IAC 2nd Grade Supply List 2018-2019

(2) 1 inch 3-ring binders

4 packs Crayola crayons (24 count)

4 packs of wide-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper

1 composition journal

1 pack of construction paper

8 glue sticks

6 packs of plain, wooden pencils (No Dixon, please.)

1 pack of pink bar erasers

1 crayon box

1 pair of Headphones - For hygiene reasons, we suggest that your child bring a pair of headphones.  Please put them in a Ziploc bag with their name on it.

Wish List

Boys- Kleenex, Germ-X, gallon Ziploc bags                    

Girls- Clorox wipes, paper towels, quart Ziploc bags