it. “ - Dr. Lasnoski

“From experience as a professional and serial dater, it's terrible. “ - Professor Washut

 “Throw open the gates, and wine will appear - to those of age. “ - Dr. Arbery

“The essence of schoolyard humor seems to depend heavily on equivocation.” -Prof. Washut

“What if I actually want to burn the pizza?” -Anselm

“...Then you need psychological help.” -Janelle

“Drugs are dangerous! Don’t do the ones that make you do the high step like that!” Landerite (in truck) after watching Andrew, Matt, and John high-stepping across a crosswalk.

“You know, the saints lived in their respective times, but they had no idea that people would eventually make bobbleheads of them.” - Emily

“Usually people don’t start listening until I say something really embarrassing.” -Camille

“Reading the Odyssey like this is kind of like a pagan lectio divina.” -Emily G. on close readings

“As sick as a bean in a hot pot” - Bernadette Wall

“The less sleep I get, the better I feel!” -Janelle (Cyril seems to agree)

“A human is really just a more complicated deer.” -Blaise

“Why are you who you are?” -Joe Phillipps to Tim making chicken noises

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL!” -The entire student body

“Logic isn’t about reality at all” -Dr. Olsen

“I better sit down, this is gonna be a good tangent” -Dr. Olsen

“So… Hope is basically Faith that there is Hope?” -Louisa on the distinction between Faith and Hope.

“We are not intellectual wimps!” - Emily G.

“...We’re not?” - Michel

“David is a BEN - JAM - IH  - NIGHT” - Dr. Lasnoski

 “We always picture David as this little kid, you know, an asparagus.”

“Goliath, he’s so big, you have to kill him twice.”

“Saul killed all the “media” in Israel, no “face-chat” with the dead.”

“So much better than the other section.” - Dr. Schubert on poetry performance

“And that’s Dr. Baxter’s section!” - Jack Swindell

“Those students in the other section have bad habits. [While you realize how dumb you are].” - Dr. Olsson

“Americans. I wouldn’t expect anything better.” -Janelle

Syv on the Halloween dance: "I can't wait to see everyone's dumb outfits."

Anne: "That's what I tell myself every morning.”

“Who sells his birthright for some ‘red-red’?” Dr. Lasnoski on the midterm test

“Is it bad that I like the taste of envelope glue?” -Kathy, before mailing letter

“I’m hoping to use you to learn more about scripture and then go collect my paycheck” -Dr. Holmes

"Hey Jack, I'm trying to outdo Andrew Russell by getting more husbands than he has wives. Interested?" -Janelle

“I didn’t realize that it’s a crime nowadays for a woman to enjoy looking at geese.” -Anne

Joab - Ultra S.E.A.L. Team 6 General for David; goes rogue; hellhound on a leash

Patriarchs - You’re gonna have stars as numerous as your wives

“Hey David! Check it out man! I did ‘youse’ (sic) a big favor.” - Deserter Amalekite

David - “Off with his head.” [All Dr. Lasnoski again]

“Y’all are allergic to close reading.” - Dr. Schubert

“I came to consult with that name Professor Washut said earlier.” - Jacob (as Odysseus)

“...and when the will of Zeus was accomplished by the turning of my page…”

“...nor name any of the woman I saw ‘nor any of them actually’...” - More of Jacob Zepp’s great performance of The Odyssey, Book XI.

Professor Washut - “Odysseus sort of misses Penelope, ~15%.”

“ ‘REPEAT AFTER ME CYCLOPS. Its Odysseus , sacker of cities, who killed you.’ - Odysseus”

“It sounds weird, but, in a month or two, we’ll cut off your leg and send you on a helicopter. We don’t call it that, but it’s the same thing.” - Dr. Olsson

Andrew Russell - “Trees are actually the highest form of being because they are worms, and worms are higher than birds because they have the higher dignity of sleeping in. ‘The early bird catches the worm’ is a fallacy because it is really worms, who survive by sleeping in, that are better than the birds who must undignified wake up early to eat. Birds are obviously higher than humans, however, on the circle of being, because…”

“Nemo dat quod non got” -Prof. Washut’s terrible Latin

“Don’t send airballs to Daniel. He will freaking send them to Zeus!” - Matt Kubisch

“Why are all of you sitting in the back?” -In the field science van

“Because boys are gross.” -Anne

“I wish we didn’t have to wear shoes. I wouldn’t wear shoes anywhere.” - Destiny

“Sharing isn’t always caring. Sometimes it’s malaria.” - Blaise

“Equivocation is destroying world peace.” -Janelle

“If you eat icing off a whole cake, and icing off another one, and icing off another, and drink a glass of bacon grease-- that’s what high style feels like to us moderns”

 -Dr. Baxter

“Life just gets a hold of you and then you wind up with a snail for a sugar daddy.” -Blaise

“Solitary confinement was invented [as torture] for extroverts” -Jack Swindell

“We don’t have to worry about losing our meatballs. We’re Catholic.” -Olivia

“The poem is saying so-and-so through such-and-such.” -Janelle

“I don’t want super profound insight! Shit! I want detailed and precise analysis.” -Dr. Schubert


“As if two young ladies, who have longed for years to attend Wyoming Catholic College, have finally been united to the place they longed for, so too was Odysseus and Penelope’s reunion.” -The Canadians writing epic similes

“Man-made highways are the best because they are man-made!” -Timothy

“That’s sexist. You have to say, those highways are people-made.” -Dr. Grove

“It does not befit nobility to call someone a…cookie” - Johannes von Buelow

“But that’s what we did in Don Rags!” - Jacob ? objecting to Dr. Lasnoski’s comment about Nathan’s rebuke of David

“Now it will be Don Stories” - Dr. Lasnoski

“I could go on, but you’re paying for first Kings.” - Dr. Lasnoski

“Do we get a refund for that first part of class?” - Jacob

“Just talk to Mrs. April.”

