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Students are accountable for the information in the handbook.

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Students should take great care in selecting classes for the upcoming year. If a class change is desired, an email must be submitted to the student’s counselor by the first week of the semester, and no course changes will be made after the second week of the semester.  Teacher requests will not be granted. Classes may be dropped with no penalty within the first four weeks of the semester, as long as scheduling can accommodate the change. (See AP and Honors Schedule Change Policy below) No grade or credit will be received. If a student drops beyond four weeks, a teacher may give a “NM” grade or an “F”, and the grade will be reflected on the transcript.

AP and Honors Schedule Changes

Students who enroll in a yearlong Advanced Placement course are expected to remain in that class for the year. The schedule that is created is based on the classes you request when you fill out the Course Selection Card and there are only certain opportunities throughout the school year that you will be able to drop the class:

After the first two weeks of school, students who experience difficulty with the course content MUST complete the following steps prior to requesting a change:

After the first progress report, no class changes will be made until the semester and only if the student continues to experience difficulty with the course content and has made a concerted effort to seek assistance from the Honors/AP teacher to improve. At that time schedule changes will be with administration approval.


We believe all of our teachers have something very positive to offer and have the best interest of students in mind. We understand, however, certain circumstances and situations arise such as personality conflicts and different teaching/learning styles, that may create a difficult environment for the student and/or the teacher. It is our intention to help students work through these challenges rather than avoid them. We have a formal policy regarding teacher changes, outlined by our administration, which we must follow precisely:


Academic honesty is an expectation for all students at American Canyon High School. The
purpose of this policy is to establish and maintain an ethical academic atmosphere.
Some Examples of Academic Dishonesty (but not limited to):
1. Cheating
a. Giving or using of external assistance (including electronic devices)
relating to an assessment without expressed permission of the
b. Copying any work (including taking pictures of work) or allowing
another student to copy one’s work. All work submitted must be that
of the individual student.
c. Falsifying any academic work.
d. Having another student, parent, or other adult write or make major
changes to student work.
2. Unauthorized Collaboration - Collaborative work will be at the direction of the
teacher and be documented according to assignment guidelines.
3. Plagiarizing - Presenting another's ideas, words, or work as one's own.
4. Unauthorized altering, taking or publishing of any student, teacher, or school materials.

For all Academic Honesty Policy Violations:

1. Teacher notifies student and the parent/guardian of the violation.
2. Teacher notifies site administrator and student’s counselor.
3. Student loses all credit for the assignment or test with no makeup permitted.
4. Violation is documented in student discipline file.
5. Counselor meets with student.
6. Student may be dropped from Academic Honor Societies and/or Clubs (
such as Mu Alpha Theta, and NHS)

In addition, for the first violation in one course site administrator gives the student a Saturday School and notifies parent/guardian.

Second Violation (in the same course)
Student may receive an "F" as the final grade
Site administrator will assign social probation as a disciplinary consequence that is reflected in the student’s record and notifies parent/guardian.
Site administration notifies all of the student’s current teachers about the

Second Violation (same year in a different course)
Site administrator will assign social probation as a disciplinary consequence that is reflected in the student’s record and notifies parent/guardian.
Site administration notifies all of the student’s current teachers about the incidents.

Three or more violations (same year in any course)

Student may receive an "F" as the final grade.
Site administrator will assign social probation as a disciplinary consequences that is reflected in the student’s record and parent/guardian.
Site administration notifies all of the student’s current teachers about the incidents.

*Administration may administer additional consequences for first violations depending on
the severity of the violation.

ACHS Eligibility Criteria for Extra-curricular & Co-curricular Activities
At ACHS we believe that attending extra-curricular or co-curricular school events is a privilege reserved for students in good standing at school. There are three criteria that determine if a student is in good standing. They include:

At ACHS we believe that our students are active learners and will continue to develop. We believe that having a system in place that allows for students to restore their eligibility is an important component of an effective restorative school program. The matrix below outlines how students may earn back their eligibility.



Not Eligible

Steps to Earn Eligibility


GPA of 2.0 or higher during enrollment at ACHS

GPA below 2.0

  • Student meets with the teacher of any class that the student is earning a grade lower than a C.
  • During this meeting the teacher and student outline in writing an academic plan to raise the student’s grade to the “C” for that course.
  • Academic plan is shared with the student's parents/guardians all of the student’s teachers, their assigned school counselor and administrator.
  • Students must maintain a grade of a C or higher in all courses until the next scheduled grade reporting event  before earning back eligibility.(Grade reporting occurs every six weeks.)


Less than 15 period truants and/or less than 3 whole days or truants.

Average less than 3 or more tardies a week during the current school year.

15 or more period truants and/or more than 3 whole day truants

Average 3 or more tardies a week during the current school year.

  • Attending a whole session of Saturday School 8:15am - 12:15pm, will replace four period traunts. (Processing time for replacement of truants is 10 school days)
  • Participation in Campus Beautification (1 hour sessions) can replace 5  tardy occurrences. (updated with grade reporting cycle)


Student must have no suspensions and less than three school based referrals for Disrespect/Defiance or violation of school rules.

Student has been suspended and/or has three or more school based referrals to administration

  • Students must complete all components of the Restorative Practices Contract or Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco and Vaping Progressive Response Matrix
  • Minimum requirement is two weeks of non-participation in any school based activities.

Final Exams

No final shall be given early/prior to the date on the finals schedule. If a student is leaving school early before the final, they must wait until they return to school to take their final (after winter break). They will be given a letter grade that reflects a zero on the final. Any student who has an “excused” absence during finals will arrange their make-up with their teacher upon return to school within 10 school days. Teacher(s) will submit a grade change request if needed when student has made up the exam. 

ACHS Professional Dress Policy

ACHS BEST (PBIS) Behavior Expectations and Interventions 


Tardy to Classes Consequences

Every three tardies (per class period) = a lunch detention, assigned by the classroom teacher to be served by the student at lunch time. Students with check-in with their Assistant Principal within the first 5 minutes of lunch.  

Twelve tardies = referral to administrator for progressive intervention

*Students placed on Social Probation/Ineligible List will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activities, including athletics, until their probation is cleared.

Parking Lot


Parking on school campus will be permit parking only. Permits will be awarded on a yearly basis. All students applying for permits must have a valid driver’s license. Automobiles without a permit may be ticketed. Vehicles without parking permits hanging from the rear view mirror, parked in red zones, occupying more than one space, or otherwise parked illegally will be ticketed and/or towed. In addition, repeat offenders will lose their privilege to use ACHS parking facilities. All students are expected to drive safely and to follow parking rules at all times. Students driving unsafely will have parking privileges revoked and unsafe driving incidents will be referred to the police. Additionally, students may face disciplinary action. ACHS Parking Permits are only valid on campus.


All parking is carefully monitored. Students who park in staff spaces will have their vehicles towed and/or ticketed. Visitor parking spaces are off limits to students. Parking facilities for all types of vehicles are provided for students, parents, staff members, and visitors solely as a convenience. The school district assumes no liability for damages.

Students selling food on campus

Selling food of ANY kind, outside of an ASB approved fundraiser, is strictly prohibited.

Closed Campus

ACHS is a closed campus for ALL  grades. Any students found off campus, or to have left campus without Permission to Leave Campus slip will be referred to administration for detention and/or social probation.

Student Item Drop Off

ACHS does not hold items for students. Please leave items for students on our drop off shelf outside of the A building office. Items are not supervised and left at your own risk.

Student IDs

All  students are required to have in their possession their current school ID when on campus attending classes or when attending or participating in any school functions or events. Students without their current school ID will be refused entrance or not allowed to participate.