“If you want to give Joab some shred of humanity…” - Jack Swindell

“No I don’t. Joab is where I learned how to play the Assassins Game.” - Dr. Lasnoski

“Sneezing is like divine possession. Ha- choo - well, that must be a god.” - Professor Washut

“You should occupy yourself with more useful things―like being obsessed with football.” - Jacob Zepp to James

“We don’t generally care what the number of the law is.” - Dr. Olsson

“Thank God!” - Estrella, but everyone still was obsessed with the number of the law

“Authors are after your souls.” - Dr. Schubert

One of the Resident Canadians - MaryAnne’s Email Signature

“No trees are televisions. No couches are televisions. Therefore, nothing.” -Professor Washut explaining the 3rd general law of syllogisms

An interesting Barbara

A All Greek gods are space monkeys (Dr. Schubert)

A All space monkeys are evil (Dr. Olsson)

A All greek gods are evil

“I feel uncomfortable eating McDonalds on consecrated ground.” - Bernadette Wall (copied from Sophomore quotebook)

“Cyril is omniscient” - Dr. Baxter

“Actually, I didn’t mean to have such an interesting conversation.” -Dr. Baxter

“Yoda is Elijah.” -Blaise

“Honestly, I swear, the freshmen guys flirt like cavemen!” -Dr. Zepeda

“OK, that’s just creepy...” -Joe Pho on seeing William and James as twins

“This is so twisted! It’s fun!” -Michel in writing liberal syllogisms

“And the shirt is just make sure it’s within dress code?” - John Paul on Jacob’s tank top 80s dude look

“Take and steal, take and steal, this is his binder, he gave up for me…” - Andrew Russell

“My paper just needs to be polished. Aka, killed and resurrected.” - Olivia de Laveaga

Emily Mist. (randomly opens Quote Book): “People are putting too much stuff in here! When are we actually going to read all this?”

Elaine: “We’ll read it when we’re old and 25.”

Olivia: “Nostalgic for the good ol’ days!”
Emily Mist: “When we won’t even remember what any of this is referring to.”

Elaine: “That will make it all the funnier!”

Olivia: “Can we put that in the quote book?”

“She’s awkward, duuuude” -John Collins

“There are a lot of A’s in that word.” -Janelle

“You’re Canadian, what would you expect!” -Mary Anne

“You’re like a second coming - of Rinju” - Matthew on John M.’s shawl/robe outfit

Dr. Olsson’s equivocal syllogism - Nothing is better than happiness, Chocolate is better than nothing: Chocolate is better than happiness

“Well we knew it was false because chocolate is happiness.” - Joe Nemec

“What is the definition of imperfect?”- James

Amanda Johnson (sophomore) - “Something that is not perfect”

“That’s an imperfect definition.” - Louisa

“Let’s put franchises of Yahweh worship everywhere” - Jeroboam’s McDonaldization of faith according to Dr. Lasnoski

Hannah - “Don’t hurt people with your words.”

Max (grumbles) - “But it’s fun.”

“I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to commit genocide, but it’s actually very hard. I know from experience.” - Dr. Lasnoski

“Wyoming is the result of the fall” - Hannah Massell (otherwise it would be warm/tropical everywhere)

“WYOMING is where EDEN used to be!” - Michel in reply to above statement.

“There is no happiness in life. Only pain, and cereal.” - Matt Kubisch

Matthew’s essay “and Odysseus had no ship, no apparel.”

Janelle - “should I worry that you said it so matter of factly.”

“There’s no better way to say it.” - Matthew Kubisch

“Setting things on fire is so therapeutic.” -Camille

“He’s dying - for logos!” - Sophie concerning Socrates’ death (slams book on table) - “There needs to be something more than philosophy. He needs pathos.”

“The true, good, and beautiful aren’t enough for you?” - Professor Washut - “I wish there was something more too.”

“You look like a person who wants a dream car.” - Dr. Schubert at Joe - “That’s actually not an insult.”

“Surprise.” - Ruth to Estrella bringing her family

“There’s a bunch of little Ruthies.” - Estrella

[All] This is a square ⬜

[All] This is a circle ◯

         Some circles are squares ⬜ = ◯ - Frassati Whiteboard

“I’m a doctor.”- Dr Baxter

“I will catch up on sleep when I’m dead.” -Janelle

“I don’t think extroverts are a thing.  I think they’re just malfunctioning introverts.” -Brendan

“It’s not even my fault that I was made as a kind human being.” - Camille

“For he was in the habit of playing with my hair at times.” - Phaedo on Socrates (Phaedo 89b)

“Like Matthew?” - James

“Like Matthew” - Estrella

“Can we say temptation comes from the heart?” - Hannah

“From the wife” - mumbles Jacob (Cyril won’t believe it)

“Dr. Olsson, helpful man.” - (as he walked by and opened the door)

“Dr. Holmes, may he live forever.” - Dr. Lasnoki’s epigraphs?

“W e l l , s l a y i n g, doesn’t sound all that peaceful.” Jack on Isaiah 52 (begins slowly)

“Remember there’s no dumb questions, just dumb people.” - Dr. L. (as recorded)

“I will crack the faces of your cell-phones and break the batteries of your ipods, and make your generators all run dry.” - What a modern Isaiah would prophecy - Dr. L.

“I talked to someone ― who’s now a relativist.” - Joe Nemec

“So you’re practicing reverse apologetics!” - Hannah

(later) … “So Isaiah, like Joe, here…” - Dr. L. (Joe’s reverse apologetics is alike Isaiah’s apparent mission in Isaiah 6

Cyril after sleeping only three hours - “I’m giving up on sleep. I’ll just take short naps that happen to be at night.”

(later that day). . . “I feel so awful - hurting all over - But it's worth it!”

(later that night)… - “I’m getting up at 3, what fat time are you getting up at.” : “5:30”

“That’s such a fat time.”

(Note - Fat is not an insult but a very special term of endearment or any meaning at all really. It originated in the dark ages of WCCLE prehistory but is now spreading into common WCC slang and popular culture)

“I’m persuading you - that you’re right!” - Jacob (philosophy)

“Contrary to assumptions, your professors are real human beings, not grading robots.” - Dr. Schubert

“Do you want to do philosophy together - darling?” - WCC Pickup lines from Socrates

“Oh, what time is it?” (exemplification of the two horses of Phaedrus)

(senior but in conversation with a freshman) “All people are a social construct. Your mother is a social construct!” - Nathaniel Heithoff

“I’m so sad that we’re almost done. I like to teach.” - Dr. Lasnoski

“You can teach your children.”

“I can do that every day.”  Dr. L.

“Your kids are way cuter than your students.” - Hannah

“Well I wouldn’t go that far, some of them maybe [but not me].” - Jacob

“We won’t be able to eat hamburgers until the new Earth. Dang it!” -Michel

“Well, Mr. Green over there knows a lot about the inside of his eyelids.” - Dr. Lasnoski

While at the weekly symposium in Escriva room 404 - “Are we assuming this cake has free will? Cuz if it does it burnt itself” - TimOthee

“We may be dead to beauty but at least we have bodies!” Dr. Baxter

“Not just Santa Claus - may he not flourish forever.”  Dr. L.

“There are three eschatological comings of Christ … the second coming…”

“When will that be?” - Sarah         “Hopefully before finals”- (unknown)

“Next Tuesday” - Dr. L

“Why can’t they teach women virtue?” - Estrella (on Socrates in the Symposium)

“Because women are dumb.” - Hannah

“Totally crude comic poet we’re going to immerse ourselves in next Semester - for your sake Mr. Green.”  Professor W.

“The symposiarchon, in charge of the games they had before beer pong” - Washut on the Symposium

“Is that what Christendom is like?” - Joe Nemec

“Come on, don’t be a wimp. Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!” - W

“You have to be really screwed up, or an academic - or likely both, to believe this.” - Dr. Olsson - “I’m still thinking about what this has to do with class. Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.”

“And that Saskatchewan star Janelle is bragging about up there…” - Dr. Grove

Jacob - “What star?”

“We all recognize that men are superior. So when it comes to a superhero movie we expect our women to be manly.” Jacob Zepp

“So we’re gonna build the temple and we got Persia to pay for it!” - Dr. L

“Whose situation has it worst, Tobit or Sarah?” - Dr. L

“Tobit. I’d rather not be a woman. - Andrew R.

“I agree with Rust.” (shouts) - Timothy

“Well, I observed it nine times.” -Timothy (on Mars)

“Shut up Tim; your classmates want to kill you.” -Dr. Zepeda

“Kubisch It's the Nose” - Unknown

“You done been Persianed” - Jack Swindell (Mene Mene Teke Perse writing on the wall)


Are you kidding me?!?! That’s like Arianism versus Catholicism!” - Michel Rioux on Troy compared to the Iliad

“I’m not mentioned in the main quotebook, am I?”

“Of course not. You don’t talk.” -Rosemary and Anne

“Who was Solomon?” - Ceily quizzing Jack

“Solomon was this dude who had a thousand wives.” - Jack S.

“So he was one-hundred-and-forty-three times a god?” - J.G.

“Let’s not base our interpretation of the Bible of off the marital actions of Andrew Russell.” - Jack

“What else do you want from me? I’ve already finished Purgatory!” - Jacob Zepp

“I want you to be the greatest saint in heaven.” Timothy Dominick

“Yeah, I’ll get that done by Tuesday.” Jacob

“Dr. Grove has a nice curve”- Michel (maybe Zepeda’s was even better!)

“I’d have fun stoking the fires of Hell.” -Kathy

“Kathy, you are evil!” -Rusty

In Field Science…

“Did anyone see the Geminid meteor shower last night?” - Dr. Zepeda

“I was out at 2am and saw…” - Sophie

“You were out after curfew? Who’s your prefect, let me find one right now.” - James

It would have been even better to have a “donuts, donuts” chant at this point, but alas - only laughter

“Well if everyone in your section fails…” - Matthew

“I don’t know there are some smart cookies there.” - Sophie

“While if we all try to fail.” - James

“That’s the spirit!” - Sophie

"Then I realized: Rinju IS the party." - Andrew Russell

“When I go to Heaven, remind me to meet up with Homer.” - Michel Rioux

“I want to to study but my brain is a pile of soggy cereal.”- Janelle

Estrella - looking at Washut’s pin - “That's Hitler's favorite flower.”

Washut - “Just for that I'll fail your final.”

Ruth's pastor - “We like WCC. Before you were here everyone walking in the street had jeans with holes on purpose and we never saw a dress ever…but now we see well-dressed people in the street everywhere and…You must have made the town want to dress better”

“Or we've scared them all out of town…” - Michel Rioux

“So what did I do now?”- Sophie

“What have you not done” - Michael Rose

So are Audrey and John Paul just a fad? - James to Michael Rose

Blaise - “A - huh -!” (Anybody remember in the back row of the bus)

“I’m like, so packin’ up”-Random beach camper

At Leo/Agnes party (after praying): “Thanks to those who cooked” - Nick King

“Gloom and sadness fill the air, people failing everywhere, but Merry Christmas!” -Tired freshmen on the last morning of finals

“That’s it, I wanna go to jail now.” -Margaret Johnson

“Well, I bet if he didn't smoke cigarettes he'd probably have gotten a C.” - Ruth on Thomas

Not a quote officially but a joke in the form of a question - 49ers at WCC say…? (hint: Philosophy related)

“Numquam dangit” - North Carolina motto - Erin Milligan

“I’m alright with polygamous and polyandrous cults but…” - James

“This is going into the quotebook.” - Timothy

“It may be awkward but it’s alright: we’re all related!”

Kristin ? at Church in Jackson Hole: “If we break something it's totally fine.” (equivocally)

“The first C [of the primary assessment] is if they have have a pulse; the second is whether that is inside or outside of their body.” - Bob Milligan

… “Winter is like finals week for wildlife, struggling to find food, struggling to find warmth…” - Bob

“Struggling to find meaning” - Timothy

“They’re stressed.”

“Raymond was practically born with the Vulgate in his hand.” - Joe Phillips (requoted)

Peter Fay to Anselm - “New year, new you, without the hat.”

Anselm - “Sure, of course, totally.”

“Scrolls are really easy to mess up.” -Anne

“That’s why I’m not a Jew.” -Janelle

“Certain things in my class may get you an F - like killing one of your fellow classmates.” - Professor Washut

“So it's just as bad to miss a class as to kill another classmate?” - James

Blaise - “At least we wouldn’t get a 0 for participation like if we had failed a class.”

“The disciplinary committee may have something else to say about that.” - Washut - “But maybe then you’d be like Atreus’s household which were reading about.”

Dr. Holmes on the Angel Gabriel - “I took a break from hanging out with God to tell you that your hearts desire would be fulfilled and you… Shut your mouth! In fact - Zapp!”

”Were the tragic plays solemnly attended or were people throwing peanuts and stuff?” -Blaise (ancient Greek plays)

“I'll leave it to you whether or not you want to make the trees cry.”  -Dr. Grove

”Patton - articulate what's in your mind right now.”  -Dr. Grove

”I don’t know why anyone would believe any of this crazy mumbo jumbo.” -Cyril

“Thanksgiving is not a feast, thanksgiving is war.” -Blaise

“Math is like God: unknowable.” -Olivia

= - = = = OR  “Equals minus equals equals equals.” (The one phrase that disproves George Orwell) - Bernadette Wall

“Church ladies are good for something!” -Tim

“Well, I did beekeeping at an elite farm in northern New York. I know what honey is like.” -Thomas Urgo

“Light colored honey isn't any sweeter than dark colored honey.”  Ruth

“That's just culinary racial tensions.” -Blaise

“The original endorsement: The gods eat honey, therefore you should too.” -Anne

“Our philosophy class just concluded that we’re all blind.” -Blaise

“Do we actually hear other people or just sound waves?” -Cyril

“So we’re deaf too?” -James

“Is a wedding a more peaceful way of unity than cannibalism?” -Olivia

“It’s official. We’re living in an insane asylum.” -Sophie

“Whenever I go to Euclid [class] I feel like I’m going to be hung, drawn, and quartered… bisected at all my rectilinear angles.” - Peter

“Ohhh, dear Lord, someone please show that boy how to dress.” - Dr. Grove on a WCC tie

“These are syllabi designed to make fewer trees cry [small print]. Well, maybe they make your eyes cry…”

“You need to get better secret admirers Mr. Patton.” - Washut on Cyril’s mysterious book package

“I believe it’s a dress code violation. Then again, given the condition of your hair, keep it on.” -Dr. Grove to Blaise

It’s the common eating that send the wealthy into rioting. -Commentary on Lycurgus

“They don’t like Frassati food either,” -Johannes

“Kathy and Jack … Swindell” -Dr. Tonkowich

“The flood, and now meat is on the menu.”

Janelle - “And that was the greatest day ever”

“What do you call it (Anne), a kerchief?” -Dr. Grove

“I think the word is a hijab.” -Blaise

“Them’s fighting words.” -Anne

“Oh, we don't answer questions here dear.“ -Dr. Grove

AnTunes - “Hi Johannes.”

Johannes - “Hi.”

AnTunes - “I just came in to show you what socializing is like.”

“I just finally figured out why people were eating each other.” -Janelle on the Greeks

“Because it’s better than Frassati food.” -Johannes

Andrew Matthews to Janelle: “ahhh, you’re an angel from Canada.”

Hitting the counter protestors… (discussion from Walk for Life meeting)

“Bring a different towel for that.” -Mr. Tonkowich

“And if you want to steal something from Sophia make your bag look like hers.”

“Seriously? Wristbands make me look official? You have to listen to me. I have a wristband.”

Julia Arbery to Sophie (playing ping pong): “Just remember: it’s not about winning… it’s about not losing.”

“Andrew, your face broke my phone!” - Cami

“Okay guys I’m packing up to take a trip to India to study with some gurus.” -Blaise

“Two and a half years left of this.” -Matthew (passive aggressiveness)

“Why not senior year?”

“At that point I should have matured enough to not have to be passive-aggressive … full on aggressive.” -Matthew

“Ours is a very welcoming office. We always have beer and … ohh sorry, that's the seniors only.”  Dr. Grove

“The weather in San Francisco was so weird.” - Janelle

“We might get a special dispensation to send you back to Saskatoon for a month if you want.” -Dr. Grove

“I’m glad I discovered I’m not German.”  -Janelle

“If you’re handed a plane ticket in the middle of the night; with instructions to clean out your dorm room: then you know you failed.”  -Dr. Grove

“Mine! Red ink is mine!” - Dr. Grove

“I think that one was me… ” -Matthew (writing his test answers in red)

“Were you homeschooled?” -Marley

“You can just do those little dots” (:)  -Ruth

“That’s too Biblical for me.” -Thomas Urgo

“I'm not eating dog chow on a Sunday” – Jack

“It’s so awkward when a professor interrupts a drug deal.” - Professor Washut

“You can’t waste a good shower by not singing in it” - Professor Hodkinson

“I'm thinking of leaving your cult.” -James

“That's okay because I'm actually moving to a new faith. They're looking for a new god, because that's what religions do. In fact I have an interview next Wednesday.” -Andrew Russell as a god looking for a new faith

“At the meth?” -James

“No they're too cheap for me.” -Andrew

“Does anybody have a phone?” -Isabel

“Personal space bubble! Give me the pen.” - Camille to an artistic Matthew

“31, Which means today is payday, ohh sorry that only applies to me. Maybe I should make a habit of thanking you on the last day of each month.” - Dr. Grove

Julia Arbery to us - “Your class is my favorite ever”

Long ago… Theology - Dr. Lasnoski - Subject: Samson’s perversion. “Someone in my other class said, ‘I can’t believe someone would be that idiotic in the presence of a women.’ “

Sophie: “Was it Cyril?”

“Cyril Patton, yes!” - Dr. Lasnoski (two-minutes of laughter)

Yesterday… (de Cyrillē) living by what one spoke: “I’m mildly surprised. Usually a woman is enough to keep a man here.” - Izabella Zagorski

“I won’t commit suicide as long as I live.” - Andrew Russell

“Someday we get to do this - experiential mortal theology.” - Jeremiah

“So we can write a seven page paper?” - Max to Washut

“Yes, but you’ll only be graded on five pages of it.” - Washut

“Mr. Patton is no longer with us.” -Washut

“RIP!” -Thomas S.

“Mr. Terlisner?”

“I think he’s sleeping right outside. Should I go get him?” -Thomas Urgo

“Sorry sore subject.” -Washut after talking about proper handrails and navigation in front of “Glorious Fifth Regiment” members

“I’m surprised as to why Mr. Urgo announced it with such fanfare. He must be so mean-spirited, unfriendly…I’m surprised at him.” - Dr. Grove on Cyril leaving

“Sometimes I surprise myself.” -Thomas

“Synagogues are like McDonald’s!”  - Dr. Holmes on the widespread presence of Jews throughout the Roman Empire. - You just roll into town and look for them.”

“O my brothers and sisters I say unto you: I’m lovin it.” -Blaise

“A meteor falls from the sky. Naturally the people start worshipping it.” -Dr. Holmes

“Acts 19:32: Lets have this stenciled on the classroom wall.” -Blaise


“Sounds like the women’s march.” -Anne on Acts 19:32

“It’s all about sophistry and dishonesty, quite fun.” - QuisQuid to Michel Rioux

“I may not have accomplished much in my life― but I did graduate from preschool.” - Blaise

“I’m nice occasionally” -Michael Rose

“Crab raves are lit” -Eastlyn Ullmann (

“All of us who have been baptized and die in a way… but I’ve been to lots of baptisms and the kids still come back home to eat their cereal.” - Dr. Holmes

“Hold them down there (in the water) long enough and it’ll work.” - Blaise

“ ‘I’m sorry where was that in the text?’ -

‘In between these two covers - need I be more specific’ ” - A prideful experience in college of Dr. Homes (requoted)

“I need to keep up my bad image???” - Johannes ???

“So what are we going to do with that now that he’s gone.” -Johannes on the Cyril sign-out sheet

“Since he signed out to that grand hotel in the sky…” -James

“If you participate in class we won’t have a quiz.” -Dr. Grove -

“Well, I’m participating by listening, sitting here…” -Marley

“We will ask you to listen to yourself speaking as well.” -Dr. Grove

“Mr. Galbraith, welcome, are you awake?” -Dr. Grove

“Well, that’s a relative question.” -Blaise

“I’m going to mark you as absent unless you can prove definitively that you are awake. Cami, feel for a pulse.”

“What do they think they are, a bunch of cows?” -Ruth’s dad on chewers of gum

“My mistake” - Dr. Zepeda (forgot to record Janelle’s grade)

“That’s alright, just don’t let it happen again.” - Thomas Urgo

“Doesn’t everyone have a messy dysfunctional family? I hope so.” - Dr. Arbery

“My wife and I are responsible for every successful marriage here.” - Dr. Olsson

Daniel - “I don’t say anything important enough to make it into the quotebook.”

“That’s important enough!” -James

“Love does things to people.” -Johannes

“Forget the whole book, it’s just the Bible!!!” -Jacob

“It’s the closest thing to drugs that Catholics are allowed to do.” - Dr. Holmes on Ezekiel 1

“I knew it!” -Blaise

“You know that’s the first time in a year that I’ve ever had to wonder if Janelle was in the room.” -Dr. Holmes

“Can you imagine an alumnus who was so bad that we actually went back and blotted his name out of the book?” - Dr. Holmes

“Challenge accepted!” -Blaise

“He expects us to be smart. He expects too much of us.” - Blaise on Euclid skipping steps

“The different strategies of preventing questions…” -Dr. Zepeda on Anne using Hebrew lettering and William writing small letters

“Don’t ask out people you like--only people you dislike” Hot takes by Louisa on LOVE….Spicy

“I would like to point out that Thomas started it.” -Marley (the Latin howl)

“I would never have guessed.” -Dr. Zepeda

“Could you change point G down there to point Zed?” -Zepeda (to Janelle)

“Nooooooh!” -Everyone

“I think the fates heard you.” -Dr. Zepeda to Estrella

“Second death…” -Dr. Holmes

“Yikes I have to do that twice!” -Blaise

“God is in every electron of every atom of your bodies.” -Dr. Grove

“Quotebook!” -Johannes

“We have no Destiny” -William

“So we’re not bound by fate?” -James

“So we can do whatever we want!” -Blaise

“The sophomores radiate wisdom. They grace us with their presence.” -Dr. Grove

“I think they’re just here to judge us.” -Blaise

“I think the bowls of wrath in Revelation are the vats of greasy Frassati beef.” -Anne

“You used the heresy bell on St. Augustine!” -Blaise

“That’s not a bad assumption to make. Women usually do the worst possible thing. Yet this book is just an exception.” -Jacob Zepp on Pentheus’ prejudgement of the Bacchic worshippers.

“I think he’s actually being rational in condemning her. One in a million woman sleep with a god, it’s more likely that she (Semele - Dionysus’ mother) was being impropious with a man.” -Andrew Russell

“It might be a little higher (that ratio) in Ancient Greece.” -Dr. Papadopoulos

“Sophomore -from the Greek root gets us moron.” - Dr. Grove

“Tired? Despairing?” -Dr. Grove

“You know about the distinction between man and monkeys. I’m starting to feel like the comprehension of a monkey.” -Blaise

“We can test this. Next class I’ll bring a nut and a rock.”

(making fun of a theory) “Everyone you like was a Catholic. Socrates was a Catholic.” -Abel C.

“Even in the ‘Phaedrus’?” -James

“Especially because of that. That’s the proof right there.” -Abel

“I’m just looking around the room like ‘who have I not accosted with my appetizers yet?” -Anne on catering

(on discussing the substratum) “It’s so formless we can’t even think of it - Thanks Aristotle” - Dr. Zepeda

“A man doesn't love you unless he’s willing to get a sheep farm.” -Camille

“Irkutsk Ice Truckers is now in the sheep business!” -James

(to question of how much time should be spent studying) -Dr. Grove

“Five hours plus ten minutes with a comb.” (to Max)

“Make it five and a half plus an ice cream.” (to Olivia)

“God wants you to get Cs.” -Dr. Grove

“What is involved in skipping classes?” -Marley

“Three things, you’re not getting your money’s worth, its unjust to the source of the money, and there is a measure or charity, or lack thereof in your presence or absence.” -Dr. Grove

“When do you a prank, don’t tell anyone, but make it bad enough that you don’t want to tell anyone.” -Dominic (AN)tunes

Dr. Papadopoulos about the natural law of the stronger dominating the weaker: “It’s the birds and the bees...Oh shoot!”

“The thing they’re handing the teens at the local pop church.” -Dr. Holmes on the Good News Bible

“I know a lot of people who take entire books out of the Bible.” -Thomas Urgo … context and surroundings are everything…

“The catechism is like Wal-Mart” - Dr. Holmes

“Except for all the meth-heads” -Blaise

“400, my dream section, since none of you are in it.” -Dr. Zepeda (to 100)

“I am speaking for the gods, therefore, shut up.” -Dr. Grove on the pre-Socratics

“Gone to go get my monthly Schubert shred.” -James

“It’s not gonna blow up!” -Johannes (on Cyrillic bullet)

“Boom?” - Thomas

“You can relax… Wow, I’ve never seen you happy before.” -Dr. Zepeda to Marley

“Johannes, congratulations on existing!” -Cami

“Johannes shouldn't go skydiving - he’d be halfway down and then he’d fall asleep.” -Fr. Ward

“ I’m basically everyone’s resident brother.” - Michael Rose

“I was a-dozin hard core, man!” -Urgo

“People can die of a broken heart;  I can die of curiosity.” -Cami

“Son! What are you doing?” -Ruth

“He’s biting me.” -Matthew

“Then bite him back.” -Ruth

“This is the section that lost Cyril as well, and Destiny’s gone?” -Dr. Grove

“Can we start a memorial wall?” -Blaise

“Be assertive!” - Michael Rose

“It’s hard to do that with someone I’m not supposed to be assertive to.” -Janelle

“What if you’re banned from the country?” -Blaise

“Blaise, what have you done?” - Cami

“You’ll find out soon enough.” -Blaise

“It’s my general impression from Don Rags that we have a strong Freshmen class.” -Dr. Grove

(me writing this - Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ)[2]

“Thankfully he (Matthew) was being sacrificed to a pagan god.” -Olivia

“Hey these are the types of spats we expect between husbands and wives, not those who have the privations of husbands and wives.” -Dr. Grove to Marley/Blaise

“Let’s keep those privations.” -Blaise

(in Latin) “Drink Blaise’s coffee” -Magister

“Hope you like coffee.” -Blaise

“I don’t know if we could still be friends if I were a prefect. I’d have to dress code you every day.” -Ruth to Marley

“Bibēns caffeam animum relaxo”-James

“That’s survival, not relaxation” - Blaise

“Women are like the tides, they come and they go.” -Jacob Z

“What is the goal of the mathematician?” -Dr. Zepeda

“To waste time.” - Jacob (Dr. Zep)

“You’re in this section?” - Emily M. (to James) (Num for the questioning particle)

“The mathematician unfortunately is not trying to throw his whiteboard through the window. The goal of the baseball player is to throw his ball through the window.” - Jacob

“If we’re equating lust with passion for justice, which is a big leap, but…” Andrew (on the Lysistrata

“What is the final cause of gold.” -Dr. Zepeda

“To pay for my college.” -Jacob

“Parenting, well, parenting books won’t help you.” -Dr. Holmes

“You need one of those for taking care of Pako.” -Blaise to Thomas

“…pay your taxes…” -Dr. Holmes

“Oops.” -Janelle

“Dr. Papadopoulos, instead of a regular class, could we do a dramatic reading of the Lysistrata?” -Joe Nemec

“Well considering that this play was originally acted out by men, sure! I think the women of this section would greatly appreciate watching such a spectacle!” -Dr. Papadopoulos

“Joe, you could be Lysistrata!” -Hanna Massell

“No, no I want to be the Spartan woman!” -Joe Nemec

“If I walked in and said I had murdered someone you would believe it: I look like a drug addict.” -Blaise

“Let’s just throw Andrew (M) in the fire.” - Dr. Zepeda

“What is an enthymeme?” - Chris Carter

“Only idiots don’t know what an enthymeme is.” -Andrew Russell

“I dressed up as a very attractive cow.” -Rinju

[during deep philosophical conversation on trail]

“We need to get going.” -Kirsten

“This is important.” -Chris

“Okay one more minute” -Raymond

“I bet Nolseys do this all the time.” -Andrew Russell

“Being best friends is not like getting married. You don’t have to be roommates.” -Rinju

“Watch your language.” -Syv

“Says the sassy teenager…” -Chris Carter

“Ninety percent of my girls back home are friends!” -Daniel

“My mother is a woman.” -Dr. Zepeda

“How ‘bout you shut up and die?” - Anne

“Wait! Is that allowed?” -Marley

“Yes, in fact I approve.” -Dr. Zepeda

“Is it allowed to actually do that (to shut up and die)?” - Blaise

“We only allow exciting statements in this class.” -Dr. Zepeda

“So is this the third religion that’s been started here?” -Blaise (on Camille as a goddess)

“Did you see the bird’s wing on the branch?”

“Yeah, where did it come from?”

“A bird.” -Annalise and Anne

“I went there to meet a cup of coffee…” -Dr. Grove

“and you met Olivia instead, ohh no.” - Janelle

“If Johannes is down before 9:00 I worry about him.” -Cami

“Johannes is basically one of those solar-powered flowers.” -Cami

“I’m just randomly adding pencil marks so it looks like I did the reading.” -[redacted name]

“...and then I ran into a dog this morning.” -Olivia

“You need to stop reading books while you walk.” -Janelle

“We just passed each other.” -Olivia

“Beatific vision means - Euclid chuk.” -Dr. Holmes

“And the desire for sanctity just went up.” -Janelle

“I will read three pages… I will read three pages … I will read three pages ” - Washut

“The Boys of Marathon - that Greatest Generation” - Washut

“Now that I have no wife or children for the foreseeable future” -Washut

“My mind is stuck between two directions … And I don’t know which one Athena thinks is the best for me.” -Washut

“Jews are just Catholics who don’t use the new rulebook.” -Max

“You’re supposed to get your seven hours of sleep, have time to date break up, date, break up, etc.” -Dr. Grove

“I’m not doing any of that but I’m only getting two hours of sleep every night.” -Blaise

[Olivia as made up by Dr. Grove]

“Dr. Grove can I confide in you? … I feel intellectually more superior to my fellow students if I’m standing.”

[concerning skipping Gymnopoetics]

“What if there’s indoor soccer?” -Max

“I will chat with Robert Gleason about that.” -Dr. Grove

“apart from gods among men like Thomas Urgo” -Dr. Holmes

“Yes so wisdom is not creating dinosaurs. Good working definition?” -Camille

“Done for the day.” -Dr. Holmes

“Basically she’s Jesus’ great great granddaughter”

“I always thought Mel Gibson was Jesus.”

“I always thought that if you didn’t get married by age twenty, I had to by US law stay single forever.”  -Cami

[on slavery] “That’s not a good thing” -Matthew

“Ohh I think that’s actually a good thing: as long as you love the person you’re enslaving.” -Daniel

“I think as overrated as Thomas Aquinas is… ” -Urgo

“And then you have Janelle. In her case you probably have to define her by her laughter.” -Dr. Grove

“I’ll get a tattoo on my back that says ‘We’re all either farmers or thieves’” -Blaise

“I roll the dice to see who has to do the prop. I rolled a two which means JohnJohn has to do the fry prop. What are the givens?” -JohnJohn on having Bruce as a geometry professor

“You’re old enough to laugh at Saturday Night Live reruns - but she’s old enough to laugh at Aristophanes.” -Dr. Holmes (to Washut/Arbery)

“If you took out all the comedy you’d have spark notes.” -Washut

“No you’d have our papers on Homer.” -Andrew

“And we’re laughing because we know it’s true” -James

“All life is chance.” -Johannes

“Let’s pause to applaud Mr. VonBuelow’s insight.” -Dr. Grove

“I’m striking your name from the absentee list… I knew you were coming, but I had you down just in case you decided to smoke a whole pack.” -Dr. Grove to Anne

“Fun ahead for the freshmen”(indecency in humanities) -Dr. Arbery

“Is Father hearing confessions right now?”-Matthew

“No, he’s offering Mass for the ‘cute little foundlings.’” -James

(story of a chicken who survived while decapitated for a year)

“That just proves that chickens don’t have much of a brain anyways.” -Dr. Grove

When I eat a banana and it happens to be enchanted, I got super powers by chance.” -Andrew

James: “Where do you get those enchanted bananas, Andrew? Ohh never mind it was a matter of intent...

Andrew: “Every once in awhile you find one in Frassati. I usually pass them up because they don't taste as good.”

“Does Leo’s have dorm gods?” -JohnJohn

“I don’t think so.” -Andrew

“We’re Catholic over here.” -David

“Let me not to the demonstration of a bad prop admit impediments. Euclid is not Euclid.” -Peter

Conversation about milk

John M: “Why don’t you drink the motherjuice?”

Anne: “I am not a baby. I have been weaned.”

“Don’t talk to the other sections about the quiz. They have to have the same experience of brutal surprise that you did.” Dr. Grove

“How do you survive a Dr. Grove?”

“Talking about a quiz? You’re screwed” -Tunes

“Mr. Terlisner’s  radical libertarian streak is making him impervious to abstract philosophy.” -Washut

(concerning all-school seminar)

“Why don’t we cut off our legs and use prosthetic limbs?” -Blaise (then)

“I was the only one in my section who was like: hell yes!” -Blaise (recounting)

“Unlike in other times, we don’t have the association of kneeling in prayer with kneeling to royalty and nobility.” -Dr. Holmes

“Okay guys…” -Johannes

“I want to get weirder.” -Dr. Holmes

“Ever get that exhilaratingly weird feeling about being out after curfew?” -Anonymous

“Hello, m-y n-a-m-e  i-s B-L-A-I-S-E  I  L-I-K-E cigarettes.” -Blaise (on ASL introductions)

(tools as an extension of oneself)

“Once I was driving a car and I felt that something was wrong with it. It turned out that I had hit a semi.” -Urgo

“It’s so fascinating sitting here and watching the human race destroy itself.” -William

“No pain, no gain, or as I say No pain, no pain.” -Dr. Grove

“Rational, animal, plant, and Janelle. I had to find a special category for Canadians.”

“No we actually knew she had a bunch of friends: That concert - Buy a tooth for Ruth.”  -Dr. Grove

“You have permission to not be here today. We don’t want to set a bad example for our visitors.” -Grove to Marley

“Look at that, you’re so much better than the seniors.” -Dr. Grove

(going to bed at 6pm - supposedly only) “It’s my new health thing.” -Marley

“Which means you don’t do homework?” -Dr. Grove

“Who said that? … One of the Ruth’s” -Marley

“The ‘bunch of little Ruthies’ are back.” -A

“‘You little punk’ - Just a different translation of the Bible.” -Dr. Grove

“You’re the strongest marshmallow I know, Matt.” -Camille

“You’re mixing up my questions.” -Dr. Zepeda (to an Urgo “teaching” Geometry)

“That’s what he does best.” -Blaise

“I’m sure future Dr. Urgo has questions.” -Dr. Zepeda

“Did he go to the earlier class today?” -Ruth

“Yes, but he fell asleep.” -Zepeda

“It’s not even fun to let him go. You know he’s going to do a good job.” -Dr. Zepeda (on William as Omnisciēns)

“I love you, you beautiful hunk of cow!” -Emily M. addressing the steak on Easter Friday

“The quiz, it will be…” -Dr. Zepeda


“You are correct. The quiz is not, but will be.” -Zepeda

“Great, I’m brussels sprouts and you’re sherbet.” - Dr. Grove to Prof. Washut

“You’re stupid because you thought it was a stupid question.” -Grove to Matthew

“Oh, Dr. Grove, we didn’t pray.” -Olivia

“No wonder everything I said sounded vaguely evil.” -Grove

“Blessed child, she probably knocked someone off and took his eraser.” -Grove (to Olivia)

“Miss Kress’s admirers came all the way from New York to wait on her ladyship.” (to Ruth)

“Your behavior, Mr. Urgo, reminds me of the inseparability of a billion communists carrying around the little red book.” (to Thomas)

“I always suspected you of having a close relationship with Mr. Polinski.”

“There’s a chance of dying? I’m in!” -Blaise

Grove on the Lysistrata: “The basic idea is if you're old enough to get married…  and a lot of you freshman seem to be acting that way, then you're old enough to be reading the Lysistrata.”

“I intend to grow closer to God by yelling at Dr. Zepeda” -Olivia

Guys we have no American Girls in this room. - John

DOLLS! -Andrew

You are eighteen forever in the order of Melchizedek. -Andrew Russell

“This is crazy, he should not have tried to write out a bullet point chart before there were bullet-point charts.” -Andrew analyzing Aristotle

"Andrew you should try to re-write Aristotle." -Janelle

“We have three people from each section here”

“And from each old section”

“And in potential from each new section.”


“What about winter trip?” -Andrew

"What are the moral implications of quoting Washut?" (in the Grovian world)

“We just found out who the Holy Spirit is!” -Thomas (to Janelle on something from Philosophy) - “Its mom!”

“Okay.” -Janelle (walking past)

"Next thing we know, we're going to have designated vaping stations." -Rinju

Class of '22 quotebook 2019-2020

"If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did He make them out of food?" -JohnJohn

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